How the capacity of battery is specified?
b) Watt
c) Volt Ampere
d) Ampere hour
Answer : d) Ampere hour

What is the name of defect that bending of plates in secondary cells?
a) Partial short
b) Local action
c) Buckling
d) Hard sulphation
Answer : c) Buckling

Which type of transformer is used for high frequency application?
a) Ring core transformer
b) Ferrite core transformer
c) Silicon steel core transformer
d) Grain oriented core transformer
Answer : b) Ferrite core transformer

What is the function of conservator in transformer?
a) Allows expansion of oil level due to load variation
b) Transfers the heat to atmosphere
c) Allows to release internal pressure
d) Prevents the moisture entry
Answer : a) Allows expansion of oil level due to load variation

Which loss of transformer is determined by short circuit test?
a) Eddy current loss
b) Windage loss
c) Hysteresis loss
d) Copper loss
Answer : d) Copper loss

Calculate the voltage regulation in percentage of the
transformer if the no load voltage is 240 volt and full load
voltage is 220 volt?
a) 7.2%
b) 9.09%
c) 8.71%
d) 8.3%
Answer :

What is the purpose of using laminated core in transformer?
a) Reduce eddy current loss
b) Reduce hysteresis loss
c) Reduce mechanical loss
d) Reduce copper loss
Answer : a) Reduce eddy current loss

What is the S.I unit of luminous intensity?
a) Lux
b) Lumen
c) Candela
d) Steradian
Answer : c) Candela

Which force is required to move the pointer
from zero position in an indicating instrument?
a) Deflecting force
b) Controlling force
c) Air friction damping
d) Eddy current damping
Answer : a) Deflecting force

Which is the position to use the instrument
provided with gravity control?
a) Any position
b) Vertical position
c) Inclined position
d) Horizontal position
Answer :  b) Vertical position

Which error is caused by the incorrect position of
 instrument reading?
a) Device error
b) Human error
c) Influence error
d) Switching error
Answer :  a) Device error

Which instrument is used to measure one
ohm and below one ohm resistance value
a) Megohm meter
b) Shunt type ohm meter
c) Multimeter (analog)
d) Series type ohm meter
Answer :  b) Shunt type ohm meter

What is the purpose of the 3 terminal provided in a advanced megohm meter?
a) Get higher ohmic values
b) Get accurate readings without oscillation
c) Pass the excess current to ground
d) Pass the excess voltage to ground
Answer :  b) Get accurate readings without oscillation

Which material is used to make heating element?
a) Silver
b) Copper
c) Nichrome
d) Aluminium
Answer : c) Nichrome

Which material is coated in tungsten electrode
of a fluorescent tube lamp?
a) Barium and stroatium oxide
b) Phosphor powder
c) Fluorescent powder
d) Silver oxide
Answer : a) Barium and stroatium oxide

Which position MB type high pressure mercury
vapour lamps are operated?
a) Any position
b) Inclined
c) Horizontal
d) Vertical
Answer : a) Any position

What is the function of leak transformer in
high pressure sodium vapour lamp circuit?
a) Ignite the high voltage initially     
b) Reduce the working voltage
c) Increase the working voltage
d) Reduce the starting current
Answer : a) Ignite the high voltage initially

How stroboscope effect in industrial twin tube light
fitting is reduced?
a) Connecting capacitor parallel to supply
b) Connecting capacitor in series with one tube light
c) Connecting capacitor in series with supply
d) Connecting two capacitors in series to each tube light
 Answer :

What is the function of stirrer motor in micro wave oven?
a) Draws cooling air inside
b) Revolves and reflects the electromagnetic energy
c) Exhausts the hot air outside
d) Spreads the heat uniformly
 Answer : b) Revolves and reflects the electromagnetic energy

Which type of A.C single phase motor is used in food mixer?
a) Universal motor
b) Repulsion motor
c) Spl it phase motor
d) Shaded pole motor
Answer :  a) Universal motor

What is the minimum size of Aluminum earth
continuity conductor used in single phase domestic
wiring as per BIS?
a) 3Sq.mm
b) 3.5Sq.mm
c) 2.5Sq.mm
d) 1.5Sq.mm
Answer :  c) 2.5Sq.mm

How the conduit pipes are specified?
a) Length in metre
b) Outer diameter in mm
c) Inner diameter in mm
d) Wall thickness in mm
Answer :  b) Outer diameter in mm

