SEM-3 JAN2018

1. The angle on which the strength of tool depend is ...
a) Rake angle
b) Clearance angle
c) Cutting angle
d) Lip angle

The negative rake is usually provide on ......
a) High carbon steel tool
b) High speed steel tool
c) Cemented carbide tool
d) All of these

Negative rake are used for ...
a) Carbide tools
b) Heavy tools
c) Harder material
d) All of these

The angle made by the face of the tool and plane parallel to the base of cutting tool is   called .....
a) Rake angle
b) Clearance angle
c) Cutting angle
d) Lip angle

The cutting fluid mostly used for machining alloy steel is ......
a) Water
b) Soluble oil
c) Dry
d) Sulphured mineral oil

The factor which affects the tool life is .......
a) Tool geometry
b) Cutting speed
c) Feed rate
d) All of these

The tool life is said to be over if ....
a) Surface finish is poor
b) There is sudden increase in cutting force and power consumption
c) Overheating and fuming due to heat of friction starts
d) All of the above

A grinding wheel is said to be of ............. if the abrasive grain can be easily dislodged.
a) Soft grade  
b) Hard grade
c) Medium grade  
d) All of these

The Hard grade grinding wheels are denoted by the letters.
a) A to H
b) I to P
c) Q to Z
d) A to P

A Coarse grained grinding wheel is used to grind ......
a) Hard and brittle materials
b) Soft and ductile materials
c) Hard and ductile materials
d) Soft and brittle materials

For fast removal of materials during grinding a
........... grinding wheel is used
a) Coarse grained
b) Fine grained
c) Medium grained
d) All bf these

The purpose of Jig and fixture is to ........
a) Increase production rate
b) Enable employ less skilled operators
c) Increase machining accuracy
d) All of these

A good lubricant for thread cutting operation is ......
a) Mineral lard oil
b) Water soluble oil
c) Graphite
d) White lead

Tool life is most affected by machine .......
a) Cutting speed
b) Tool geometry
c) Feed and depth
d) Microstructure of material being cut

It is possible to correlate tool life with the following property of the metal ........
a) Grain size
b) Toughness
c) Hardness
d) Microconsitiuent

Tungsten content in the High speed steel tool cutting tool material is ..........
a) 16%  b) 4%   c) 18%   d) 0.6%

18-4-1 high speed steel contains following element in the ratio of 18-4-1.
a) Tungsten, Chromium, and vanadium 
b) Chromium, vanadium, and Tungsten
c) Vanadium, Tungsten, and Chromium 
d) None of these

The characteristics that enable one material to cut another is its relative .......
a) Toughness
b) Hardness
c) Resilience
d) Ductility

High speed steel tool material contains carbon .......
a) 0.6-1.0%
b) 2-4%
c) 4-6%
d) 6-10%

The angle between the face of tool, and line tangent to the machined surface at the cutting point is known as .........
a) Rake angle
b) Cutting angle
c) Clearance angle
d) Lip angle

Chip breakers are provided on cutting tools .........
a) For safety of operators
b) To minimize heat generation
c) To permit short segment chips
d) To increase tool life

Tool life is said to be over when .......
a) Finish of work becomes too rough
b) Cutter looks dull
c) Chips become blue
d) A certain amount of wear or cratering occurs on the flank

The grit, grade and structure of grinding wheels for specific operation are based on .......
a) Grinder clearance
b) Spindle size of the grinder
c) Diameter of wheels
d) Speed at which the wheel is to be used

When it is required to run a grinding wheel safely at very high speed. Following bond should be used .......
a) Vitrified
b) Resinoid and Rubber
c) Shellac
d) Silicate

Which of the following is not the angle measuring device?
a) Angle plate
b) Sine bar
c) Angle gauge
d) Screw thread micrometer

Accurate centering of work mounted in an independent chuck can be determined by using
a) Centre gauge
b) Height gauge
c) Dial indicator
d) Micrometer

A sine bar is used to measure .......
a) Surface roughness
b) Gear profiles
c) Internal tapers
d) External tapers

The purpose of using borax in brazing is ...........
a) Dissolve oxides when heating the work
b) Prevent the spelter from melting too quickly
c) Increase fluidity of braze material
d) Accelerate the formation of oxides on the work

When brazing is carried out ........
 a) A joint is made between two parts by molten spelter
b) The edges of the joint melt and run together
c) Spelter forms an alloy with flux d) Flux acts as a connecting material

In soldering the melting point of filter metal is .......
a) Below 420°C
b) Above 420°C
c) Below 520°C
d) Above 520°C

The composion of soft solder is ..........
a) Lead-37%, tin - 63%
b) Lead-67%, tin - 37%
c) Lead-70%, tin - 30%
d) Lead-50%, tin - 50%

Best coolant and lubrication for bras, copper and bronze is .....
a) Soluble oil
b) Water, soluble oil or sulphur based mineral oils
c) Mineral and fatty oils
d) Dry

Which of the following operations can be used on Centre lathe?
a) Grinding
b) Milling
c) Drilling
d) All of these

In lathe, form tools are used to produce.
a) Cylindrical surfaces
b) Tapered surfaces
c) The surfaces which are neither cylindrical nor tapered
d) Threads

The following are the function of a jig ........
a) Holding
b) Locating
c) Guiding
d) All of these

A fixture does not .......
a) Holds the workpiece
b) Locate the workpiece
c) Guide the tool  
d) All of these

Jigs are not used in ........
a) Drilling
b) Reaming
c) Tapping
d) Milling

The following jig can be used for several different work pieces and operations.
a) Template jig
b) Multi-station jig
c) Index jig
d) Universal jig

A fixture is defined as a device which ........
a) Hold and locate a workpiece and guide and controls one or more cutting tools
b) Hold and locate a workpiece during an inspection or for manufacturing a operation
c) Is used to check the accuracy of workpiece
d) All of the above

Multi thread are used to secure ......
a) Low efficiency
b) High efficiency
c) High load lifting capacity
d) High mechanical advantage

External taper can be accurately measured with the help of .......
a) Sine bar and slip gauges
b) Dividing head
c) Precision balls and height guage
d) Combination set

The axial advancement in one rotation of screw pan is known as of the threads.
a) Pitch
b) Lead
c) Pitch diameter
d) Helix angle

The distance from a point on one thread to the corresponding point on the next thread is called.
a) Lead
b) Pitch
c) Turn
d) Crest

The angle included by the flanks of the thread ........
a) Angle of thread
b) Depth of thread
c) Depth of cut
d) Slope of thread

