M/C S 3

Machinist theory sem 3 jan 17 questions

In order to get a perfect cylindrical hole .............
a) First drilling, reaming and then boring should be done
b) First drilling boring and then reaming shall be done
c) Drilling and reaming
d) Drilling

To turn short tapers on a long job. the taper turning methods to be used ...............
a) Compound slide tilting method b) Tailstock off set method
c) Form tool method d) Taper turning attachment

On lathes, the follow rest ..............
a) Moves along with the job b) Remains stationary
c) Clamps the job d) Guides the cutting tool

On lathe machines, draw bar and collet is ................
a) Work holding device b) Work supporting device
c) Power transmission system d) Tool holding device

For step turning on lathe, the tool to be used ..................
a) Single point finishing tools b) Single point roughing tools
c) Threading tools d) Special purpose tool

Un symmetrical job on lathe machine are generally hold by .........
a) Three jaw checks b) Four jaw check  c) Face plate d) Fixtures

If the tools is placed below the centre of the job ..............
a) The clearance angle is decreased then top rake angle is increased
b) The top rake angle is reduced and clearance angle is increased
c) Approach angle is reduced
d) None of the above

On lathe the feed is expressed as -......
a) Revolution per min    b) Distance travelled by tool per minute
c) Distance travelled by tool per revolution   d) Lquals to cutting speed

To rotate a job of dia 32 mm on lathe, having cutting speed as 25 metres/min. the RPM shall be ..........
a 245 b) 250 c) 260 d) 300

The best electrode material to be used on EDM machine is -
a) Cast iron b) Copper c) Steel d) Brass

For turning segments of spheres, the attachment to be used -
a) Relieving attachment b) Rapid traverse attachment
c) Ball turning attachment d) Milling attachment

On lathe machine, the power transmitted to lead screw, feed bar and apron is through -
a) Carriage b) Head stock c) Tail stock d) Cross slide

The most common method to produce bolts in mass production is -
a) Thread Rolling b) Thread cutting on lathe
c) Thread whirling d) Thread plunge grinding

Shape of thread obtained by thread cutting operation on lathe is -
a) Cyoloidal b) Trichoidal c) Elliptical d) Helical

The rotary motion to work is given during turning between centres by -
a) Three jaws chuck b) Four jaws chuck  c) Dog carriers d) Head stock

The ability of material to break under impact load is called -
a) Brittleness b) Machinabilitv c) Tempering d) Hardness

To obtain good finish of the threads on lathe, threads should be cut
a) Tilting compound slide methods b) Thread chasers
c) Threading die d) Thread whirling

Telescopic gauges are used on lathe to measure -
a) Bore size b) Run out c) Concentricity       d) Circularity

Sine bars are used to measure -
a) Taper angle b) Surface roughness  c) Fitment between shaft and hole d) Gap between surfaces

While machining aluminium on lathe at high speeds, the types of chips produced -
a) Discontinuous b) Continuous  c) Continuous with BUE d) None of these

The carbide tools are made by process -
a) Sintering b) Machining c) Moulding d) Power coating

Eccentric turning is done by —
a) Off setting the tall stock b) Between centres c) Off setting the job d) Off setting the tool

The jaws of four jaw chuck are stepped
a) Add appearance b) To increase the gripping power
c) To hold hollow cylindrical jobs   d) Four step turning

The relief behind the cutting edge on drill is called -
a) Lip clearance angle b) Helix angle  c) Chisel angle d) Rake angle

In 20 H7/p6, H7/p6, the type of fit is -
a) Clearance fit b) Interference fit  c) Transition fit d) None of these

Jigs are used to -
a) Hold the job    b) Locate the job  c) Hold, locate the job and to guide the rotating tool   d) To guide the cutting tool

Fixture are used to -
a) Hold the job   b) Locate the job   c) Hold and locate the job     d) None of these

The property of material by which it can be drawn into sheet is called -
a) Elongation b) Toughness c) Malleability d) Extrusion

D N C Stands for -
a) Direct Numerical Control  b) Due Numerical Control  c) Duel Number Control   d) None of these

On lathe simple gear train ratios is -
a) Rotation of Lead screw / rotation of spindle   b) Rotation of spindle / pitch of lead screw
c) Lead of lead screw/RPM of job                      d) RPM of job/Lead of lead screw

While cutting multi start threads on lathe, lead to be set on machine -
a) The pitch to be cut b) No's of starts x pitch to be cut
c) Pitch of lead screw/pitch of job d) Pitch of job/pitch of lead screw

The attachment used for rapid and fast return of the carriage is -
a) Follower Rest b) Relieving attachment
c) Rapid traverse attachment d) Copy turning attachment

To cut dovetail slot, key way slot on lathe, the attachment used is -
a) Relieving attachment b) Milling attachment
c) Bail turning attachment d) Slitting attachment

Norton gear fox is provided on lathes to -
a) Cut the threads b) Cut the warm wheel  c) Provide various feed d) For changing RPM

