SEM- 1 JAN 2018

What is S.l Unit of Length?
a) Meter
b) Millimeter
c) Foot
d) Inch
A file 20 teeth in 25mm is called -
a) Rough file
b) Bastard file
c) Second cut file
d) Smooth file

The type of file used for a wood work is -
a) Single cut file
b) Double cut file
c) Rasp cut file
d) None of these

The instrument used for measure external & internal diameter of shaft, thickness of part and depth of holes is -
a) Outside micrometer
b) Inside micrometer
c) Depth gauge micrometer
d) Varnier caliper

The chisel used for cutting key ways is -
a) Flat chisel
b) Cape chisel
c) Round nose chisel
d) Diamond pointed chisel

A diamond pointed chisel is used for cutting -
a) Flat surface
b) Grooves
c) Keyways
d) V Shaped grooves

The difference between the upper limit and lower limit of a dimension is called -
a) Nominal size
b) Basic size
c) Actual size
d) Tolerance

The following part of a lathe serves as housing for driving pulley and back gears -
a) Tail stock
b) Head stock
c) Bed
d) Carriage

The angle of centre punch is -
a) 45 deg
60 deg
c) 90 deg
d) 115 deg

In a bilateral system of tolerance, the tolerance is allowed on -
a) One side of the actual size
b) One side of the nominal size
c) Both side of the actual size
d) Both side of the nominal size

When the dimension is expressed as 20+0.035-0.025 then the tolerance is -
b) Bilateral
a) Unilateral
c) Equilateral

The cold chisel are made from -
d) None of these
a) Cast iron
b) Mild steel

High speed steel

The cutting edge of chisel should be -   d) Cast tool steel
a) Hardened  
b) Tempered
c) Both (a) & (b) J)
d) Case hardened

A drill mainly used in drilling brass copper or softer material is -
a) Flat drill
b) Straight fluted drill
c) Parallel shank twist drill
d) Tampered shank twist drill

The cutting angle of a flat drill varies from -
a) 3 0 to 80
b) 200 to 300
c) 600 to 900
d) 900 to 1200

A drill considered as a cutting tool having a zero rake is known as a -
a) Flat drill
b) Straight fluted drill
c) Parallel shank twist drill
d) Tapered shank twist drill

Twist drill are made of
a) High speed steel
b) Carbon steev
c) Stainless steel
d) Either (a) or (b)

The taper tap has
a) Its end tapered for about three or four threads
b) Its end tapered for about eight or ten threads
c) Full thread for the whole of its length
d) None of these

reamer is used for soft aluminium or copper.
a) Straight fluted reamer
b) Left hand spiral fluted reamer
c) Right hand spiral flute reame
d) None of these

The cutting speed for drillingwith high speed steel drill is 24 to 45 m/min.
a) Mild steel
b) Copper
c) Aluminium
d) Brass

The cutting speed of a drill depends upon the -
a) Material of drill
b} Type of material to be drilled
c) Quality of surface finished desired
d) All of these

The tap used to cut threads in a blind hole is -
a) Taper tap
b) Second tap
c) Bottoming tap
d) Any of these

In reaming process -
a) Metal removes is high
b) High surface finish is obtained
c) High from accuracy is obtained d) High dimensional accuracy is obtained

For drilling operation, the cylindrical job should always be clamped on a -
a) Collet
b) Jaw
c) Vice
d) V- block

Surface plate is usually made of' gray cast iron because it provides -
a) Non wearing plate
b) Very hard plate
c) Easy to cast plate
d) Lubrication due to graphite flakes

The least count of varnier caliper is -
a) 0.01mm
b) 0.02mm
c) 0.001mm
d) 0.002mm

The size of lathe is speciiied by the
a) Length between centres Swing diameter over the bed
c) Swing diameter over the carriage
d) All of these

The chuck used for setting up of the heavy and irregular shaped work should be -
a) Four jaw independent chuck
b) Three jaw universal chuck
c) Magnetic chuck
d) Drill chuck

A mandrel is used to hold -
a) An eccentric work
b) A heavy work
c) A thin work.
d) Bored parts for machining their outside surface

An operation of embossing a diamond shaped pattern on the surface of a workpiece, is
known as -
a) Counter-boring
b) Grooving
c) Knurlingc
d) Facing

Circular scale of the micrometer is marked on -
a) Anvil
b) Barrel
c) Spindle
d) Thimble

The purpose of adjusting nut in a micrometer screw gauge is to -
a) Take care of zero errox J
b) Impart slow motion
c) Compensate for wear between screw and nut
d) Ensure uniform measuring pressure

A right hand tool on the lathe cuts most efficiently when tool travels -
a) From left to right end of lathe bed
b) From right to left end of lathe bed
c) Across bed
d) At angular position

Best coolant and lubrication for mild steel and wrought iron is -
a) Soluble oil
b) Water, soluble oil or sulphur based mineral oils
c) Mineral and fatty oils
d) Dry

Best coolant and lubrication for aluminium -
a) Soluble oil
b) Water, soluble oil or sulphur based mineral oils
c) Mineral and fatty oils or soluable oils
d) Dry

The helical gooves which are extended to the full length of the drill body are called -
a) Lips
b) Shanks
c) Flutes
d) Cutting edges

A right hand tool is one which is used to -
a) Start a cut from tail stock and cut towards the headstock
b) Start a cut from headstock and cut towards the tailstock
c) Start facing at the centre and cut outward
d) Both (a) and (c)

Counter-sinking is the operation of -
a) Cone shaped enlargement of the end of a hole
b) Enlarging the end of a hole cylindrically
c) Smoothing and squaring the surface around a hole
d) Sizing and finishing a hole

The important purpose of a flutes in a drill is that they enable the
a) Cutting fluid to enter the working zone
b) Cutting edges to be formed
c) Weight of the drill to be reduced
d) Chip to come out

The groove in the body of the drill which allows the chips to come out is known as -
a) Chip breaker
b) Flute
c) Lip
d) Chip follower

The machining process which makes a cone shaped races at the top of a drilled hole for a flat head machine screw is called -
a) Counter-boring
b) Counter-sinking
c) Taper drilling
d) Spot facing

The purpose of reaming is -
a) For making a hole initially
b) To enlarge the diameter of the hole
c) To improve the finish of the hole  
d) To achieve correct diameter
c) Lapping

A boring tool for boring a hole over a large length should have -
a) One tool bit on a bar
b) 2 tool bits fitted on dimertically opposite sides of bar
c) 3 tool bits equally speed

The operation of threading a drilled hole is called - b) Tapping
a) Threading
d) Reaming
d) 4 or more tool bits

A hacksaw is specified by the following parameter of its blade -
a) Material
b) Length
c) No. of teeth
d) Distance between two holes at extreme

The type of tool used on lathe machine is -
a) Single point cutting tool
b) Double point cutting tool
c) Three point cutting tool
d) Multi point cutting tool

A hacksaw blade cuts on the -
a) Forward stroke
b) Return stroke
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) Cutting depand upon the direction of force
Scribing block is used to -
a) Hold the round bars during marking
b) Check the trueness of flat surfaces
c) Locate the centres of round bars
d) Check the surface roughness

The chuck used for setting up of heavy or irregular shaped work should be -
a) Four jaw independent chuck
b) Three jaw universal chuck
c) Megnetic chuck
d) Drill chuck

When the end of a tap is tapered for about three or four threads, it is known as a -
a) Taper tap
b) Bottoming Tap
c) Second tap
d) None of these

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