IM S 4

Instrument mechanic theory sem july 15

What device is similar to an RTD bul has a negative temperature coefficient?
a) Strain gauge b) Negative-type RTD c) Thermistor d) Thermocouple

Temperature sensing can be achieved by the use of:
a) Thermocouples c) Thermistors b) RTDs d)Allof these

What is the moving part of a linear variable differential transformer?
a) Primary e) Diaphragm
b) Secondary d) Core

Which type of controller increases the stability of the system by keeping it at a consistent
a) Derivative c) On-Off
b) Proportional d) Integral

Which of the following is most suitable for measuring very high temperatures?
a) Thermocouple c) Thermometry thermometer
b) Pyrometer d) Platinum resistance thermometer

A....................... is usually a display device used to produce a paper record of analog wave form.
a) Graphic pen recorder c) X-Y recorder
b) Electron microscope d) Oscilloscope

PID stands for:
a) Proportionally Integrated Diode
b) Power Indication Display
c) Proportional Integral Derivative
d) Phase Inverting Driver

A programmable logic controller (PLC) normally replaces the following in control
a) Computer numerical control c) Humans
b) Distributed process control d) Relay control panel

Which of the following is not true of thermocouples?
a) They do not use a reference junction' c) They are composed ofdissimilar metals
b') They generate a small voltage d) They can be calibrated

What type of device is a sensor?
a) Input e) Output
b) Process d) Feedback

Physical or logical arrangement of network is :
a) Topology  c) Networking
b) Routing d) None of these

In this topology there is a central controller or hub:
a) Star c) Ring
b) Mesh d) Bus

This topology requires multipoint connection:
a) Star c) Ring
b) Mesh d)Bus

Data communication system spanning states, countries, or the whole world is:
a) LAN c) MAN
b) WAN d) None of these

Data communication system within a building or campus is:
a) LAN c) MAN
b) WAN d) None of these

Expand WAN
a) World area network
b) Wide area network
c) Web area network
d) None of these

Which transmission media has the highest transmission speed in a network?
a) Coaxial cable c) Optical fibre
b) Twisted pair cable d) Electrical cable

How many pins of R.I-45 connectors are required when used in lOBase-T networks?
a) 8 c) 2
b) 4 d) 6

A programmable controller is composed of two basic sections:
a) CPU and the input/output system
b) The processor and the input/output system
c) The memory system and the CPU
d) Input/output system

What does the term PLC stand for?
a) Programmable Lift Computer
b) Program List Control
c) Programmable Logic Controller
d) Piezo Lamp Connector

For whal purpose Pi rani gauge is used?
a) Low pressure measurement c) Medium pressure measurement
b) High pressure measurement d) All of these

psi in terms of pressure stands for
a) Per Square inch
b) Pounds per square inch
c) Pressure square inch
d) Perpendicular square inch

Low pressure unit is expressed in
a) Pound c) Torr
b) Kilogram . d) Gram

When designing a jacketed Container that will contain a highly exothermic reaction, what
type of actuator should be used to operate the valve controlling the cooling water?
a) Pneumatic c) Hydraulic
b) Motion conversion . d) Electric

Which of the following is a good application for a diaphragm valve?
a) Inlet to a container where precise volumes of reactants are required
b) Food industry where ease of cleaning is important
c) Steam heating line for jacketed Container
d) Vent on a signal line to release pressure to atmosphere

An LVDT uses a core. .
a) Moving displacement core c) Soft ferrite core
b) Variable core d) Hard iron fixed

In broadband pyrometer input radiation of________wavelength is used.
a) Heat radiation c) Infrared radiation
b) Source material heat radiation d) Ultraviolet radiation

Bellows convert pressure into ____
a) Air displacement
b) Differentia! blade spring piate displacement
c) Water displacement
d) Liquid displacement

A transducer converts from one form to another.
a) Sound c) Energy
b) Heat d) Electricity

The range of pH of acidic solution is between- ..............&....................
a) 5 to 10 c) 0to 6
b) 10 to 15 d) 7 to 14

Unit of Temperature in FPS System is:
a) Centigrade c) Kelvin
b) Fahrenheit d) Celsius

Unit of force in FPS system is:
a) Newton c) Pound
b) Kg. d) Gram

Control valve is a type of device in control system:
a) I npul device c) Output device
b) Feedback device d) Control clement

When using a stepper motor to drive a conveyor belt, what would increase the speed of the
conveyor belt?
a) Increasing the output voltage c) Increasing the frequency of pulses
b) Decreasing the output voltage d) Decreasing the frequency of pulses

If a linear actuator moves an external load, the work done by (he actuator on the external
load is;
a) Linear mechanical work c) Angular fluid work
b) Linear fluid work d) Angular mechanical work

EDDL stands for:
a) Electronic device description language b) Electronic drive description language
c) Electrically device displacement d) None of these

HART device in control protocol full form is:
a) High address road transmission c) Heat arm rate transfer
b) Highway addressable remote transducer       d) Halt array rale transfer

RTU means:
a) Range transmitter unit
b) Remote Transmitting Unit
c) Rota-meter Trans Unit
d) Remote terminal Unit

SCADA process control system means:
a) Supervisory control and data
b) Super control and data analysis
c) Sub control and data analysis
d) Supervisory control and data analysis

D.C.S. process control system means:
a) Data control system c) Data core system
b) Distributed control system d) Damaged control system

Standard Current process parameter sensor range is:
a) 01mA. To  10mA c) 01mA. To 100mA
b) 04mA. To   20mA d) 10mA. To 20mA

Load cell is transducer for:
a) Flow sensor
b) Temperature sensor
c) Weight sensor
d) Level sensor

these orifice plates are used for ideal liquid as well as gases and steam services:
a) Co-centric c) Eccentric
b) Segmental d) Square

Solenoid valve in process control is:
a) Input device c) Feedback device
b) Output device d) Timer device

Proximity switches are used for:'
a) Plow sensor
b) Level sensor
c) Pressure sensor
d) Temperature sensor

Pyrometer is used to measure:
a) High pressure c) High voltage
b) H igh temperature d) None of these

Standard voltage range for electrical sensor is:
a) 5 volt to 10 volt c) 1 volt to 10 volt
b) 2 volt to 10 volt d) 0.5 volt to 5 volt

In pj-ocess control P to I Convenor means:
a) Pressure to current convenor c) Pressure to Intensity converter
b) Pressure to Indicator value convenor     d) Pulse to inertia convenor

Rotameter is used for measurement of:
a) Level c) Volume
b) Flow d) Pressure

In process control HMI means:
a) Human motion indicator c) Hot machine indicator
b) Human Machine interface d) Hall machine interface

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