Trepanning is a lathe operation in which -
a) Enlarging the existing hole
b) Providing groove at a specific location
c) Cutting big holes in which material is not removed fully in form of chips
d) None of the above

Machining time in lathe is calculated as -
a) Nos. of passes x length of work / feed x RPM
b) Feed x RPM/length of work
c) Nos. of passes x feed x RPM/length of work
d) Cutting speed x feed x nos. of cuts

In planers -
a) Tool reciprocate and work is given feed b) Work reciprocates and tool is feeded
c) Work rotates and tool is feeded d) Tool rotates and work is feeded

Rack milling attachment on milling is -
a) Used to cut the gears  b) To cut slots
c) To cut warm wheels   d) To cut straight or inclined racks

For cutting helical reamers on milling machines -
a) The lead screw of table and dividing head spindle are connected with gears
b) The spindle of machine and lead screw of table are connected with gears
c) The vertical slide and dividing head spindle are connected with gears
d) None of the above

The causes of glazing of grinding wheel -
a) Grain size too fine b) Wheel is hard c) Wheel speed is too low d) More depth of cut

In the designation of straight cup grinding wheel 150x20x32, the number 32 indicates -
a) ID b) OD c) Depth of impregnation d) Grain size

The structure of grinding wheel represents -
a) Density of grains and voids                     b) Type and size of grains
c) Bonding material surrounding grains      d) Grain size

Grade of grinding wheel represents -
a) Strength of bonding material             b) Grit size
c) Type and size of bonding material    d) Bonding material surrounding grains

For sharpening the helix of a reamer, the accessory used is -
a) Centre supports b) Universal work head
c) Spiral Grinding attachment d) Machine vice

The secondary clearance angle of tooth of milling cutter varies -
a) 2° to 5° b) 5° to 12°  c) 12° to 15° d) 18° to 20°

To grind short taper ANGLE of a cylindrical grinding machine -
a) The work table should be tilted
b) The wheel head should be tilted
c) The work and the wheel head both should be tilted
d) None of the above

Snap gauges are used for -
a) Checking pitch of threads     b) Checking internal diameter
c) Checking external diameter  d) Fitment of hole and shaft

The water to soluble oil ratio for the purpose of grinding
a) 5 : 1 b) 15 : 1 c) 20 : 1

For reaming a hole on drilling machine -
a) The job shall be rigidly clamped b) The job shall be kept floating
c ) Both reamer and job shall be floating      d) None of these

In a hydraulic power, the purpose of pressure gauge is -
a) To regulate the pressure b) To indicate the pressure
c) To relieve the pressure d) To control the direction of flow


Taper can be expressed by ratio, the taper ratio is 1:20. What is the meaning of 1:20?
 a. For a taper length of 20 units the difference in diameter is 1 unit
b. For a taper length of 1 units the difference in diameter is 20 unit
c. For a taper length of 20 units the difference in diameter is 20 unit
d. For a taper length of 20 units the difference in diameter is 10 unit

The self-holding tapers have a taper angle limited to a maximum of decrees,
a. 1.5 b) 3 c. 2.5 d. 3.5

The quick releasing taper angle is not less than ........  Degrees.
  a. 6  b. 2  c . 18  d. 24

Metric tapers are expressed by numbers. The number represent the...........
a. Smaller dia of taper
b. Half angle of taper
c. Bigger dia of taper
d, Included angle of taper

Included angle of metric thread is 60. The formula for depth of thread is..........
a. 1.268 x pitch  
b. 0.613 x pitch
c. 1.068 x pitch  
d. 0.812 x pitch

Lead in multi start thread is-
a. Pitch X lead
b. Lead X number of starts
c. Pitch X number of starts
d. Helix angle X pitch

Multi start threads are cut on parts to have.......
a. Slower transmission
b. Faster transmission
c. Smooth transmission
d. Average speed transmission

A square thread is designated as per IS is sq. 60 X 9. The meaning of 60 is..........
a. Nominal dia
b. Pitch dia
c. Root dia
d. Clearance dia

In the metric Acme thread, included angle is degrees
a. 29.  b. 30   c. 29.5  d.  30.5

Acme threads are used on-
a. Shaping machine feed screw
b. Late longitudinal feed screw
c. Milling machine feed screw 
d. Cross slide of lathe

Acme threads is the category of- 
a. But&ess thread
b. Worm thread
c. Saw teeth thread
d. Trapezoidal thread

In a lathe machine irregular shaped work pieces, jig & fixtures are firmly clamped on-
a. Three jaw chuck
b. Catch plate
c. Four jaw chuck
d. Face plate

Reamers are used to-
a. Enlarge the drilled hole
b. Finish the size of the hole
c. Correct the position of the hole
d. Remove the rough material

In a lathe, the tool operated from tailstock to towards the head stock is called...........
a. Left hand tool
b. Plunge cutting tool
c. Right hand tool
d. Forming tool

Name the tool, which reproduce the shape and form of the tool on the workpiece?
a. Turning tool
b. Forming tool
c. Parting tool
d. Chamfering tool

