1.The following is machined dry.
a) Aluminium   
b) Cast iron   
c) Titanium  
d) All of these
Answer:- b) Cast iron   

2.The following device is used to
determine the mix ratio of water-
soluble coolanls:

a) Diffract meter     

b) Hydrometer
c) Refract meter      
d) None of these
Answer:- c) Refract meter      

3.The use of metal working fluids_.
a) Increase the tool life
b) Produce better surface finish
c) Prevent rise in temperature
d) All of these
Answer:- d) All of these

4.The main constituent(s) of
mineral oil is/are_.
a) Paraffin
b) Naphthenic
c) Aromatics
d) All of these
Answer:- d) All of these
5.The following is used in heat
treatment process as a quenching
medium for obtaining

a higher degree of hardness.

a) Mineral oil       
b) Fatty acid
c) Waxes     
d)Graphite suspensions
Answer:- b) Fatty acid

6.Which of the following is added
 to the cutting fluids so that soapy
film is produced between the work piece
& tool and  chip & tool face?
a) Sulphur
b) Chlorine
c) Both (a) & (b)     
d) None of these
Answer:- c) Both (a) & (b)

7.Soluble oil is used as cutting
fluid in .............
a) Sawing
b) Drilling and boring
c) Reaming
d) All of these
Answer:- d) All of these

8.Usually no cutting oil is used in ....
a) Broaching
b) Planning and  shaping
c) Thread rolling
d) Honing
Answer:- b) Planning and  shaping

9.Choose name of the bolt.
a) Gib Headed foundation boit
b) Cotter foundation bolt
c) Through foundation bolt
d) Eye foundation bolt
Answer:- d) Eye foundation bolt

10. ............... are used to separate
the tramp oil (sump oil) from coolant.
a) Magnetic separators
b) Skimmers
c) Rotating spindles
d) All of these
Answer:- b) Skimmers

11 Which of the following parameters
influence the axial feed rate in
 centreless grinding?
a) Regulating wheel diameter
b) Angle between the axes of grinding
and regulating wheels
c) Speed of the regulating wheel
d) All of these
Answer:- d) All of these

12. Hydraulic oil is compressible
a) Not at all
b) Very much
c) Very Little
d) None of these
Answer:- c) Very Little

13. Power = Torque x .................

a) Velocity

b) RPM
c) Force
d) Area
Answer:- b) RPM

14. .... is prime mover in hydraulic system.
a) Oil
b) Electric Motor     
c) Pipe
d) Impeller
Answer:- b) Electric Motor     

15. Power of Pump = .............. x
Volume flow rate.
a) Velocity
b) RPM
c) Force
d) Pressure
Answer:- d) Pressure

16. 1 HP = ................ W

a) 746

b) 1000
c) 100
d) 764
Answer:- a) 746

17. Which flat belt drive system has
two pulleys mounted on driven shaft
and one pulley on driving shaft?
a) Multiple belt drive
b) Cone pulley drive
c) Fast and loose pulley drive
d) None of these
Answer:- ) Fast and loose pulley drive

18. Which of the following statements
are false for belt drives?
i) Belt drive is used in applications
     having constant speed dnve
ii) Belt drives can be used at extremely
     high speeds
iii) Belt drives have low power
      transmitting capacity
iv) Belt drives need continuous lubrication
a) (i) & (ii)
b) (i), (ii) & (iii)
c) (ii), (iii)&(iv)
d) (i), (ii) & (iv)
Answer:- d) (i), (ii) & (iv)

19. Determine power rating of an electric
motor if it runs at 1440 r.p.m and line shaft
transmits torque of 75 Nm. Assume
Reduction ratio = 1.6 .................
a)  10.36 kW
b)  11.3kW
c)  7.068 kW
d)  9.12kW
Answer:- c)  7.068 kW

20. In simple gear trains the direction of
rotation of driven gear is opposite to the

direction of rotation of driving gear

only if ...................

