SEM - IV JAN2017

The general ratio of mixture of soluble with water is .......
(b) 1:10 (c) 1:15(d) 1:20

Solid lubricant is .......
Choose the correct answers:
(a) Caster Oil (b) Lord Oil (c) Graphite (d) Grease

Cutting compound used during machining operation is ......
a) Water
b) Soluble Oil
c) Tarpin Oil
d) Grease

Lubricatorused for lubrication on the sliding surface of machine is
a) Oil can
b) Weak feed Lubricator
c) Ring Lubricator
d) Hand Pump
5. Splash lubrication is done by
a) Oil can
b) Grease Gun
c) Pump Lubricator
d) Ring Lubricator

Which friction occurred if journal bearing is not lubricated?
a) Dry Friction
b) Rolling Friction
c) Sliding friction
d) Fluid Friction

The following is machined dry -
a) Aluminum
b) Cast iron
c) Titanium
d) All of these

Preventive maintenance is carried out
a) Before failure of machine
b) After failure of machine
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these

Jigs and Fixtures are
a) Machining tools
b) Precision tools
c) both (a) & (b)
d) none of these

Composition of HSS cutting tool is in ratio of 18:4:1. In this 18 indicates
a) Chromium
b) Tungsten
c) Cobalt
d) Vanadium

Couplings used for joining of shafts, when shafts are
(a) Joint permanently
(b) Removed frequently
(c) Joined and misalignment occurs
(d) Open frequently to fulfill the misalignment

Monel Metal has
a) Copper  
b) Nickel Copper
c) 6% Nickel 4% Copper
d) 6% Copper 4% Nickel

Activity log is
a) Written record how you spend time
b) Measure of procreativity
c) To check the movement
d) None of these

The process in which surface is made smooth and uniform is known as
a) Buffing
b) Polishing
c) Metal Spinning
d) None of these

Carburizing is done on
a) High carbon steel
b) Medium carbon steel
c) Low carbon steel
d) Tight speed steel

Which hoisting mobile equipment is used for self loading and shifting it to different
places in a factory?
a) Jib Crane
b) Fork lift
c) Chain hoist
d) Gear hoist

Bushing in jig is used
a) To locate and guide the tool
b) To locate the tool
c) To guide the tool  
d) None of these
Block spirit level is used to check
a) Horizontal level
b) Vertical level
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) Only angular measurement

Dry chemical extinguisher is used for
a) Carbonaceous fire
b) Electrical Fire
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these

The pattern on the work surface caused by the movement of the cutting tool is called
a) Roughness
b) Surface texture
c) Waviness_ (d) Lay

Why flux is used in brazing?
a) To prevent steel from oxidizing during brazing process
b) To speed up brazing
c) To clean the metal by dissolving any oxide already present
d) To make the final joint clean

Process chart shows
a) Operation to be used
b) Sequence of operations
c) Worker's name
d) Inspection method

Fixture is used for
a) To hold the job
c) To locate the job
b) To hold and locate the job (d) d) None of these

Which jig used for location in bore?
a) Solid Jig
b) Box Jig
c) Plate Jig
d) Post Jig

Drill jig bushing is made up of
a) Cast Iron
b) Cast Steel
c) Tool Steel
d) Mild Steel

To locate the renewable bushing in jig,bush is used.
a) Liner
b) Press Fit
c) Knurled
d) Special

Which part of jig provides correct location to drill?
a) Lüler Bush
b) Guide Bush
c) Jig plate

Which jig is used for drilling in thin sheets?
a) Solid Jig
b) Post Jig
c) Sand witch Jig
d) Table Jig

Which washer used in structural assembly?
a) Spring Washer
b) Plain Washer
c) Tapered Washer
d) Tap Washer

Which flux is used for Brazing?
a) Borax
b) Zinc Chloride
c) Resin
d) Setting Block
d) Phosphoric Acid

The size of hydraulic cylinder is specified by .....
a) Piston diameter & stroke
b) Barrel of piston & piston
(c) Volume of the fluid pushed & piston rod
d) None of these

Brazing is done at the temperature of
a) More than c
b) Less than 450 C
c) At 1000 c

Soft soldering is done at the temperature of
(a) More than 450 Oc (b) than 450 Oc (c) At Oc (d) At 1500 c
(d) At 1500 Oc
450 O O O
34. Filler material used for brazing is an alloy of

(a) Copper andLead (b) Copper and Tin (c) Copper and Zinc and Lead
(a) Air receiver (b) Compressor
36. Gum Metal is an alloy of (c) Valve (d) Muffler
35. The power source in pneumatic system is

(a) Copper Zinc and Nickel
(c) Copper Lead and Zinc (b) Copper Tin and Zinc
(d) Copper Lead and Nickel
37. Bearing bushes are made up of

(a) Brass (b) White Metal (c) Gun Metal (d) Copper
38. The process of increase in percentage of carbon on the surface of low carbon steel is known as

(a) Carburizing (b) Hardening (c) Tempering (d) Nitriding
(a) Copper (b) Zinc
40. Chain slings are used for (c) Lead (d) Aluminium
39. 95% Metal available in Duralumin and Hindelium is

(a) Light loads (b) Heavy loads (c) Medium loads (d) None of these
41. Fastening of one part of rope to other poet of rope is known as -
(a) Loop (b) Bight (c) Knot (d) Round turn
Booklet Series -D
42. Which one of the following is used for making branch right angle to the main line in pipe fitting -
(a) Union (b) Elbow (c) Tee (d) Flange
43. Clutch used to transmit less power is

(a) Plate Clutch (b) Cone Clutch (c) Dog Clutch (d) Centrifugal Clutch
44. Gear drive used to change rotary motion into linear motion is

(a) Spur Gear Drive (b) Bevel Gear Drive
(c) Worm and Worm gear drive (d) Rack and Pinion Gear drive
45. Which among the following methods is generally used to cut threads on G.I pipes (a) By centre lathe (b) By thread rollers (c) BY tap sets (d) By die & stock
46. Depth of tooth space below the pitch circle in a gear is known as

(a) Deddendum (b) Addendum (c) Crest (d) Root
47. Belt drive used with jockey pulley is

(a) Open belt drive (b) Cross belt drive (c) Right angle drive (d) Quarter twist drive
Booklet Series -D

48. Face of rim of pulley is made convex. It is called

(a) Crackness (b) Effective Diameter
(c) Flank (d) Crowning
49. Which galvanizing is providing a protective coating on mild steel?

  (a) Zinc (b) Lead
50. Which metal is suitable for anodizing?
(a) Copper (b) Nickel
(c) Tin (d) Aluminium
(c) Aluminium (d) Iron

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