M/C S-2


 In a planer which one moves during machining
a) Workpiece
b) Planer
c) Both workpiece and the planer
d) Neither planer nor the
workpiece In a planer,

horizontal feed is given to the tool by........
a) Moving the tool head inclined to the cross rail
b) Moving the tool head perpendicular to the cross rail
c) Moving the tool head along crossrail
d) All of these

To accommodate different heights of work which one of the following is adjusted vertically-
a) Base
b) Ram
c) Arbor
d) Crossrail

Bevel protector is used to measure .........
a) Height of the workpiece
b) Length of a workpiece
c) Angle between two surfaces
d) Depth of the workpiece

Lathe bed is made of..........
a) Mild steel
b) Cast iron
c) Stainless steel
d) Low carbon steel

The swing diameter over the bed is the height of the centre measured from the bed of the lathe......
a) Equal to
b) Twice
c) Thrice
d) Half of

The chuck used for setting up of heavy irregular shaped workpiece is........
a) Drill chuck
b) Four jaw independent chuck
c) Three jaw chuck
d) Magnetic chuck

Which one of the following parts acts as a housing of gear trains from which power speed   could be given to the carriage and cross slide?
a) Tool post
b) Apron
c) Chuck
d) Saddle

The specific corporation of half centre is ............
a) Thread cutting
b) Drilling
c) Reaming
d) Facing

Tailstock set over required to turn a taper on the entire length 'l of the workpiece having  diameter D and d is.......
a) (D-d)/21
b) (D-d)/l
c) (D-d)/2
d) D-d

The lathe centres are provided with standard taper is known as
a) Seller taper
b) Chapman taper
c) Morse taper
d) Brownian taper

The distance between one point on a thread to the corresponding point of the adjacent   thread is known as.........
a) Pitch
b) Major diameter
c) Minor diameter
d) All of these

In the triple start thread if the pitch is 8 mm the lead will be...
a) 8 mm
b) 16 mm
c) 4 mm
d) 24 mm

Threading is an operation of . .
a) Smoothing and squaring
b) Sizing and finishing
c) Marking helical grooves
d) Marking holes

Number of spindles in column and knee type milling machine are . . . . ..
a) One b) Two
c) Three d) Four

Function of dividing or indexing head is
a) To divide the periphery of the workpiece into desired equal number of parts
b) Hold the job in vertical position
c) Hold the job in horizontal position
d) All of these

Plain or slab milling operation is the operation of ........
a) Producing vertical surface pemendicular to axis of cutter
b) Producing horizontal surfaces parallel to the axis of cutter
c) Producing inclined surfaces inclined to the axis of cutter
d) All of these

Chamfering is an operation of
a) Beveling the extreme end of the surface
b) Embossing a diamond shape on the workpiece
c) Reducing the diameter of the workpiece
d) Enlarging a cylindrical hole

Grinding of long cylindrical shaft is usually done by
a) Infeed grinding
b) End feed grinding
c) Through feed grinding
d) None of these

Surface grinding is done to produce
a) Tapered surface
b) Flat surface
c) Internal cylindrical holes
d) All of these

For grinding soft material
a) Coarse grained grinding wheel is used
b) Fine grained grinding wheel is used
c) Medium grained grinding wheel is used
d) None of these

In a spur gear width of the tooth measured along the pitch circle is called ........
a) Tooth depth b) Tooth width
c) Tooth thickness d) All of these

Silicon carbide is........
a) Natural abrasive
b) Semi natural abrasive
c) Artificial abrasive
d) Semi artificial abrasive

The process in which the abrasives became dull and do not perform grinding operation is known as . . . ,.
a) Wheel glazing
b) Wheel loading
c) Wheel breaking
d) None of these

Differential indexing is carried out in........  
a) One stage
b) Two stages
c) Three stages
d) Four st.ages

During down milling the workpiece and the milling cutter moves in.........
a) Opposite direction
b) Same direction
c) Both opposite and same direction
d) None of these

In a double column planing machine, which part is mounted on the vertical ways of column?
a) Housing
b) Cross rail
c) Saddle
d) Vertical tool head

Which one of the following is not the advantage of hydraulic planing machine?
a) Cutting speed is constant
b) Easy control of speed and feed
c) Easy machine operation
d) Initial cost is more

In a planing machine the tool head can be swiveled on either side to maximum of
a) 300 b) 450 c) 600 d) 750

In planing machine, to machine horizontal surface the cutting tool is fed.......
a) Vertically
b) Crosswise
c) At an angle
d) Radially

Which one of the following lathe is suitable for mass production?
a) Speed lathe
b) Bench lathe
c) Engine lathe
d) Capstan lathe

Machine tool on which turning is carried out is known as...........
a) Lathe
b) Milling
c) Grinding
d) Slotting

The included angle(conical point) of the lathe "dead centre" is
a) 30°  b) 45°  c) 60° d) 90°

For calculating the rpm for the turning operation one should consider......
a) Tool nose radius
b) Cutter speed compensation
c) Surface feed per minute
d) The diameler of the work

slopes formed between the front cutting edge and the top face of the single point cutting tool is called.....
a) Clearance angle
b) Rack angle
c) Side cutting edge angle
d) End cutting edge angle

The included angle in IS metric thread (v-shaped) is.......
a) 290 b) 47.50 c) 550 d) 600
ISO metric fine thread is designated as Ml 2 x 1:25. What is the meaning of 1.25?
a) Major diameter
b) Minor diameter
c) Pitch
d) Root diameter

In a plain milling machine, name the table movement which is parallel to the spindle axis'?
a) Longitudinal
b) Cross
c) Vertical
d) Angular

The other name of the plain milling machine ..... ..
a) Vertical milling machine
b) Universal milling machine
c) Horizontal milling machine
d) Special purpose milling machine

Which one of the following cutter cannot be held on the vertical milling machine?
a) Plain milling cutter
b) Form cutter
c) Cell end mill cutter
d) Double angle milling cutter

In down milling processes
a) Chip thickness is bigger at the starting of the cut
b) Cutting direction is opposite to the feed direction
c) Chip thickness is larger at the end of the cut
d) There is a tendency for the cutter to lift the workpiece

The tooth thickness of rack is measured by
a) Universal vernier caliper
b) Gear tooth vernier caliper
c) Flange micrometer
d) Pitch micrometer

A gear wheel of 3 mm module has 20 teeth. Calculate the addendum
a) 1.5 mm
b) 2.00 mm
c) 3.00 mm
d) 4.00 mm

A rack of 2.5 mm module is to be milled What is the indexing distance for successive teeth?
a) 5.855 mm
b) 6.855 mm
c) 7.855 mm
d) 8.855 mm

Which one of the following cutting fluid is used during grinding "mild steel"?
a) Paraffin
b) Soluble oil
c) Mineral oil
d) Non synthetic cutting oil

The ability ofthe bond to hold abrasive grains in the grinding wheel is termed as. . . . . ..
a) Grit b) Grade c) Grain d) Structure

General purpose planning machine is... ..
a) Single column planing machine
b) Double column planing machine
c) Plate planing machine
d) Divided table planing machine

The planing machine bed provides supports and guides the
a) Saddle b) Tool post c) Table d) Crossrail

In a planing machine table movements is reserved by means of.......
a) Dog lever b) Stopper pin c) Dead stopper d) Plunger

The function of the shift lever in planer is to....
a) Run the table as it is
b) Move that table forward direction only
c) Move the table in return direction
d) Reverse the table movement at the end of each stroke

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