In a single point tool the clearance angles are provided to-
a. Influence the cutting action
b. Avoid rubbing action
c. Facilitate to con&ol the chip movement
d. Increase the strength of the cutting edge

In a single point tool, the angle ground on the top of the tool is called-
a. Clearance angle
b. Wedge angle
c. Rack angle
d. Approach angle

Many materials are subject to transfonnation from solid to liquid at different temperature is called-
a. Structure  
b. Fusibility
c. Conductivity
d. Ductility

The property of the metal which can be drawn into wire is termed as.........
a. Tenacity
b. Ductility
c. Hardness
d. Brittleness

The ability to withstand scratching and wear on metal is called..........
a. Tenacity
b. Ductility
c. Hardness
d. Brittleness

The ability to resist the effects of tensile forces without rupture is called
a. Tenacity
b. Ductility
c. Hardness
d. Brittleness

The property of metal to withstand shock or impact load is called..........
a. Tenacity
b. Ductility
c. Hardness
d. Brittleness

How many ftmdamental deviations are in the BIS system?
a. 13 b. 20 c. 16 d. 25

In BIS system how many grades of tolerances are there?
a. 12 b. 16 c. 14 d. 18

In limit fit, tolerance and allowance, the difference between the maximum limit & minimum limit is called.......
a. Tolerance
d. Deviation

In 25H7, what is the meaning of 'H'?
a. External dimension
b. Deviation in dimension
c. Intemal dimension
d. Allowance in dimension

The size of component in drawing is 20+or-0.005. What is the maximum limit size of the component?
a. 20.005 b. 19.995
c. 20.008 d. 19.992

To slot a convex surface, the required tool cutting is-
a. Square nose tool
b. Key way tool
c. Round nose tool
d. Cornering tool

The convex surface can be slotted by using........
a. Longitudinal feed
B. Cross feed
c. Rotary feed
d. Vertical feed

Which one is not a reason for the ovality in curvature, while slotting the concave or convex surface?
a. Incorrect aligning
b. Cross feed is not locked
c. The longitudinal feed is not locked
d. Fine rotary feed

A spur gear to be cut on a slotting machine with 18 numbers of teeth, using rotary table.
What will be the indexing movement of the rotary table?
a.18°  b. 22°   c. 20°  d. 24°

On a slotting machine, to cut internal spine the cutting tool used is..........
a. Multipoint cutting tool
B. Solid cutter
c. Former cutter
d. Single point formed tool

In a slotting machine, the cutting pressure acts along the.........
a. Perpendicular the tool
b. Length of the tool
c. Diagonal to the tool
d. Cutting edge of the tool

Aluminium oxide grinding wheels are used for grinding-
a. Aluminium
b. Mild steel
c. Cast iron
d. Die steel

Green silicon carbide is used for grinding-
a. Hard material
b. Cemented carbide
c. Soft material
d. High speed steel

Grain size or grit size in grinding wheels are indicated by-
a. Alphabet
b. Alphabet & numerical
c. Numerical
d. Sign

In grinding wheel the term "grade" indicate...........
a. Amount of bond present between the grain
b. The actual size of abrasive
c. The degree of hardness possessed by bond
d. It does actual cutting

Bonds of ginding wheels are indicated by alphabet, which letters used to indicate resinoid bond?
a. V    b. S   c. E  d. B

A device which holds, supports, locates & also guide tool during operation is called..........
a. Jig
c. Work holding
b. Fixture
d. Tool holding device

Which of the following machine, the spindle axis is normally perpendicular to the table surface?
a. Plain milling machine
b. Universal milling machine
c. Horizontal milling machine
d. Vertical milling machine

Which one of the following part, is attached to the column of a vertical milling machine?
a. Base b. Column
c. Knee d. Saddle
In a milling cutter, the included angle between the land and face of the tooth is called...........
a. Negative rake angle
c. .Helix angle
b. Axial rake angle
d. Lip angle

A grinding wheel, which easily dislodges the abrasive grain is-
a. Soft wheel
b. Hard wheel
c. Medium wheel
d. Very hard wheel

Which one of the following bonds are marked with letter 'E'?
a. Vitrified bond
b. Shellac bond
c. Silicate bond  
d. Resinoid bond

The size of the abrasive in a grinding wheel is termed as-
a. Grit b. Bond
c. Grade d. Structure

The standard range of sizes covered in BIS system of limits and fits are-
a. O to 10 mm
b. 0 to 400 mm
c. O to 100 mm
d. 0 to 500 mm

The algebraic difference between the actual size and its corresponding basic size is termed as-
a. Deviation
b. Upper deviation
c. Lower deviation
d. Actual deviation

The rotary table of the slotting machine is mounted on top of the-
a) Base or bed Saddle
b) Cross-slide Column
c. Column
D. Saddle

Rotary table of a slotting machines are provided with the mechanism of-
a. Cam
b. Rack and pinion
c. Eccentric
d. Worm and worm wheel

Which of the following planing machine, a wide range of ram speed can be obtained?
a. Pit planing machine
b. Hydraulic planing machine
c. Plate planing machine
d. Divided table planing machine

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