a) Even number of idler gears are present   

b) Odd number of idler gears are present

c) Any number of idler gears are present    

d) None of these
Answer:- a) Even number of idler gears are

21.Why is an idler gear used in gear trains?
a) To obtain minimum center distance
     between driving and driven snatt
b) To have required direction of rotation
c) Both (a) & (b)

d. None of these

Answer:- b) To have required direction
                     of rotation

22. Determine torque transmitted on
the pinion shaft if torque transmitted
on gear shaft is 20 nm consider Gear ratio = 4 


b) 5 nm
c) 80 nm
Answer:- b) 5 nm

23. Which of the following statements
 is/are true for gear drives?
a) They can be used for long center distances
b) They are used to transmit power between
non-intersecting and parallel shafts
c) They cannot be used for high reduction ratios
d) All of these
Answer:- b) They are used to transmit power
      between  non-intersecting and parallel shaft

24. Which gears are used to connect two
 intersecting shaft axes?
a) Crossed helical gear
b) Worm and worm wheel
c) Bevel gears
d) All of these
Answer:- c) Bevel gears

25. What is meant by gear ratio?
a) The ratio of pinion speed and gear speed
b) The ratio of number of teeth on pinion
and number of teeth on gear
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these
Answer:- a) The ratio of pinion speed and
                    gear speed

26. What is the function of hydraulic
1. Hydraulic motor converts hydraulic
oil under pressure into torque and angular
2. Hydraulic motor converts hydraulic
    oil under  pressure into force and linear
3. Hydraulic motor converts hydraulic energy
    into mechanical energy

4. Hydraulic motor converts mechanical energy
into hydraulic energy
a) 1 and 4 b) 1 and 3 c) 2 and 3 d) 2 and 4
Answer:- b) 1 and 3

27. Calculate area of a pipe if, flow rate is
20 I/min and flow velocity is 5 cm/s
a) 66.66 cm²    
b) 60 cm²     
c) 62 cm²     
d) None of these
Answer:- a) 66.66 cm²

28. What this hydraulic symbol
a) Motor unidirectional
b) Motor bidirectional
c) Pump unidirectional
d) Pump bidirectional
Answer:- a) Motor unidirectional

29. In soldering the melting point of filler
metal is ...................
a) Below 420°C       
b) Above 420°C      
c) Below 520°C       
d) Above 520°C
Answer:- b) Above 420°C

30. The composition of electrician
solder is ...........
a) Lead-37%, tin-63%
b) Lead-50%, tin-50%
c) Lead-63%, tin-37%
d) Lead-70%, tin-30%
Answer:- d) Lead-70%, tin-30%

31. The composition of soft solder is____
a) Lead-37%, tin-63%
b) Lead-50%, tin-50%
c) Lead-63%, tin-37%
d) Lead-70%, tin-30%
Answer:- a) Lead-37%, tin-63%

32. Corrosion can be prevented by_
a) Alloying
b) Tinning
c) Galvanizing
d) All of these
Answer:- d) All of these

33. As compare to iron, aluminum has ....
a) Higher tendency to oxidize
b) Less tendency to oxidize
c) Equal tendency to oxidize
d) None of these
Answer:- a) Higher tendency to oxidize

34. Conditions for good electroplating
 is/are .......
a) High current density
b) Low temperature
c) High concentration of metal in electrolyte
d) All of these
Answer:- d) All of these

35. Iron is galvanized by coating with ...............
a) Zinc
c) Copper
d) Nickel
Answer:- a) Zinc

36. Which defect arises due to faulty
 heat treatment?
a) Over heating and burring
b) Oxidation and decarburization
c) Cracks, distortion and warping
d) All of these
Answer:- d) All of these

37. In general, hardening is followed by ....
a) Annealing
b) Normalizing
c) Tempering
d) Case hardening
Answer:- a) Annealing