Best coolant and lubrication for aluminium.
a) Soluble oil
b) Water, soluble oil or sulphur based mineral oils
c) Mineral and fatty oils or soluable oils
d) Dry

The diameter of a finish turned shaft can best be checked with a ........
a) Combination set
b) Dial indicator
c) Height gauge
d) Micrometer screw gauge

The thread micrometer measures........
a) The major diameter of thread b) The minor diameter of thread
c) The effective diameter of thread  
d) The rod diameter of thread

A screw thread is designated as 1" B.S.P. thread, in 1 inch B.S P. thread what 1"   indicates?
a) Major diameter of thread
b) Minor diameter of thread
c) Pitch diameter of thread
d) Hole diameter of Pipe

In a sine bar the standard length is measured from.......
a) Edge to edge
b) Between inner circumference of two buttons
c) Between out circumference of two buttons
d) Between the centers of two buttons

Work is usually required to be held in a vertical position for layout. For this purpose, lit is
clamped to ........
a) Surface plate
b) A machine bed
c) An angle plate  
d) A V block


SEM - IV Jan 2018

A fixture does not ......
a) Holds the workpiece  
b) Locate the workpiece
c) Guide the tool
d) All of these

Fixture are used ......
a) For holding and guiding the tool in drilling, reaming or tapping operation
b) For holding the work in milling, grinding, planning, or turning operation
c) To check the accuracy of workpiece
d) None of the above

Which angle is make side and surface of angle plate?
a) 200°
b) 450°
c) 900°
d) 1200°

The slot is cut in angle plate because of .......
a) For lift by hook
b) For keep job straight
c) For less weight
d) For tighten nut & bolt

........... grade angle plate is used in generally machine shop.
a) A   b) B   c) C   d) D

........is a heat treatrnent process for surface hardening.
a) Carburising
b) Normalising
c) Annealing
d) Tempering

Fixture is most productive tool because .......
a) Hold the job
b) Locate the job
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) Guide the cutting tool

Feed is given ......... types for thread cutting.
a) 4   b) 2   c) 3   d)5

Lead ......... 
a) Pitch x no. of start
b) Pitch x no. of lead
c) Lead x Root
d) Root x Crest

The process of steel is heated or chilled for achieve desired property is known as ........
a) Tempering
b) Hardening
c) Annealing
d) Heat treatment

The cutting edge of a chisel should be ......
a) Hardened 
b) Tempered
c) Hardened & Tempered
d) Case hardened

Tempering is done to ......
a) Increase toughness & Decrease brittleness
b) Cutting edge is hardened
c) Cutting edge is softened
d) Cutting edge is brittled

GS4 is means a 
a) Select zero offset
b) Zero offset
c) Offset zero
d) zero name

G is symbol of .......
a) Start function  
b) End fUnction
c) Medium ftmction
d) All ofthese

PLC is part of .........
a) PNC    b) CMG c) DMC   d) CNC

Tool offset function is indicated by ........ word.
a) A   b) B   c) C   d) D
The translator program used assembly language is called ...
a) Compiler
b) Interpreter
c) Assembler
d) Translator

The value of one micron is —
a) 0.001mm
b) 0.01mm
c) 0. 1mm
d) 0.001 mm

Quality control is main purpose of ......... cost product used.
a) More b) Less
c) Average d) All of these

The process of improving the cutting action of grinding wheel is called ........
a) Truing
b) Dressing
c) Facing
d) Clearing

In order achieve a specific finish in single point turning, the most important to be controlled is .......
a) Depth of cut
b) Cutting speed
c) Feed
d) Tool rake angle

Work done in metal cutting depends on ......
a) Cutting force & Cutting speed
b) Cutting speed & Heat generated
c) Depth of cut & Cutting speed
d) Cutting force & depth of cut

If chip thickness increases tool wears at .......
a) Less
b) Moderate
c) More rapid
d) None of these

Cutting speed is expressed in ......
a) Meter per second
b) Meter per minute
c) Millimeter per minute
d) Centimeter per minute

The factor which affects the tool life is ...........
a) Tool geometry
b) Cutting speed
c) Feed rate
d) All of these

Larger end cutting edge angletool life.
a) Increases
b) Decreases
c) No effect  
d) Constant

Pressure applied on workpiece in case of lapping operation is —
a) 0.01kg/cmsq
b) 0.1kg/cmsq
c) 0.5kg/cmsq
d) 1.0kg/cmsq

Honing is used to .......
a) Correct ovality
b) Waviness of axis
c) Non-parallelism of cylindrical features
d) All of these

Machine lapping is performed on  ........
a) Roller bearings
b) Crankshafts
c) Pistons
d) All of these

The usual amount of stock left for removal by honing is from ......
a) 0. 1mm to 0.25mm
b) 0.75mm to 0.90mm
c) 0.90mm to 1.05mm
d) 1.05mm to 1.25mm

Largest amount of material is used in ......
a) Buffing
b) Lapping
c) Honing
d) Superfinishing

The following is preferred for lapping soft ferrous and non-ferrous metals ......
a) Silicon carbide
b) Natural corundum
c) Aluminium oxide
d) All of these

The surface roughness on a drawing is represented by
a) Circle
b) Square
c) Triangle
d) Zig-Zag lines

Encoder is used in CNC machine tool, to sense and control ........
a) Spindle speed
b) Spindle position
c) Table position
d) All of these

The process of decomposing martensitic sfructure, by heating martensitic steel below its critical temperature is called as .....
a) Normalizing
b) Quenching
c) Tempering
d) Carburizing

Which of the following factors increases hardenability of a metal?
a) Alloying elements
b) Fine grain size
c) Very high carbon content in steel
d) All of these

Which carburizing method has high production rate?
a) Pack carburizing  
b) Liquid carburizing
c) Gas carburizing
d) All of these

Process control is carried out ......
a) Before production  
b) During production
c) After production control
d) All of these

Low cost, higher volume items requires .......
a) No inspection
b) Little inspection  
c) Intensive inspection
d) 100% inspection

Pre condition for deciding zero offset is .......
a) Cutter must be fixed jn machine spindle
b) Data must be entered in machine
c) Work must be clamped on the machine table
d) Feed, Speed etc. must be decided

The following type of lathe is operated through cams and cam plate ......
a) Precision lathe
b) Crankshaft lathe
c) Automatic lathe
d) Duplicating lathe

The following part of lathe serves as housing for the driving pulleys and back gears —
a) Head stock
b) Tail stock
c) Bed
d) Carriage

