…………….. monitors user activity on internet and
transmits that information in the background to someone else.
a. Malware
b. Spyware
c. Adware
d. None of these
Answer: b. Spyware

Viruses are ………
a. Man made
b. Naturally occur  
c. Machine made    
d. All of these
Answer: a. Man made

Unsolicited commercial email is known as ……..
a. Spam
b. Malware
c. Virus
d. Spyware
Answer: a. Spam

Which of the following viruses overtake computer system,
when it boots and destroys information?
a. System infectors
b. Trojan     
c. Boot infectors     
d. Stealth virus
Answer: d. Stealth virus

Which products are people most likely to be more
uncomfortable buying on the Internet?
a. Books
b. Furniture  
c. Movies
d. All of these
Answer: b. Furniture  

What encourages users of a product or service
supplied by a B2C company to ask friends to
join in as well?
a. Spam
b. Viral marketing   
c. Affiliate programs
d. None of these
Answer: b. Viral marketing

All of the following are techniques B2C e-commerce
companies use to attract customers, except
a. Registering with search engines
b. Viral marketing
c. Online Ads
d. Virtual marketing
Answer: b. Viral marketing

The digital product delivery internet business model
a. Concentrates on the informations about products
    and services from multiple providers
    at one central point
b. Provides an electronic clearinghouse for products
   where price and availability are
   constantly changing, sometimes in response to
   customer actions.
c. Enables groups of people who want to purchase a
    particular product to signup and then seek a volume
   discount from vendors.
d. Sells and delivers software, multimedia, and other
     digital products over the internet.
Answer: d. Sells and delivers software, multimedia,
                    and other  digital products over the internet.

In Electronic cash payment
a. A debit card payment system is used
b. A customer buys several electronic coins which are digitally
    signed by coin issuing bank
c. A credit card payment system is used
d. RSA cryptography is used in the transactions
Answer: b. A customer buys several electronic coins which are
                   digitally signed by coin issuing bank

What is the name of the card which can be used by the
buyers during the time of purchase and in which the
amount will be immediately debited from the buyers account?
a. E-Distributor
b. Debit Card
c. Credit Card
d . Power Card
Answer: b. Debit Card

Set of independent Electronic Stores can be
generally labeled as
a. Electronic Shopping Mall
b. Electronic Wallet
c. Electronic Stores
d. Generalized Stores
Answer: a. Electronic Shopping Mall

Which segment do eBay, belong?
a. B2B
b. B2C
c. C2C
d. C2B
Answer: b. B2C

Process of tracing direct costs and allocation of  
indirect costs is known as
a. Cost assignment
b. Direct assignment
c. Indirect assignment
d. Economic assignment
Answer: a. Cost assignment

Why is computer crime difficult to investigate?
a. Privacy laws protect people from being investigated.
b. Computer crime investigations require special
    techniques and tools.
c. Criminals can spoof their address.
d. The police has no jurisdiction over the Internet
Answer: c. Criminals can spoof their address.

What is the purpose of <noscript> tag in Java Script?
a. Prevents scripts on the page from executing
b. Enclose text to be displayed by non -JavaScript browsers
c. Suppresses the result to be displayed on the web page
d. None of these
Answer: b. Enclose text to be displayed by
                    non -JavaScript browsers

Which of the following is a server-side Java Script object?
a. Function
b. File
c. File Upload
d. Date
Answer: b. File

Which of the following is the correct way for writing Java Script array?
a. var salaries = new Array(l:39438,2:39839 3:83729)
b. var salaries = new (Array1=39438, Array 2=39839 Array 3=83729)
c. var salaries = new Array(39438, 39839,83729)
d. var salaries = new Array() values = 39438,39839 83729
Answer: d. var salaries = new Array() values = 39438,39839 83729

What type of image map could be used with Java Script?
a. Client-side image maps
b. Server-side image maps
c. Both (a) & (b)
d. Localhost image maps
Answer: a. Client-side image maps

Which of the following are capable of Java Script functions?
a. Returning multiple values
b. Accepting parameters
c. Accepting parameters and returning values
d. All of these
Answer: b. Accepting parameters

Which of the following is correct to write "Hello World"
on the web page?
a. System.out.println ("Hello World")      
b. print("Hello World")
c. document.write ("Hello World")
d. response.write("Hello World")
Answer:  c. document.write ("Hello World")

Visual Basic is a tool that allows you to develop
application in............
a. Real time  
b. Graphical User Interface 
c. Menu Driven       
d. None of These
Answer:  b. Graphical User Interface

Which windows displays a list of all forms and modules
making up your application
a. Project window
b. Properties window
c. Form layout window
d. All of these
Answer:  a. Project window