38. This type of fastener is designed to
prevent movement between shafts and wheels.

a) Keys

b) Machine pins      
c) Rivets
d) Knuckle
Answer:- a) Keys

39. A mechanical device that stores
energy, when deflected and to return the
equivalent amount of energy when released
is known as a ..................
a) Blind rivet
b) Key way
c) Spring
d) Hammer
Answer:- c) Spring

40. Joint strength in brazing operation is-.
a) As high as in gas or arc welding
b) Not as high as in gas or arc welding
c) Higher than that of in gas or arc welding
d) Unpredictable
Answer:- b) Not as high as in gas or arc

41. Which of the following is a soft solder?
a) Copper-zinc alloy
b) Nickel-silver alloy
c) Lead-tin alloy      
d) All of  these
Answer:- c) Lead-tin alloy

42. Transmission angle is the angle between
a) Input link and coupler
b) Input link and fixed li
c) Output link and coupler
d) Output link and fixed
Answer:- c) Output link and coupler

43. What this hydraulic symbol means
a) Directional control valve
     (4 ports 12 positions)
b) Directional control valve
    (4 ports /3 positions)
c) Directional control valve
     (5 ports /2 positions)
d) None of these
Answer:- a) Directional control valve
                  (4 ports 12 positions)

44. Module of a gear is ..............
a) DAT b) T/D c) 2D/T d) 2T/D
Answer:- b) T/D

45. When screw threads are to be used
in a situation where power is being
transmitted in one direction only, then
the screw threads suitable for this will be ....
a) Square threads     
b) Knuckle threads   
c) Acme threads      
d) Buttress threads
Answer:- d) Buttress threads

46. Which of the following material has
      the maximum ductility?

a) Mild steel

b) Copper
c) Aluminium
d) Zinc
Answer:- a) Mild steel

47. The sleeve or muff coupling is
       designed as a-.
a) Dun cylinder       
b) Solid shaft
c) Thick cylinder     
d) Hollow shaft
Answer:- d) Hollow shaft

48. In a flange coupling, the flanges are
      coupled together by means of_.
a) Studs
b) Bolts and nuts     
c) Headless taper bolt
d) None of these
Answer:- b) Bolts and nuts

49. An open belt drive is used when ......
a) Driven shaft is to be started or stopped
whenever desired without interfering
with the driving shaft
b) Shafts are arranged parallel and rotate
     in the same directions
c) Shafts are arranged at right angles and
     rotate in one definite direction
d) Shafts are arranged parallel and rotate
     in the opposite directions
Answer:- b) Shafts are arranged parallel
                    and rotate in the same directions

50. When bevel gears connect two shafts
whose axes intersect at an angle greater
than a right angle and one of the bevel gears
has a pitch angle of 90°, then they are
known as
a) Internal bevel gears
b) Angular bevel gears
c) Crown bevel gears
d) Mitre gears
Answer:- c) Crown bevel gears

Feb 2016

Drilling jigs are used for..........
A  drilling operation only
B  clamping the jobs while drilling
C  drilling, reaming, tapping and other allied
D  sharpening drill to correct angle
Answer: C  drilling, reaming, tapping and
                     other allied operations

The fire triangle in fire hazards is identified
A fuel, oxygen and heat
B  fuel, oxygen and vapour
C  fuel, burning and solid
D  fuel, oil and waste
Answer: A fuel, oxygen and heat

A master gauge is...........
A A used by masters
B  a standard gauge for checking accuracy of
     gauges used on shop floors
C  used by all mechanics
D  a gauge used by experienced technician
Answer: B  a standard gauge for checking accuracy of
                     gauges used on shop floors

In a 'V belt the angle between the side is....
A 10"
B 20°
C 30°
D 40°
Answer: D 40°

Name the fixed type foundation bolt that is
usually forged and filled up with lead and
A   Eye bolt
B  Rag bolt
C  Ordinary bolt
D  Bent type bolt
Answer: B  Rag bolt