The following acts as driving shaft in lathe .....
a) Countershaft
b) Spindle shaft
c) Lead screw
d) None of these

The following is used for holding bored parts for machining their outside surfaces on lathe .......
a) Mandrel
b) Dogs
c) Driving plate
d) Angle plate

The following is used to turn very long job between centers on a lathe ........
a) Steady rest
b) Follower rest
c) Compound rest
d) All of these

The following is used to support to flexible job very close to the cutting edge .......
a) Steady rest  
b) Follower rest
c) Compound rest
d) All of these

G78 represents  ......
a) Rough turning
b) Thread cutting
c) Rough facing
d) Finishing cycle

CAD and CAM are related through  .......
a) NC tapes
b) Automation tools
c) Part production & testing
d) Common data base

In CNC machines, the controlling of function like speed, feed, tool positioning etc. are  controlled by .........
a) Numeric codes
b) Alpha codes
c) Alpha numeric codes
d) Photo sensing system

Which one of the following is not advantage of CNC machines .......
a) One machine can perform severai operation
b) Inspection cost is very loss
c) Difficult to correct the dimension variation
d) Functioning of machine not dependent on operational skills



1. The flux commonly used in brazing is.........
a) Zinc chloride
b) Ammonium chloride
c) Rasin plus alcohol
d) Borax

For turning small taper on long work piece, the suitable method is .......
a) By a form tool
b) By setting over the tail stock
c) By a taper turning attachment
d) By a swiveling the compound rest

For turning internal tapers, the suitable method is .........
a) By a form tool
b) By setting over the tail stock
c) By a taper turning attachment
d) By a swiveling the compound rest

Slow speed of the spindle is necessary in........
a) Thread cutting
b) Turning a hard or tough material
c) Turning a work of large diameter
d) All of the above

The following is taper turning method on lathe .......
a) Tail tock set over method
b) By swiveling the compound rest
c) Using a broad nose tool
d) All of these

The axial advancement in one rotation of screw part is known as of the threads.
a) Pitch
b) Lead
c) Pitch diameter
d) Helix angle

In cutting right hand threads, the spindle and lead screw rotates in the ....
a) Same direction
b) Opposite direction
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) Spindle rotates but. lead screw does not rotate

The tail stock set over method of taper turning is preferred for ....
a) Internal tapers
b) Small tapers
c) Long slender tapers
d) Steep tapers

The tail stock set over required to turn a taper on the entire length of a work piece having diameters D and d is .......
a) D-d/2L
b) D-d/L
c) D-d/2
d) D-d

The taper on lathe spindles is .....
a) 1 in 10 b) 1 in 15
c) 1 in 20 d) 1 in 30

The lathe spindles at the nose end have .......
a) Internal screw threads
b) External screw threads
c) No threads
d) Tapered threads

The lathe spindles are usually made hollow and provided with .........
a) Internal taper
b) External taper
c) Internal and External taper
d) No taper

The lathe centres are provided with standard taper known as-
a) Morse
b) Seller's taper
c) Chapman taper
d) Brown and sharp taper

The brazing metals and alloys commonly used are ........
a) Copper
b) Silver alloys
c) Aluminium alloys
d) All of these

Solder is essentially a ...
a) Tin-silve base
b) Tin-lead base
c) Silver-lead base
d) Tin-bismuth base

A soldering Iron "bit" is made of ......
a) Brass
b) Tin
c) Steel
d) Copper

The purpose of using flux in soldering ........
a) Prevent oxides forming
b) Fill up gaps left in a bad joint
c) Increase fluidity of solder metal
d) Lower the melting temperature of the solder

Brazing is the process of .......
a) Casing in brass
b) Making steel look like brass
c) Joining plastic sheets
d) Hard soldering using brass spelter

Welding process in which two pieces to be joined are overlapped and placed between two  electrodes is kiown as .....
a) Spot welding
b) Seam welding
c) Projection welding
d) Butt welding

The Purpose of chasing dial on lathe is to achieve .......
a) Picking up the thread accurately at beginning of each cut
b) Taper turning
c) Cutting of tapered threads
d) Cutting of multiple

An important precaution to produce a good soldered joint is that .....
a) The joint area must be clean and close-fitting
b) Aluminum wire must be placed along the joint
c) The soldering iron bit must first be made red hot
d) Flux should be applied both before and after soldering

Post cleaning is necessary at brazed joint in order to avoid .....
a) Corrosion
b) Slagging
c) Oxidation
d) Wak joint

Which of the following taper turning method can be used only for turning external taper?
a) Form tool
b) Tailstock offset
c) Taper attachment
d) Compound rest

If a 25° taper is to be cut with small diameter toward the tailstock the setting of taper  turning attachment would be-
a) +25°  b) -25° c) +12.5° d) -12.5°

The soldering process is carried in the temperature range of .....
a) 40°C to 100°C
b) 180°C to 250°C
c) 300°C to 500°C
d) 600°C to 900°C

Short and sharp angle tapers are machined using .......
a) A taper attachment
b) The compound rest
c) Morse taper attachment
d) The tailstock set over method

In brazing the melting point of filler metal is ........
a) Below 420°C
b) Above 420°C
c) Below 520°C
d) Above 520°C

During taper turning by offsetting tailstock method the part of tail stock offsetted is .....
a) Body  
b) Spindles
c) Base  
d) Whole unit

Seam welding is a...
a) Continuous spot welding process
b) Multi-spot welding process
c) Arc welding process
d) Process used for joining two round bars

The welding process used to join two ends of two pipes of uniform cross section is ......
a) Spot welding
b) Seam welding
c) Projection welding
d) Upset butt welding

In arc welding, the electric arc is produced between the work and the electrode by ......
a) Voltage
b) Flow of current
c) Contact resistance
d) All of these

The consumable electrode is used in ......
a) Carbon arc welding
b) Submerged arc welding
c) TIG arc welding
d) MIG arc welding

The lathe spindle at the nose end has ....
a) Internal threads
b) External threads
c) Taper threads
d) Snap threads

Combination set consists of scale ...
a) Center Head
b) Protractor Head
c) Square Head
d) All of these

The largest diameter of an external or internal screw thread is known as .....
a) Minor diameter
b) Major diameter
c) Pitch diameter
d) None of these

Which of the following statement is correct?
a) The distance from a peiut on the thread to the corresponding point of the next thread is called pitch
b) The distance which a screw thread advance axially in one rotation of the nut is called lead
c) In single start threads, lead is equal to pitch
d) All of these

The included angle for British Association thread is .....
a) 29°  b) 47.5°  c) 55°  d) 60°