What is the fusing factor for rewireable fuse?
a) 1.1
b) 2.1
c) l.4
d) 2.5
Answer :  c) l.4

What is the purpose of underwriter's knot for
pendent holder connection?
a) Reduce the strain from the terminals of accessories
b) Increase mechanical strength
c) Prevent excessive cap cover pressure
d) Avoid loose connections
Answer :  a) Reduce the strain from the terminals
                     of accessories

Which device converts sunlight into electrical energy?
a) Light emitting diode
b) Liquid crystal diode
c) Photo voltaic cell
d) Light dependent resistor
Answer :  c) Photo voltaic cell

Which type of load is protected by the L-series MCB?
a) Motors
b) Hand tools
c) Geyser
d) Air conditioner
Answer :  c) Geyser

What is the effect of low current rated cable used
to connect higher current load?
a) Cable damage due to heat
b) Load current increases
c) Voltage drop decreases
d) Voltage drop increases
Answer :  a) Cable damage due to heat

How many two way switches with intermediate
switch are used to control one lamp from
three different places?
a) 1
b) 4
c) 3
d) 2
Answer :

Which method is used to reduce earth resistance
value in a existing earth?
a) Increasing the length of electrode
b) Adding more sand and charcoal in earth pits
c) Keeping wet condition in earth pits always
d) Increasing the diameter of earth electrode
Answer :  c) Keeping wet condition in earth pits always

Why A.C is required to measure the earth resistance
by using earth resistance tester?
a) Regulate the current
b) Avoid electrolytic emf interference
c) Decrease the voltage drop
d) Increase the voltage drop
Answer :  b) Avoid electrolytic emf interference

What is the advantage of concealed wiring?
a) Easy to maintain
b) Less voltage drop
c) High insulation resistance
d) Protection against moisture
Answer :  d) Protection against moisture

What is the maximum permissible load for
a power sub circuit as per I.E rules?
a) 800 Watt
b) 3000 Watt
c) 2000 Watt
d) 1500 Watt
Answer :   b) 3000 Watt

Which location the service connection supply
leads to be connected at consumer main
a) IC cut out
b) Main switch
c) Energy meter
d) Distribution board
Answer :  c) Energy meter

Which law secondary cell works?
a) Faradays laws of electromagnetic induction
b) Joule's law
c) Faradays laws of electrolysis
d) Lenz's law
Answer :


JULY 2018
Which of the following is not a part of the
Alternator's specification plate ?
(a) Voltage
(b) Phase
(d) Type of winding
Answer: (d) Type of winding

A single phase Hysteresis motor can run at.......
(a) Synchronous speed only
(b) Sub synchronous speed only
(c) Synchronous and super synchronous speed
(d) Synchronous and sub synchronous speed
Answer: (a) Synchronous speed only

The direction of rotation of Hysteresis motor
 is reversed by............
(a) Reversing supply leads
(b) Shift shaded pole with respect to main pole
(c) Both (a) & (b)
(d) None of these
Answer: (b) Shift shaded pole with respect to main pole

The motor used in domestic mixer grinder is................
(a) DC motor
(b) Induction motor
(c) Universal motor
(d) Synchronous motor
Answer:  (c) Universal motor

A Stepper motor is a.....
(a) DC motor
 (b) Two phase motor
(c) Single phase motor
 (d) Multi phase motor

The slip ring induction motors have..............rotor.
(a) Phase wound
(b) Squirrel cage
(c) Squirrel cage with winding
(d) Diamond coil wound
Answer: (a) Phase wound

The difference between the speed of a rotating
magnetic field and the associated rotor is called .............
(a) Split
(b) Salient pole
(c) Slip
(d) Pul1 out tor(lue •
Answer: (c) Slip

If the voltage is reduced to half, the torque
developed by an induction motor will be
reduced to..................
(a) 1/4 of original torque
(b) 1/2 of original torque
(c) 1/8 of original torque
(d) 2/3 of original torque

In a three phase induction motor, the cage bars
of the rotor are arranged in an offset
pattern to the axis of rotation in order to prevent ...............
(a) Torque fluctuation
(b) Over heating
(c) Speed variation
(d) Voltage drop on load
Answer: (a) Torque fluctuation

The variation of power factor with respect to the field
current is called ...............
(a) V curve
(b) Inverted curve
(c) Hysteresis curve
(d) Circle diagram
Answer: (b) Inverted curve