Which type of crow bar is easier to handle,
and the point will fit into a narrow gap?
A  Short crow bar
B  Long crow bar
C  Single ended crow bar
D  Double ended crow bar
Answer: A  Short crow bar

Which is used to provide a decorative and
corrosion resistant coating on aluminium and
its alloy?
A Galvanizing
B Anodizing
C Tinning
D Cladding
Answer: B Anodizing

What is the function of Dog clutch?
A  It can be engaged progressively when one or
     both the elements are rotating
B   It can only be engaged when two elements
      of the clutch are stationary
C  When the speed is reduced the clutch opens
      by itself
D  Contact force is produced by springs
Answer: B   It can only be engaged when two elements
                     of the clutch are stationary

The use of travelling wall crane is..............
A  it allows the load to move horizontally to or
     from the box
B  it allows the load to move in three directions
C  an endless chains
D  two separate chains
Answer: B  it allows the load to move in three directions

The sensitiveness of the spirit level depends
upon the............
A  size of the bubble
B   length of the glass tube
C  type of liquid filled in the glass tube
D  curvature of the glass tube
Answer: D  curvature of the glass tube

In which clutch, the pressure plate is used?
A  Multiple plate clutch
B  Dog clutch
C  Over riding clutch
D  Centrifugal clutch
Answer: D  Centrifugal clutch

Generally solder is an alloy of ………..
A  copper and tin
B  lead and tin
C  zinc and tin
D  antimonv and tin
Answer: B  lead and tin

Aluminium is extracted from the ore
A  pyrite
B  bauxite
C  aluminium oxide
D  magnetite

Answer: B  bauxite

The accurate spacing of teeth in a gear blank
requires the use of...........
A dividing head
B  an index plate
C  a differential mechanism
D  universal table
Answer: A dividing head

Helical gears can be cut on which type of
milling machine?
A. Plain
B. Horizontal
C. Universal
D. Drum type
Answer: C. Universal

The carburizing is done on
A   high carbon steel
B   medium carbon steel
C  low carbon steel
D  high speed steel
Answer: C  low carbon steel

The standard pipe fittingo are provided with
threads conforming with.......
D Metric
Answer: C BSP

Which dutch can be engaged progressively
when one or both the elements are rotating?
A  Single plate clutch
B   Cone clutch
C  Centrifugal clutch
D  Dog clutch
Answer: B   Cone clutch

The included angle of a pipe thread is
A 60°
B 47°
C 55°
D 45°
Answer: C 55°
The damaged external threads are rectified
A  die nut
B  half die
C  circular die
D  adjustable screw plate die
Answer: A  die nut

Where a large speed reduction is desired,
which type of gear is used?
A  Worm and worm wheel
B  Helical bone gear
C   Hypoid gear
D  Herring bone gear
Answer: A  Worm and worm wheel

Which type of gear converts rotary motion to
linear motion?
A   Rack and pinion
B  Worm and worm wheel
C   Hypoid gear
D   Internal gear
Answer: A   Rack and pinion

In the pipe assembly, the hemp packing is
used to................
A  fill the gap between threads
B  avoid leakage
C  get tight fitting
D  easy engagement
Answer: B  avoid leakage

Which of the following can hold the work,
locate the work and guide the tool at the
desired position?
A   Drill bush
B   Drill fixture
C   Drill jig
D   V - block
Answer: C   Drill jig

The application of pressure pads in fixtures

is to..........

A  increase the shocks
B   increase the vibration
C  absorb shocks
D  increase the weight

Answer: C  absorb shocks

Gears having their teeth element parallel to
the rotating shafts are known as............