When screw threads are to be used in a situation where power is being transmitted in one  direction only, then the screw threads suitable for this will be ....
a) Square threads
b) Acme threads
c) Knuckle threads
d) Buttress threads

Which thread are not so strong as V-threads, they offer less frictional resistance to motion  than whitworth threads .....
a) Square threads
b) Acme threads
c) Knuckle threads
d) Buttress threads

The included angle for metric thread is ....
a) 29°  b) 47.5°  c) 60°  d) 55°

The top surface of the thread is called .......
a) Lead
b) Turn
c) Crest
d) Root

In a centre lathe, the cutting tool is fed in with reference to the lathe axis.
a) Cross direction only
b) Lonytudinal direction only
c) Both Cross and longitudinal direction
d) Any direction

Which of the following is not provided on combination set?
a) Vernier scale
b) Centre head
c) Protec,tcr head
d) Squaring head

For tight leakage joints, following type of thread i.s best suited ....
a) Metric
b) Square
c) Acme
d) National pipe thread

It is required to cut screw threads of 2 mm pitch on a lathe. The lead screw has a pitch of 6 mm. If the spindle speed is 60 rpm. Then the speed of lead screw will be ....
a) 10 rpm b) 20 rpm
c) 120 rpm d) 180 rpm

While cutting helical gears on a non-differential gear hobber, the feed change gear raiio is ....
a) Independent of index change gear ratio
b) Dependent of speed change gear ratio
c) Inter-related of index change gear ratio
d) Independent of speed and index change gear ratio

Internal or external threads of different pitches can be produced by
a) Pantograph milling machine
b) Profiling milling machine
c) Plano miller
d) Planetary milling machine

Standard taper generally used on milling machine spindles is .....
a) Morse
b) Brown and sharpe
c) Chapman
d) Seller's

The taper of internal dovetail can 'be measured with the help of ....
a) Sine bar
b) Combination set
c) Balls of standard dimension and slip gauges
d) Dial guage

External taper can be accurately measured with the help of .....
a) Sine bat and slip guages
b) Dividing head
c) Precision balls and height guage
d) Combination set



l. The thermodynarnic cycle on which the petrol engine works, is
a. Joule cycle
b. Otto cycle
c. Rankine cycle
d. Stirling cycle

In four strokes spark ignition engine, at the end of compression stroke, before the spark occurs, what is the pressure developed inside the combustion chamber?
a. 2 to 4 Kg/cmsq
b. 6 to 8 Kg/cmsq
c. 10 to 12 Kg /cmsq
d. 14 to 16 Kg /cmsq

In a four stroke petrol engine, during suction stroke ....
a. Only air is sucked in
b. Only petrol is sucked in
c. Mixture of petrol and air is sucked in
d. None of these

The sequence of 4 stroke cycle operaåon of S.I. engine is —
a. Induction — power — compression — Exhaust
b. Induction Compression — Power— Exhaust
c. Compression — Induction — Power — Exhaust
d. Compression — Power — Induction - Exhaust

In a two s&oke cycle engine, the four process in a cycle namely suction, compression, power (expansion) and exhaust are completed in revolutions of crank shaft.
a. One b. Two c. Three d. Four

In a single cylinder 4 - stroke S.I engine the power stoke starts after of crank

  a. 90° b. 180° c, 270° d. 360°

Compression Ratio (CR) of Sel engine is less than C.I. engine because .......
a. It makes the engine lighter
b. Less C.R. gives better performance
c. It is a common practice
d. Higher or equal CR is not possible due to the problem of pre-ignition

T - slot provided in the piston .......
a. To accommodate the expansion of piston when heated up
b. For the passage of lubricafrlg oil
c. For cooling purpose
d. To reduce the weight of piston

The part of crank shaft to which connecting rod is connected is called .........
a. Big end
b. Crank pin
c. Crank web
d. Small end

The pefrol engine gets very rich mixture at the time of -
a. Starting
b. Idling
c. Accelerating
d. Operating at cruising speed

ISO - octane content in the fuel of S.L engine .......
a. Retards auto -ignition
b. Accelerates auto - ignition
c. Does not affect auto -ignition
d. None of these

The volumetric efficiency of a good designed engine may be ......
a. 30 to 40%
b. 40 to 60%
c. 60 to 70%
d. 75 to 90%

The venturi in a carburetor causes ......
a. Increase of air velocity
b. Decrease of air velocity
c. Decrease of fuel flow
d. Decrease of manifold vacuum

The main disadvantage of the mechanical fuel pump is that ......
a. They need to be located near the engine
b. They are prone to vapour lock
c. They operate only after the engine has started
d. All of the above

The throttle valve confrols the supply of ........
a. Air only
b. Fuel only
c. Air fuel mixture
d. None of these

The main advantage of electronic fuel injection (EFI) system is ......
a. High quality fuel distribution
b. Less fuel consumption
c. Rapid response of the engine to throttle control
d. All ofthe above

Which of the following component, in EFI system, decides the amount of fuel to be injected on the basis of signals received from the wide range of sensors?
a. ECU
b. Carburettor
c. Throttle
d. Governor

In EFI system the engine temperature sensor senses the temperature of .......
a. Cooling water at out let
b. Cooling water at inlet
c. Suction air
d. Exhaust gas

In EFI system the inlet Manifold Pressure Sensor senses the —
a. Quantity of Air in the inlet manifold
b. Vacuum in the inlet manifold
c. Quantity of fuel supplied in the inlet manifold
d. Any one of the above

In EFI system the exhaust gas sensor senses the percentage in exhaust gas for calculating air-fuel ratio.
a. NOx b. CO  c. 02 d. HC

The rate of flow of electrons in a conductor is known as —
a. Current
b. Voltage
c. Resistance
d. None of these

A is an electrical one way check valve that will allow current to flow in one direction   only.
a. Diode
b. Transistor
c. Capacitor
d. Resistor

"Whenever a conductor cuts magnetic flux, an e.m.f. is induced in that conductor." This statement is called as
a. Ohm's law
b. Fleming's rule
c. Faraday' s First law of electromagnetic induction
d. Faraday's second law of elecfromagnetic induction

The Large gap in the spark plug may cause the engine ......
a. Misfiring
b. Over heating
c. Back firing
d. Timing disturbance

The main function of the condenser in an ignition system is .......
a. Minimizing Pitting of the contact breaker points
b. To intensify the spark
c. To absorb the energy stored in the primary winding
d. All ofthe above