When asynchronous motor is running at
synchronous speed, the damper winding
(a) Damping torque 
(b) Eddy current torque
(c) Torque aiding the developed torque
(d) No torque
Answer: (d) No torque

A motor which can conveniently be operated
at lagging as well as leading power factor is
(a) Squirrel cage induction motor
(b) Wound rotor induction motor
(c) Synchronous motor
(d) DC shunt motor
Answer: (c) Synchronous motor

A synchronous motor is operating on no load
at unity power factor. If the field current is
increased, power factor will become............
(a) Leading and current will decrease
(b) Leading and current will increase
(c) Lagging and current will decrease
(d) Lagging and current will increase
Answer: (a) Leading and current will decrease

The frequency of ripple in the output voltage of a
three phase Half controlled bridge rectifier
depends on the................
(a) Firing angle
(b) Load inductance
(c) Load resistance
(d) Supply frequency
Answer: (d) Supply frequency

A PWM switching scheme is used in a three phase inverter to........
(a) Reduce total harmonic distortion with modest filtering
(b) Reduce low order harmonics and increase high order harmonics
(c) Minimize the load on DC side
(d) Increase the life of the batteries
Answer: (b) Reduce low order harmonics and increase
                 high order harmonics

Which of the following is a Shell type of transformer lamination?
(a) T & I type
(b) E & T type
(c) U & I type
(d) T & U type
Answer: (d) T & U type

For a given number of poles(2) and armature conductors,
a hp winding will carry.............a wave winding.
(a) More current than
(b) Same current as
(c) Less current than
(d) Half the current than
Answer:  (a) More current than

An Eight pole duplex lap winding will have ......... parallel paths.
(a)  8
(b) 12
(c)  32
(d)  16
Answer:  (d)  16

In a simplex wave winding the number of
parallel paths is equal to
(a) Number of poles in the machine
(b) Two
(c) Number of pair poles
(d) One
Answer: (b) Two

The number of parallel paths in simplex lap
winding is equal to...
(a) Two
(b) Number of poles
(c) Number of pair poles
(d) One
Answer: (c) Number of pair poles

In a lap winding, the number of brushes required
is equal to............
(a) Number of coils
(b) Number of pairs of poles
(c) Number of poles
(d) Commutator  pitch
Answer: (c) Number of poles

In a wave winding, the commutator pitch is
approximately equal to..................
(a) Twice the pole pitch
(b) Thrice the pole pitch
(c) Half the pole pitch
(d) Pole pitch
Answer: (a) Twice the pole pitch

The AC armature winding of an alternator
operates at........the field winding.
(a) The same voltage as
(b) Much higher voltage than
(c) Much less voltage than
(d) Half the voltage than
Answer: (b) Much higher voltage than

The stator of an alternator is wound for..........on the stator.
(a) A more number of poles than
(b) Less number of poles than
(c) The same number of poles as
(d) Twice the number of poles
Answer: (c) The same number of poles as

The Damper windings are used in the alternators to ……
(a) Reduce eddy current loss
(b) Achieve synchronism
(c) Reduce winding losses
(d) Prevent hunting
Answer: (d) Prevent hunting

The AC armature winding of an alternator is.................
(a) Always star connected .   
(b) Star delta connected
(c) Generally delta connected
(d) Pi connected
Answer: (a) Always star connected
While testing a Fluorescent tube starter with series
testing board, the starter is considered good if the lamp................
(a) Glows continuously
(b) Does not glow at all
(c) Continuously flickers
(d) Glows initially then turns off permanently
Answer: (c) Continuously flickers

The illurnination power of a lighting source is measured in.
(a) Lumen
(b) Candela
(c) Foot candle
(d) Candle power
Answer: (d) Candle power

As per IE rules, the lighting load in a sub-circuit
of the house wiring should not be than.........watts.
(a) 1500W
(b) 1200W
(c) 1000W
(d) 800W
Answer: (d) 800W

As per IE rules, the load in a power sub-circuit in
house wiring is normally restricted to........watt
and number of outlets to.........
(a) 5000, two
(b) 3000, two
(c) 4000, three
(d) 4500, four
Answer: (b) 3000, two

In a Fluorescent tube fixture, if the tube does
not strike a glow but both filaments glow
red, the possible defect is............
(a) Opened choke coil
(b) Short circuited choke coil
(c) Starter contacts permanently opened
(d) Starter contacts permanently shorted
Answer: (d) Starter contacts permanently shorted