A  worm gear
B  spur gear
C  helical gear
D  bevel gear
Answer: B  spur gear

The fuels like wood, paper, cloth, solid
materials etc., come under which class of

A  Class A fire
B  Class D fire
C  Class B fire
D  Class C fire
Answer: A  Class A fire

Which metal is used  for  coating in galvanizing?
A. Lead
B. Brass
C. Zinc
D. Aluminium
Answer: C. Zinc

Water flows from tap even when firmly
closed, what is the reason?
A  Defective washer
B  Spindle bent
C  Retainer nut loose
D   Spindle thread worn out
Answer: A  Defective washer

Aluminium is widely used in aircraft industry
because it is..................
A  corrosion resistant
B  soft and ductile
C  light in weight
D  low tensile strength
Answer: C  light in weight

Which type of gas flame is most suitable for
A  Oxy-LPgas flame
B  Oxy-coal gas flame
C  Oxy-acetylene gas flame
D  Oxy-hydrogen gas flame
Answer: C  Oxy-acetylene gas flame

Bronze is an alloy of
A  copper and tin
B  copper and zinc
C  copper, zinc and tin
D  zinc and tin
Answer: A  copper and tin

The radial distance between the pitch circle
and the root circle is called...........
A dedendum
B addendum
C  working depth of the teeth
D whole depth of the teeth
Answer: A dedendum

Which one of the following is liquid lubricant?
A  Grease
B  Molybdenum disulphide
C  Synthetic oil
D  Wax
Answer: C  Synthetic oil

SEM - IV JAN2017

The general ratio of mixture of soluble with water is .......
(b) 1:10 (c) 1:15(d) 1:20

Solid lubricant is .......
Choose the correct answers:
(a) Caster Oil (b) Lord Oil (c) Graphite (d) Grease

Cutting compound used during machining operation is ......
a) Water
b) Soluble Oil
c) Tarpin Oil
d) Grease

Lubricatorused for lubrication on the sliding surface of machine is
a) Oil can
b) Weak feed Lubricator
c) Ring Lubricator
d) Hand Pump
5. Splash lubrication is done by
a) Oil can
b) Grease Gun
c) Pump Lubricator
d) Ring Lubricator

Which friction occurred if journal bearing is not lubricated?
a) Dry Friction
b) Rolling Friction
c) Sliding friction
d) Fluid Friction

The following is machined dry -
a) Aluminum
b) Cast iron
c) Titanium
d) All of these

Preventive maintenance is carried out
a) Before failure of machine
b) After failure of machine
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these

Jigs and Fixtures are
a) Machining tools
b) Precision tools
c) both (a) & (b)
d) none of these

Composition of HSS cutting tool is in ratio of 18:4:1. In this 18 indicates
a) Chromium
b) Tungsten
c) Cobalt
d) Vanadium

Couplings used for joining of shafts, when shafts are
(a) Joint permanently
(b) Removed frequently
(c) Joined and misalignment occurs
(d) Open frequently to fulfill the misalignment

Monel Metal has
a) Copper  
b) Nickel Copper
c) 6% Nickel 4% Copper
d) 6% Copper 4% Nickel

Activity log is
a) Written record how you spend time
b) Measure of procreativity
c) To check the movement
d) None of these

The process in which surface is made smooth and uniform is known as
a) Buffing
b) Polishing
c) Metal Spinning
d) None of these

Carburizing is done on
a) High carbon steel
b) Medium carbon steel
c) Low carbon steel
d) Tight speed steel

Which hoisting mobile equipment is used for self loading and shifting it to different
places in a factory?
a) Jib Crane
b) Fork lift
c) Chain hoist
d) Gear hoist

Bushing in jig is used
a) To locate and guide the tool
b) To locate the tool
c) To guide the tool  
d) None of these
Block spirit level is used to check
a) Horizontal level
b) Vertical level
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) Only angular measurement

Dry chemical extinguisher is used for
a) Carbonaceous fire
b) Electrical Fire
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these

The pattern on the work surface caused by the movement of the cutting tool is called
a) Roughness
b) Surface texture
c) Waviness_ (d) Lay

Why flux is used in brazing?
a) To prevent steel from oxidizing during brazing process
b) To speed up brazing
c) To clean the metal by dissolving any oxide already present
d) To make the final joint clean