In general, the hot plugs haveinsulator nose.
a. Short
b. Thin   
c. Long
d. Thick

The vacuum advance mechanism functions at .......
a. Light engine load
b. Heavy eng;ine load
c. High engine speed
d. None of these

The function of a charging system in an automobile is to
a. Supply elecfric power
b. Convert mechanical energy into electrical energy
c. Continually recharge the battery
d. Partly convert engine power into electric power

The number of diodes used in alternator for rectification from AC to DC is / are ........
a. 1 b. 2 c. 4 d. 6

The charging voltage at the start of the engine is than when the engine is running on load.
a. Higher
b. Lower
c. Equal
d. Any one of these

The high resistance in an alternator output circuit is often caused by .......
a. A bad regulator
b. A shorted diode
c. Loose or corroded connection
d. None of these

The ratio between the number of teeth on the starter motor pinion gear and the engine fly wheel ri.ng gear is about
a. 1:1 b. 1:5 c. 1 : 15 d. I : 100

The magnetic field required for starting motor operation is provided by the .........
a. Armature
b. Field windings
c. Solenoid
d. None of these

If starter motor spins but does not engage flywheel teeth and does not start the engine, the  problem is most likely caused by a bad
a. Magnetic switch
b. Over running clutch
c. Positive battery cable
d. Ignition switch

The colour of tail light in a car is .........
a. White
b. Amber
c. Green
d. Red

The typc of reflector used for automobile head lamp is —
a. Parabolic
b. Hyperbolic
c. Spherical
d. Circular

The stop lights are also known as ..........
a. Tail lights
b. Brake lights
c. Indicator light
d. Fog light

The frequency of flashing light per minute in a turn indicator is about .......
a. 8
b. 80
c. 800
d. None of these

In a horn assembly which of the following part vibrates around 2000 vibrations per second?
a. Diaphragm
b. Tone disc
c. Armature
d. Contact points

A 12 volts windshield wiper motor consumes about .......... ampere of current under normal operation.
 a. 0-1 b. 3-4 c. 10- 15 d. 20 - 30

The purpose of air conditioning a car is to confrol —
a. Temperature and pressure
b. Pressure and humidity
c. Humidity and temperature
d. Temperature, pressure and humidity

Which of the following should be cold during normal operation of the air conditioning  system?
a. Compressor
b. Condenser
c. Receiver and drier
d. Evaporator

Which refrigerant is commonly used in modern automobile air-conditioning system?
a. R- 12
b. R- 22
c. R- 134a
d. R- 134

The purpose of corrugated fins used in condenser and evaporator is to
a. Trap insects and foreign objects, thus preventing them from entering the engine compattment
 b. Control the air flow which passes through the condenser or evaporator
 c. Increase the surface area, thus increasing heat exchange performance
 d. Reinforce the heat exchanger

Which of the following sensor data will the automatic air-conditioning system use to operate the recirculation control motor?
a. Vehicle speed
b. In-car and outside temperatures
c. Engine oil temperature
d. Evaporator temperature

What is/are the causes of wind shield wiper motor running sluggishly?
a. Contact breaker gap is not correct
b. Binding in spindle or gear
c. Excessive blade pressure
d. All of these

What may be the causes if fuel gauge needle always remains at empty?
a. Defective gauge
b. Float arm sticking
c. Float punctured
d. All of these

The important parameter that can be controlled by electronic engine management system are
a. Air fuel ratio
b. Ignition and Injection timings
c. Idle speed
d. All of these

As per service manual recommendations the level of engine oil should be checked when the engine is .......
a. Cold
b. Wormed up
c. Hot
d. Very hot

Which of the following does not come under Vehicle Safety Technology?
a. Air bags
b. Remote key less entry system circuit
c. Tyre pressure monitoring system

d. Night vision Assist



1. I.C engines are those engines where fuel is burnt .......
a) Inside the combustion chamber
b) Inside the induction manifold
c) Outside the combustion chamber
d) Inside the exhaust manifold

In a two stroke engine how many power stroke is / are available in two revoluüons of crank shaft ....
a) One b) Two c) Three d) Four

The sequence of four stroke cycle operation of I.C. engine is .......
 a) Induction — power — Compression — Exhaust
b) Induction — Compression — Power — Exhaust
c) Compression — Induction — Power — Exhaust
d) Compression — Exhaust — Power - Induction

The petrol engine is also known as .........
a) S.I. Engine
b) Steam Engine
c) C.I. Engine  
d) None of these

A square engine will have -
a) Bore > Stroke
b) Bore < Stroke
c) Bore = Stroke
d) Length of engine = Width of engine

The kilometers run by a vehicle is recorded by ......
a) Speedo meter
b) Odometer
c) Tachometer
d) Speed indicator

The volume of cylinder from TDC to BDC is called -
a) Stroke Volume
b) Clearance Volume
c) Overall Volume
d) None of these

T - Slot is provided in the piston ..........
a) For the passage of lubricating oil
b) For cooling purpose
c) To accommodate the expansion of piston when heated up
d) None of the above

The function of connecting rod is to .......
a) Transmit the piston motion to the crankshaft
b) Turn the flywheel
c) Turn the fuel pump
d) turn t.he drive plate

The basic part of the engine, to which the other engine parts are attached or assembled is called -
a) Cylinder b) Crank shaft c) Cylinder block d) Oil pan (sump)

In a 4 - stroke diesel engine the fuel is injected in to the combustion chamber at the end  of stroke.......
a) Suction  
c) Power
b) Compression
d) Exhaust

For a four stroke l.c. engine, how many times each inlet and exhaust valves opens and closes per minute if r.p.m. of 'the engine is 2000?
a) 1000 times
b) 2000 times
c) 3000 times
d) 4000 times

Generally the compression rati o of diesel engine is -  
a) 8 to 12 : 1
b) 12 to 15 : 1
c) 16 to 22 : 1
d) 23 to 30 : 1  

The relation among IHP, BHP and FHP is .......
a) IHP = FHP - BHP
b) IHP = BHP - FHP
c) IHP = BHP + FHP
d) BHP = 1HP + FHP

In diesel engine the fuel is  by .....
a) An electric spark
b) The hot exhaust
c)The heat of the compressed air
d) Igniter plug

The diesel fuel is rated by ......
a) Octane number
c)  Flash point
b) Cetane number
d) Fire point

When the gudgeon pin (piston pin) is free in piston bosses but locked with connecting rod   small end, the type of locking method of piston pin is called ...
a) Semi — floating
c) Free pin
b) Three quarter floating
d) Fully floating