The electrical wiring in factories and industries
is done by.........,.
(a) Cleats
(b) Casing capping
(c) Surface metal conduit
(d) Surface PVC conduit
Answer: (c) Surface metal conduit

The magnetic operating limit of C-type of
MCB’s is..........times of the rated current.
(a) 5 to 10
(b) 20 to 30
(c) 3 to 5
(d) 10 to 20
Answer: (a) 5 to 10

Which one of the following lamps has the
longest operating life?
(a) LED lamp
(b) Fluorescent tube light
(c) CFL
(d) Incandescent lamp
Answer: (a) LED lamp

When the Growler is connected with 230 V,
AC supply and armature is placed over it,
the arrangement behaves like a....................
(a) Potential Divider
(b) AC Motor
(c) Transformer .
(d) DC Bridge
Answer: (c) Transformer

A motor normally fitted to a domestic
vacuum cleaner is.............motor.
(a) Universal
(b) Cage Induction
(c) Wound rotor
(d) Shunt Wound
Answer: (a) Universal

The type of single-phase induction motor
 having the highest power factor at full load
(a) Shaded pole type
(b) Split-phase type
(c) Capacitor-start type
(d) Capacitor-run type
Answer: (d) Capacitor-run type

The method of braking an induction motor by
interchanging the supply to two of the
stator phase windings is called..................
(a) Plugging
(b) Stopping
(c) Commutation
(d) Retarding
Answer: (a) Plugging

If a three phase induction motor is switched on with
one phase disconnected, the motor will ................
(a) Run at low speed
(b) Burn Out
(c) Run at High Speed
(d) Not Run
Answer: (b) Burn Out

The running of induction motors at slow and
steady speed much less than the actual
speed  is known as.
(a) Crawling
(b) Damping,
(c) Sinking
(d) Ageing
Answer: (a) Crawling
The distribution of load between two alternators
operating in parallel can be changed by
(a) Phase sequence .
(b) Field excitation of alternators
(c) Current direction
(d) Driving torques of prime movers
Answer: (d) Driving torques of prime movers

A 3-phase synchronous motor connected to
AC mains is running at full load and unity
power factor. If its shaft load is reduced by half,
with field current held constant, its new
power factor will be.........
(a) Unity
(b) Leading
(c) Lagging
(d) Dependent upon motor parameters
Answer: (b) Leading

The starting torque of slip-ring induction motor
can be increased by inserting a suitable ……..
in series with the rotor circuit of the motor,
(a) Capacitor
(b) Resistance
(c) Inductor
(d) Overload relay
Answer: (b) Resistance

The Growler instrument is made in ...............
type of iron core.
(a)  E & I
(b) Shell
(c) T&U
(d) H
Answer: (d) H

The voltage regulation of an alternator with power
factor of 0.8 lagging is ……. at unity power factor.
 (a) Greater than
(b) The same as
(c) Smaller than
(d) 100%
Answer: (a) Greater than

A ceiling fan uses.......
(a) Capacitor start motor
(b) Universal motor
(c) Capacitor start and capacitor run motor     
(d) Split-phase motor
Answer: (a) Capacitor start motor

The voltage regulation of an alternator is larger
than that of a DC generator because of ..................
(a) Large armature resistance
(b) Large leakage reactance
(c) Complex effects of armature reaction
(d) Small armature resistance
Answer: (c) Complex effects of armature reaction

[f the excitation an alternator operating in
parallel with other alternators, is increased
above the normal value of excitation, its .........
(a) Output current decreases
(b) Power factor becomes more lagging
(c) Power factor becomes more leading 
(d) Output KW decreases
Answer: (b) Power factor becomes more lagging


JULY 2018

When a capacitor is charged through a DC supply
source for infinite time, the final current through it is -
(a) Determined by the resistor
(b) Half of the initial current
(c) Infinite
(d) Zero
Answer :  (d) Zero

The Electronic grade solder has a Tin: Lead ratio of....
(a) 40:60
(b) 60:40
(c) 35:65
(d) 70:30
Answer :  (b) 60:40

Generally battery containers are made with -
(a) Hard Rubber
(b) Hard Plastic
(c) Polypropylene
(d) None of these
Answer :  (c) Polypropylene

The sheath is used in cables to.................
(a) Provide strength to the cable
(b) Provide proper insulation
(c) Prevent moisture from entering the cable
(d) Avoid chances of corrosion on strands
Answer :  (a) Provide strength to the cable