Process chart shows
a) Operation to be used
b) Sequence of operations
c) Worker's name
d) Inspection method

Fixture is used for
a) To hold the job
c) To locate the job
b) To hold and locate the job (d) d) None of these

Which jig used for location in bore?
a) Solid Jig
b) Box Jig
c) Plate Jig
d) Post Jig

Drill jig bushing is made up of
a) Cast Iron
b) Cast Steel
c) Tool Steel
d) Mild Steel

To locate the renewable bushing in jig,bush is used.
a) Liner
b) Press Fit
c) Knurled
d) Special

Which part of jig provides correct location to drill?
a) Lüler Bush
b) Guide Bush
c) Jig plate

Which jig is used for drilling in thin sheets?
a) Solid Jig
b) Post Jig
c) Sand witch Jig
d) Table Jig

Which washer used in structural assembly?
a) Spring Washer
b) Plain Washer
c) Tapered Washer
d) Tap Washer

Which flux is used for Brazing?
a) Borax
b) Zinc Chloride
c) Resin
d) Setting Block
d) Phosphoric Acid

The size of hydraulic cylinder is specified by .....
a) Piston diameter & stroke
b) Barrel of piston & piston
(c) Volume of the fluid pushed & piston rod
d) None of these

Brazing is done at the temperature of
a) More than c
b) Less than 450 C
c) At 1000 c

Soft soldering is done at the temperature of
(a) More than 450 Oc (b) than 450 Oc (c) At Oc (d) At 1500 c
(d) At 1500 Oc
450 O O O
34. Filler material used for brazing is an alloy of

(a) Copper andLead (b) Copper and Tin (c) Copper and Zinc and Lead
(a) Air receiver (b) Compressor
36. Gum Metal is an alloy of (c) Valve (d) Muffler
35. The power source in pneumatic system is

(a) Copper Zinc and Nickel
(c) Copper Lead and Zinc (b) Copper Tin and Zinc
(d) Copper Lead and Nickel
37. Bearing bushes are made up of

(a) Brass (b) White Metal (c) Gun Metal (d) Copper
38. The process of increase in percentage of carbon on the surface of low carbon steel is known as

(a) Carburizing (b) Hardening (c) Tempering (d) Nitriding
(a) Copper (b) Zinc
40. Chain slings are used for (c) Lead (d) Aluminium
39. 95% Metal available in Duralumin and Hindelium is

(a) Light loads (b) Heavy loads (c) Medium loads (d) None of these
41. Fastening of one part of rope to other poet of rope is known as -
(a) Loop (b) Bight (c) Knot (d) Round turn
Booklet Series -D
42. Which one of the following is used for making branch right angle to the main line in pipe fitting -
(a) Union (b) Elbow (c) Tee (d) Flange
43. Clutch used to transmit less power is

(a) Plate Clutch (b) Cone Clutch (c) Dog Clutch (d) Centrifugal Clutch
44. Gear drive used to change rotary motion into linear motion is

(a) Spur Gear Drive (b) Bevel Gear Drive
(c) Worm and Worm gear drive (d) Rack and Pinion Gear drive
45. Which among the following methods is generally used to cut threads on G.I pipes (a) By centre lathe (b) By thread rollers (c) BY tap sets (d) By die & stock
46. Depth of tooth space below the pitch circle in a gear is known as

(a) Deddendum (b) Addendum (c) Crest (d) Root
47. Belt drive used with jockey pulley is

(a) Open belt drive (b) Cross belt drive (c) Right angle drive (d) Quarter twist drive
Booklet Series -D

48. Face of rim of pulley is made convex. It is called

(a) Crackness (b) Effective Diameter
(c) Flank (d) Crowning
49. Which galvanizing is providing a protective coating on mild steel?

  (a) Zinc (b) Lead
50. Which metal is suitable for anodizing?
(a) Copper (b) Nickel
(c) Tin (d) Aluminium
(c) Aluminium (d) Iron

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