Which types of cylinder liner outer surface have direct contact with liquid coolant or  water?
a) Dry liner
b) Wet liner  
c) Semi-dry liner
d) Semi-wet liner

Firing order of a 4 - cylinder engine is ......
a) 1-2-3-4  
b) 1-3-2-4
c) 1-3-4-2
d) 1-4-2-3

Which component is fitted to the diesel engine crank shaft at the opposite side of  flywheel for balancing?
a) Timing gears
b) Vibration damper
c) Rubber cushion
d) Pulley

Which tool is used to check the flatness of cylinder head?
a) Spirit level
b) Straight edge and feeler gauge
c) Micrometer
d) Vernier caliper

Sequence for tightening cylinder head mountings is ......
a) In any sequence
c) Diagonally from outer to centre
b) Diagonally from centre to outward
d) In zig zag way

The most widely used fuel supply system for car engine is .....
a) Gravity
b) Pressure system
c) Vacuum system
d) Pump system

Most commonly used water / liquid cooling system is ......
a) Thermo Syphon System
b) Impeller thermo syphon system
c) Pump Circulation System
d) Any of these

The opening temperature of thermostat valve fitted in liquid cooling system is -
a) 50 - 55°C
b) 55 - 60°C
c) 60 75°c
d) 75 80°C

The functions of Lubrication System is Automobile engine is / are ........
a) It reduces wear
b) It takes away heat and gives washing action
c) It seals piston ring with cylinder wall
d) All of these

One of the reason for misfiring of engine is .........
a) Restriction in Intake manifold
b) Engine over heated
c) More air intake
d) Restriction in exhaust manifold

In I.C. engine, the reason for low oil pressure is ......
a) Worn out main and big and bearing
b) Oil pump gear worn out
c) Chocked oil gallery or suction pipe
d) Any of these

Oil pressure relief valve is fitted to .........
a) Oil sump
b) Main oil gallery 
c) Oil pump
d) Oil strainer

For a given size of engine, the power output, with super charger is able to increase by ..........%
a) 20 - 30
b) 30 - 40
c) 40 - 50
d) 50 - 60

Paper type air filter is cleaned by ............
a) Kerosene
b) Diesel
c) Compressed air
d) water

Advantage of pintle nozzle over hole nozzle is ..........
a) It avoids deposition of carbon at spray hole
b) It provides better atomization
c) It provides spray of diesel at all angles
d) Less fuel consumption

The full form of CRDI is .........
a) Rail Direct' Injection
b) Common Rail Diesel Injection c) common Rate Diesel Injection
d) common Rate Direct Injection

The petrol engine exhaust gas contains excessive quantities of CO due to ...........
a) Insumcient air during combustion
b) Lean air fuel ratio
c) Low temperature combusüon
d) High temperature combusüon

Ignition warning lamp does not light even after switching on the iY1ition key, the  probable cause is ...........
a) Lamp bulb burnt out
b) Fuse blown off
c) Open circuit between lamp and Ignition switch
d) Any one of these

Which of the following is not the cause of "engine over heating"?
a) Lack of coolant
c) Defective water pump
b) Wheel wobble
d) Insufficient engine oil

"The engine is noisy" the probable cause is
a) Use of low octane fuel
b) Loose piston pin
c) Broken piston ring
d) Any one of these

In which type of engine LPG or CNG fuel can be used?
a) C.I. Engine
c) Any one of these
b) S.L Engine
d) None of these

Which of the following is multi grade oil?
a) SAE - 20
b) SAE - 40
c) SAE - 20W40
d) None of these

Which type of oil pump is generally fitted with heavy vehicle engine?
a) Gear type c) Electric type
b) Rotor type d) Diaphragm type

In dry sump lubrication system the engine oil is stored in ........
a) Oil sump of engine
b) A separate oil reservoir near engine oil sump (pan)
c) Oil storing is not required at all
d) None of these

To remove piston rings from ring grooves which tool is used?
a) Piston ring filer
b) Piston ring compressor
c) Piston ring expander
d) Screw driver

During bleeding operation of diesel fuel system, which pump is operated manually to   remove air from the fuel system?
a) Priming pump
b) Lift pump
c) Plunger pump
d) F.I.P.

Which of the following is not a component of starting circuit?
a) Battery
b) Ignition switch
c) Starter motor & solenoid
d) Regulator

Alternating current produced by alternator is converted to Direct current with the help of-
a) Transistor
b) Commutators
c) Rectifier
d) Condensers

When the charging system is fitted with alternator then which component is blocking the reverse flow of current from the battery?
a) Rectifier diodes
b) Cut out
c) Voltage regulator
d) Current regulator

Starter motor works on the principle of .......
a) Fleming's Right hand rule
c) Faraday's law of electrolysis
b) Fleming's left hand rule
d) Ohm's low

Most commonly, how many pole shoes are used in starter motor ..........
a) 2 b) 4 c) 6 d) 8

Loss of compression may cause ......
a) Excessive fuel consumption
c) Engine back fires
b) Noisy Engine

d) Smoky exhaust


SEM-1 JAN2018

1. What is first aid?
 a) Completing a primary survey b) The first help given to injured
 c) Assessment of loss
 d) Treating an injured

The following if indirect cost of accident: -
a) Money paid for treatment
b) Compensation paid
c) Cost of lost time of injured  
d) All of these

D . Class — A fire consists of fire due to: -
a) Wood
b) Oil
c) Transformer
d) Chemical

Minimum reading taken by micrometer screw gauge is: -
a) 0.1 cm
b) 0.01 mm
c) 0.1 mm
d) 0.01 m

Which of the following is hardest material?
a) Copper
b) Ceramics
c) Steel
d) Diamond

File used for wood work is: -
a) Single cut file  
b) Double cut file
c) Rasp cut file
d) None of these

What is mean by the rate of flow of an electric charge?
a) Electric current
b) Electric potential
c) Electric resistance
d) None of these

Which type of nut prevents slipping while tightening?
a) Square nut
b) Hexagonal nut
c) Castle nut
d) None of these

Annealing improves: -
a) Grain size
b) Mechanical properties
c) Electrical properties
d) All of these

Which of the following joints have high corrosion resistance?
a) Welded joint
b) Riveted joint
c) Bolted joint
d) None of these

An "n" type semiconductor is: -
a) Positively charged
b) Negatively charged
c) Elecfrically neutral
d) None of these

The positive plates of nickel iron cell is made by:
a) Nickel hydroxide
b) Lead peroxide
c) Ferrous hydroxide
d) Potassium hydroxide