Load of an electrical network determines -
(a) Resistance
(b) Impedance
(c) Current
(d) Voltage
Answer : (c) Current

The capacitors are used across AC supply for.................
(a) Power improvement
(b) Power factor improvement
(c) Current improvement
(d) Voltage improvement
Answer : (b) Power factor improvement

Which of the following bulbs will have the least resistance?
(a) 230 V, 60 W
(b) 230 V, 100VV
(c) 115V.60W  
(d) 115V, 100W
Answer : (d) 115V, 100W

The phenomenon of induced magnetism lagging
behind the magnetizing force is known as ……
(a) Eddy currents
(b) Hysteresis
(c) Reluctance
(d) Permeability
Answer : (b) Hysteresis

The..............are tools used for bending, seaming and
forming of sheet metal that cannot be done on any
regular machine
(a) Snips
(b) Vices
(c) Stakes
(d) Centre Punch
Answer : (c) Stakes

In full wave rectifiers the current rating of each
diode is ...... to /of the DC output current.
(a) Equal
(b) Half
(c) Double
(d) Three times
Answer : (b) Half

The type of switch used in Staircase wiring is............
(a) Rotary Switch
(b) Push Button
(c) Two Way Switch
(d) One Way Switch
Answer : (c) Two Way Switch

When the core becomes magnetically saturated,
the increase in magnetic field strength H
(a) Enhances B drastically
(b) Decreases the permeability of the core
(c) Increases the permeability of the core
(d) Almost has no effect on magnetic induction B.
Answer : (d) Almost has no effect on magnetic induction B.

The nominal voltage of Lead-acid cell in an open
circuit is approximately…….
(a) 2 Volts
(b) 1.5 Volts
(c) 1,25 Volts 
(d) 2.5 Volts
Answer : (a) 2 Volts

While selecting a fixed value resistor, its main
specifications to be considered are....
(a) Voltage, wattage and tolerance in percents.
(b) Voltage, Current and Size
(c) Value in Ohms, Voltage and size
(d) Value in Ohms, Wattage and tolerance of its value
Answer : (d) Value in Ohms, Wattage and 
                       tolerance of its value

The specific gravity of a Lead-acid battery's
electrolyte is measured by
(a) Hydrometer
(b) Barometer
(c) Hygrometer
(d) Pyrometer
Answer : (a) Hydrometer

Power factor of a pure resistive circuit is.................
(a) Zero
(b) Lagging
(c) Leading
(d) Unity
Answer : (d) Unity

The function of the choke coil in fluorescent
lamp circuit is.......
(a) Only to limit the operating current
(b) Only to produce starting voltage impulse
(c) To produce starting voltage impulse and to
      limit the operating current *
(d) To limit the heating cuitent of filaments
Answer : (c) To produce starting voltage impulse
                      and to limit the operating current

AC mains supply in India has the frequency of..........
(a) 100 Hz
(b) 60Hz
(c) 50 Hz
(d) 40Hz
Answer : (c) 50 Hz

The fixed value Carbon Resistors are generally
not more than......Watts.
(a) 10
(b) 6
(c) 4
(d) 2
Answer : (d) 2

In an Inductive AC circuit, current.,
(a) Lags behind the voltage by 180°
(b) Leads the Voltage by 90u
(c) Lags behind the Voltage by 90°
(d) Is in phase with the Voltage
Answer : (c) Lags behind the Voltage by 90°

In a simple circuit consisting of a resistor of value R,
when voltage V is kept constant, then
the current.,................
(a) I is a directly proportional to R
(b) I=R
(c) I is inversely proportional to R
(d) I is constant irrespective of changes in R
Answer : (c) I is inversely proportional to R

The MCB's working is based on.........................
(a) Thermal operation      
(b) Thermal and Magnetic operations
(c) Magnetic operation
(d) Simple Mechanical Switching operation
Answer : (b) Thermal and Magnetic operations

The tripping time of ELCBs is usually less than.........
(a) 30 ms
(b) 80ms
(c) 100 ms
(d) 200 ms
Answer :  (a) 30 ms

Which of the following materials is a good Insulator?
(a) Aluminium
(b) Copper
(c) Porcelain 
(d) Silver
Answer: (c) Porcelain 

Which of the following materials is a good conductor?
(a) Mica
(b) Copper
(c) Rubber
(d) Ebonite
Answer:  (b) Copper