When you plan a Visual Basic program, you follow
a three-step process that should end with
a. Setting the properties     
b. Writing the code
c. Coding all the remark statements
d. Defining the user interface
Answer:   b. Writing the code

After the steps for planning a Visual Basic project
are completed, you can begin actually
constructing a program by__.
a. Setting the properties
b. Creating the interface
c. Writing the code
d. Executing the next step based on the programmer's preference
Answer:  b. Creating the interface

The Visual Studio environment contains many different
windows. Which window will be the user interface
when the project is running ?
a. The Toolbox
b. Solution window
c. The Properties window
d. The Form Designer window
Answer: d. The Form Designer window

Which window do you open if you want to see all
of the objects that you can add a form?
a. The Toolbox
b. Solution window
c. The Properties window
d. The Form Designer window
Answer: a. The Toolbox

 THEORY  SEM- 2 JAN 2018

What does NaN stands for?
a) Natural Number
b) Not a Number
c) Numeric Number
d) None of these

The original name of JavaScript was .........

++ operator in JavaScript is operator.
a) Unary b) Binary c) Ternary d) None of these

A translator is a -
a) A hardware component
b) An application program
c) A system software
d) None of these

Why so JavaScript and Java have similar name?
a) JavaScript is a stripped-down version of Java
b) JavaScript's syntax is loosely based on Java's
c) They both originated on the island of Java
d) None of these

When a user views a page containing a JavaScript program, which machine actually executes the script?
a) The User's machine running a Web browser
b) The Web server
c) A central machine deep within Netscape's corporate offces
d) None of these

Which of the following is not a valid JavaScript variable name?
a) 2names
b) first and_last_names
c) FirstAndLast
d) None of these

tag is an extension to HTML that can enclose any number of JavaScript

What is the correct syntax for referring to an external script called "abö.js"?
a) <script href=" abc.js">
b) <script name=" abc.js">
c) <script src=" abc.js">
d) None of these

JavaScript entities start with and end with
a) Semicolon, colon
b) Semicolon, Ampersand
c) Ampersand, colon
d) Ampersand, semicolon

Which of the following is not considered a JavaScript operator?
a) New b) This c) Delete d) Type of

VBA is -
a) A Microsoft programming language used to extend Excel functions.
b) A statistical tool developed by Microsoft for financial analysts.
c) An open-source programming environment.
d) A Microsoft programming environment that replaces Excel.

A unit of VBA code is called a -
a) Subroutine b) Routine c) Macro d) Program

Which of the following refers to computer code, in VBA, that performs some action on or with objects?
a) Excel function b) Sub procedure c) Primary key d) Integrity constrain

In VBA, which of the following is a place to store a piece of information?
a) Compartment
b) Variable
c) Macro
d) Field

Which of the following structures is useful for decisions involving three or more options?
a) For-Next
b) Elself
c) If-Then
d) Select Case

Tally package is developed by
a) Peutronics
b) Tally Solutions
c) Coral software
d) Vedika software

In Tally, Company Restore option is available in -
a) Company Feature
b) Configuration
c) Company Information
d) None of these

In general, the financial year shall be from
a) 1st April of any year
b) 1st January of any year
c) 31st March of any year
d) 31 st December of any year

To change current date from gateway of Tally, Press the key -
a) F1       b)F9      c) F5     d) F2

In Tally, F12 key is known as -
a) Company feature
b) Company configuration
c) Accounting feature
d) None of these

The shortcut key to quit from Tally is......
a) Ctrl + L
b) Ctrl + P
c) Ctrl + M
d) Ctrl + Q

a The shortcut key to activate calculator is -
a) Ctrl + A
b) Ctrl + M
c) Ctrl + N
d) Ctrl + L
Which of the following describes e-commerce?
a) Doing business electronically
b) Doing business
c) Sale of goods
d) All of these
Which of the following is part of the four main types for e-commerce?
a) B2B b) B2C
c) C2B d) All of these

Which segment do eBay, belong?
a) B2Bs b) B2Cs c) C2Bs d) C2Cs

Which of the following is not an example of Operating system?
a) Windows 98
b) BSD Unix
c) Microsoft Office XP
d) Red Hat Linux

What is CGI?
a) Computed Gateway Interface
b) Compliant Gateway Interface
c) Case Gateway Interface
d) Common Gateway Interface

What will be the output if you will compile and execute the following code?
#include int main(){  register inti,x;  scanf("%d" &i);
printf("%d" x);    return 0;
a) 17 b) 18
c) 21 d) Compiler Error

What is the only function all C++ programs must contain?
a) Start () b) system ()
c) main () d) program ()

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