Which one is best suited to extinguishing oil or flammable liquid fire?
a) Soda acid
b) Vaporizing liquid
c) Foam
d) Dry chemical

Range of measuring tape is: -
a) I meter
b) Several meters
c) 2 meters
d) I Kilometer

Cutting forces at the cutting tool can be measured by: -
a) Dynamometer  
b) Viscosity meter
c) Sine bar
d) Combination set

Check list for job safety analysis consists of:
a) Work area, material, machine, tools
b) Men, machine, material, tools
c) Men, machine, work-areas, tools
d) Men, work area, material, too

A connecting rod is made by: - ls
a) Casting    
b) Drawing
c) Forging    
d) Extrusion

Minimum reading of Vernier calipers is: -
a) 1 mm
b) 1 cm
c) 0.1 mm  
d) 0.1 cm

What is the unit of potential difference?
a) Ohm
b) Volt meter
c) Volt  
d) Ampere meter

Which one is the example of plastic welding?
a) Gas welding 
b) Arc welding
c) Forge welding
d) Thermit welding

Which of the following cutting condition is more affects the tool wear?
a) Cutting speed
b) Feed
c) Depth of cut
d) None of these

A battery consists of: -
a) Diodes  
b) Circuits
c) Generator  
d) Number of cells

Industrial safety management is the branch of management which is concerned with hazards from the industries.
a) Reducing
b) Controlling
c) Eliminating
d) All of these

Which of the following tools are generally manufactured by powder metallurgy?
a) Low carbon steel
b) High carbon steel
c) Abrasives
d) Cemented carbide

When a pure semiconductor is heated, its resistance
a) Goes up
b) Goes down
c) Not changed  
d) Can't say

A screw jack is used where do we need
a) Rotational motion
b) Linear motion
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these

The clearance angle is provided on the tools due to: -
a) Strength the tool
b) Shear off the metal
c) For easy flow of chips
d) Prevent the tool from rubbing on work piece

The following is used to check the diameters of holes:
a) Plug gauge
b) Ring gauge
c) Slip guage
d) Standard screw pitch gauge

In oxy-acetylene welding colour of oxygen cylinder is: -
a) Red
b) Maroon
c) Black
d) Brown

Materials are softened by:
a) Carburising
b) Tempering
c) Normalising
d) Annealing

Which property is used to oppose the flow of current?
a) Potential difference
b) Capacitance
c) Inductance
d) Resistance

The following class of fire occurs in electrical equipment: -
a) Class A fires
b) Class B fires
c) Class C fires
d) All of these

Which type of thread is used in screw jacks?
a) V thread  
b) Acme thread
c) Square thread
d) None ot these

Water is used to extinguish? d) 
a) Class A fires
b) Class B fires
c) Class C fires
d) All of these

The following is generally provided with limit switch to prevent motion beyond preset limit: -
a) Hoists 
b) Machine tables
c) Conveyors
d) All of these

Sulphation in a lead acid battery occurs due to: -
a) Heavy charging
b) Fast charging
c) Slow charging
d) Incomplete charging

Which one of the föllowing sequences will give the best accuracy as well as surface finish?
a) Drilling, Reaming, Grinding
b) Drilling, Boring, Grinding
c) Drilling, Reaming, Lapping
d) Drilling, Reaming, Electroplating

What is the SI unit of electric current?
a) Ampere
b) Ohm
c) Faraday
d) None of these

Which one is not the pan of a two stroke petrol engine?
a) Piston
b) Valves
c) Connecting rod  
d) Spark plugs

Acetylene can be prepared by chemical reaction between: -
a) Water & calcium carbide  
b) Water & chemical carbonate
c) Hydrogen & calcium carbide
d) Hydrogen & chemical carbonate

Which flame is suitable for welding of nonferrous metals?
a) Oxidising flame
b) Carbuising flame
c) Neutral flame
d) None of these

As the temperature of a transistor goes up, the base emitter resistance: -
a) Decreases
b) Increases
c) Remains the same
d) None of these

What is the frequency of domestic power in India?
a) 105 Hz b) 60 Hz
  c) 210 Hz d) 50 Hz

The capacity of a cell is measured in
a) Ampere
b) Ampere-hour
c) Watts
d) Watts-hours

The following is not used to measure angles: -
a) Bevel protector
b) Calibrated levels
c) Clinometers
d) Optical flats

Which of the following gas mixture is not used in Gas Tungsten arc welding?
a) Argon-Helium
b) Argon-Nitrogen
c) Argon-Hydrogen
d) Argon-Carbon dioxide

Heat engine uses energy to produce mechanical work.
a) Thermal
b) Fluid
c) Kinetic
d) Electric

The degree of closeness of the measured value of certain quantity with its true value is  known as: -
a) Accuracy
b) Precision
c) Standard
d) Sensitivity

In an automobile engine, indication of knocking is available in the form of: -
a) Light
b) Gas
c) Sound
d) None of these

A transistor is a operated device.
a) Current
b) Voltage
c) Both (a) & (b)  
d) None of these


 SEM -2 JAN18

A diesel engine has compression ratio from .......
a) 6 to 10
b) 10 to 15
c) 15 to 25
d) 25 to 40

Sulphur content in diesel oil should not be more than .......
a) 0.10%
b) 1%
c) 0.01%
d) 5%

In two stroke engine, the working cycle is completed in ......
a) One revolution of the crankshaft
b) Two revolutions of the crankshaft
c) Three revolutions of the crankshaft
d) Four revolutions of the crankshaft

Theoretically a four stroke cycle engine should develop ........... power as that of a two  stroke cycle engine,
a) Half
b) Same
c) Double
d) Four times

The spring clamps pressure friction plate between pressure plate and ............ when clutch is engaged.
a) Flywheel
b) Differential
c) Reaction plate
d) Clutch paddle

A two stroke cycle engine gives  ............. thermal efficiency than a four stroke cycle engine.
a) Higher
b) Lower
c) Same
d) None of these

In a four stroke cycle engine, the sequence of operation is ..........
a) Suction, Compression, Expansion and Exhaust
b) Suction, Expansion, Compression and Exhaust
c) Expansion, Compression, Suction and Exhaust
d) Compression, Expansion, Suction and Exhaust

Due to turbo charger, air intake in a engine ........
a) Decreases
b) Increases
c) Remains same
d) No change

In diesel engine the fuel is injected into the cylinder when the piston is .........
a) Exactly at T.D.C after exhaust stroke
b) Exactly at B.D.C before compression stroke
c) Nearing T.D.C during compression stroke
d) Approaching T.D.C during exhaust stroke