The electrolyte used in Aluminum anodizing is dilute...........
(a) Nitric acid
(b) Aluminum sulphate solution
(c) Hydrochloric acid
(d) Sulphuric acid
Answer: (d) Sulphuric acid

The positively charged ions are called.................
(a) Cations
(b) Atoms
(c) Anions
(d) Neutrons
Answer: (a) Cations

The..........of a substance is the amount deposited
on the Electrode on passing a steady electric current
of one ampere for One second through its solution.
(a) Equivalent weight
(b) Atomic weight
(c) Electro chemical equivalent
(d) Chemical equivalent
Answer: (c) Electro chemical equivalent

The............. circuit is usually operated by
adjusting the variable resistor until no current
flows in the ammeter.
(a) Resistors in parallel
(b) Resistors in series
(c) Wheatstone bridge
(d) Feedback
Answer: c) Wheatstone bridge

Certain materials normally behave as insulators
but allow for more valence electrons to be
made available by thermal energy.
These elements are known as.........
(a) Semiconductors
(b) Conductors
(c) Insulators
(d) Conduction band
Answer: (a) Semiconductors

The...................has a hammer face which is
used to drive in nails and the other end is
used for pulling out nails from the wood.
(a) Mallet       
(b) Claw Hammer
(c) Ball Pen Hammer
Answer: (b) Claw Hammer

An electrical component with resistance and
inductance elements with draw ……
(a) Leading pf Current
(b) Lagging pf Current
(c) Unity lpf Current
(d) Zero pf Current -
Answer:  (b) Lagging pf Current

The graph between on alternating quantity
and time is called
(a) Bar graph
(b) Pie chart
(c) Curve
(d) Waveform
Answer:  (d) Waveform

The Capacitive Reactance.........
(a) Decreases as frequency increases
(c) Increases as frequency increases
(b) Applies only to series RLC circuits
(d) Increases with the time constant
Answer:  (a) Decreases as frequency increases

Pure silicon crystal atoms contain............valance
electrons as a result of covalent bonding.
(a)  2
(b)  4
(c)  8
(d) 16
Answer: (c)  8

In case of electrical short circuit of a sub-circuit in domestic connection -
(a) Throw water to extinguish the fire       
(b) Switch of the power supply first
(c) Run to intimate the po wer house
(d) Do not act
Answer: (b) Switch of the power supply first

To work on line wire the electrician should use ….
(a) Goggles
(b) Gloves
(c) Helmet
(d) Watch
Answer:  (b) Gloves

To rescue a victim from electrical shock, one should use -
(a) Iron rod
(b) Copper rod
(c) Wooden rod
(d) Aluminum rod
Answer:  (c) Wooden rod

An isometric drawing present …..
(a) Top view
(b) Front view
 (c) Side view
(d) 3D - view
Answer: (d) 3D - view

The...................is the maximum amount of
reverse voltage which can be applied on a
diode before a breakdown point is reached.
(a) Breakdown Voltage
(b) Zener Voltage .
(c) Peak Inverse Voltage
(d) Threshold Voltage
Answer: (c) Peak Inverse Voltage

The magnitude of the induced EMF in a coil is
directly proportional to the change of flux
linkages. This law is known as...............
(a) Joule's law
(b) Faraday's second law of electromagnetic induction
(c) Coulomb's law
(d) Faraday's first law of electromagnetic induction
Answer: (b) Faraday's second law of electromagnetic induction

The...... .states that the polarity of the induced
voltage will oppose the change in magnetic
flux causing the induction.
(a) Joule's law
(b) Faraday's law
(c) Coulomb's law
(d) Lenz's law
Answer: (d) Lenz's law

The........,.........materials have permeability
 slightly less than'that of free space.
(a) Paramagnetic
(b) Diamagnetic
(c) Ferromagnetic
(d) Non-magnetic
Answer: (b) Diamagnetic

The............is the property of a magnetic material
which opposes the creation of magnetic flux in it. .
(a) Resistance
(b) Reluctance
(c) Inductance
(d) Conductance
Answer: (b) Reluctance

The flux density is measured in..................
(b) Weber
(c) Ampere-turn
(d) Maxwell
Answer: (a)Tesia

The no load p.f. of a transformer is around …..
(a) Unity
(b) 0.2 lagging
(c) 0.2 leading
(d) Zero
Answer: (b) 0.2 lagging