In S.I. engine, Sul. stands for .......
a) Straight Ignition
b) Standard Ignition
c) Spark Ignition
d) None of these

The oil pump is driven by the .....
a) Camshaft
b) Crankshaft directly
c) Camshaft via drive belt
d) Propeller shaft

The motion of the cam is transferred to the valve through ...........
a) Valve stems
b) Camshaft pulley
c) Rocker arms
d) Piston

The function of an alternator in an automobile is to .......
a) Continually recharge the battery
b) Partly convert engine power into electric power
c) Supply electric power
d) Convert mechanical energy into electrical energy

The firing order for an inline four Cylinder l.c engine is ........
a) 1-2-4-3 b) 1-3-4-2
c) 1-2-3-4 d) 1-3-2-4

The odometer is an instrument used for measurement of ........
a) Power
b) Fuel consumption
c) Engine rpm
d) Distance

The connecting rod lower end is connected to the relevant ........... of crankshaft.
a) Big end
b) Crank arm
c) Journal
d) Small end

The condition that results in large quantities of hydrocarbon emission is .........
a) High temperature combustion
b) Incomplete combustion
c) Low temperature combustion
d) High atmospheric temperature combustion

The diagram which shows the correct crank positions corresponding to the opening and   closing of the valve is known as .............
a) Indicator diagram
b) Acid force diagram
c) Valve timing diagram
d) None of these

The starter motor is driven by ......
a) Clutch drive
b) Gear drive
c) Flat belt drive
d) V belt drive

The component in the radiator of an automobile that increases the boiling point of water  is .......
a) Drain plug
b) Water jacket
c) Vacuum valve
d) Pressure cap

In a forced feed lubrication system the device used to guard against excessive oil pressure
is known as ..........
a) Release chamber
b) Balancer
c) Relief valve

The two kind of piston rings are ........
a) Compression rings and oil control rings
c) Oil control rings and oil scraper   d) Stop valve
b) Compression rings and sliding seal rings
d) Pressure and sealingrings

The purpose of a thermostat in an engine cooling system is to .....
a) Prevent the cooling from boiling
b) Allow the engine to warm up quickly
c) Indicate the coolant temperature 
d) Pressurise the system to raise the boiling point

A three way catalytic converter is used to.........
a) Re-circulate exhaust gases
b) Burn fuel vapour
c) Reduce nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbon and carbon di-oxide emission levels
d) Remove carbon di-oxide, hydrocarbon and nitrogen oxide from the exhaust gases passing through it

The information provided by the oxygen sensor to the feedback control system is about the .........
a) Air fuel ratio
b) Air temperature
c) Air flow speed
d) Exhaust gas volume

The starting system includes ......
a) A battery, a starter and an ignition switch
b) A battery, a distributor and an ignition switch
c) A battery, a starter and a distributor
d) A distributor, a starter and an ignition switch

The function of a connecting rod is .......
a) To turn the fly wheel
b) To drive the drive plate
c) To drive the fuel pump
d) To transmit motion of the piston to the crankshaft

The basic part of the engine to which the other engine p ts are attached or assembled is   the .......
a) Cylinder head
b) Cranksh
c) Cylinder block
d) Oil pan

The cam shaft in an engine is always mounted ........
a) Parallel to the crankshaft
b) Perpendicular to the crankshaft
c) Inclined to the crankshaft
d) None of these

Which bearing is commonly used in the crankshaft of an automobile engine?
a) Ball bearing
b) Coller bearing
c) Taper roller bearing
d) Thin wall bearing

In a diesel engine, the function of a fuel injector is to ..........
a) Mix the fuel and air
b) Ignite the air- fuel mixture
c) Provide flame front for ignition
d) Spray atomized fuel in the cylinder

One effect of detonation is .....
a) Delay in ignition  
b) Loss of power
c) Overheating of an engine  
d) Overcooling of an engine

The engine oil is stored in ............. when the engine is not running.
a) Oil pan
b) Cylinder head
c) Oil pump
d) Separate oil tank

Which part does not rotate in the engine?
a) Piston
b) Crankshaft
c) Cylinder head
d) All of these

In the charging system of an Alternator, which of the following is used to convert AC to DC.
a) Slip rings  
b) Diodes
c) Regulator
d) Starter

The condition that results in large quantities of carbon monoxide emission is ........
a) Insufficient air during combustion
b) Insufficient fuel during combustion
c) Low temperature combustion
d) High temperature combusting

In a car which of the following bulb will have the least wattage?
a) Head light bulb
b) Stop light bulb
c) Parking light bulb
d) Ignition warning bulb

The function of distributor in an automobile is to .......
a) Distribute charge equally to all the cylinder
b) Regulate power
c) Feed lub oil to all moving parts
d) Time the spark

In the opposed piston diesel engine, the combustion chamber is located ........
a) Above the piston
b) Below the piston
c) Between the piston
d) Anywhere

Which of the following is not a part of common rail diesel injection system?
a) Sensor
b) Injector
c) Air cleaner
d) Actuator

The knocking in diesel engines may be prevented by .........
a) Reducing the delay period
b) Raising the compression ratio
c) Increasing the inlet pressure of air
d) All of these

Which factor contributes to high fuel consumption?
a) Defect in Solenoid switch
b) Discharged batter
c) Clogged air cleaner
d) Weak pressure relief vavle

Lubrication oil consumption is high on a vehicle. Identify the cause ........
a) Breath filler removed
b) Battery is weak
c) Worn out piston rings
d) Alternator not charging

The least flash point of diesel is -
a) 50°F b) 75°F
c) 100°F d) 150°

The function of automobile catalytic converter is to control emission of -
a) Carbon dioxide and hydrogen
b) Carbon monoxide and hydrogen
c) Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide
d) Carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide

The operation of forcing additional air under air pressure into the engine cylinder is   known as ........
a) Supercharging
b) Carburation
c) Turbulence  
d) Delay period

Injection pressure in a diesel engine is about  ..........
a) 10 bar b) 100 bar
c) 150 bar d) 500 bar

The crank  lubricated through .....
a) Cam shaft bearing
b) Main gallery
c) Drilled oil holes in man journal of crankshaft 
d) Connecting rod big end holes

For charging two stroke diesel engines cylinder, one Of the following devices is used .........
a) Turbocharger
b) Roots blower
c) Ram charger
d) Compression gauge

Fuel pumps are generally mounted on ,........
a) F.I.P
b) Fuel filters
c) Fuel tank

d) Cylinder head