M/C S-1


Which one is not the cause of accident?
A   Unaware of danger    B   Negligence     C   Regard for safety    D   Improper use of tools

For cutting conduit pipe, the most suitable pitch of the hacksaw blade is............
A 1.8mm     B 1.4 mm      C   1 mm   D   0.8 mm

Which one of the following will be suitable tap drill size for M6 tap for 100% thread?
A  4.8 mm     B  5.0 mm     C  5.2 mm     D  5.4 mm

Name the tool used in forging work to enlarge a previously punched hole
A  Punch    B  Drift   C  Fork   D  Anvil

Which processes is used to reduce the  brittleness and to increase the toughness of hardened tools?
A Hardening B Tempering C Annealing D Normalising

The smallest division graduated on barrel of outside micrometer is ...
A  0.01 mm     B   0.05 mm   C  0.2 mm    D  0.5 mm

What is the part used to change the range depth micrometer?
A  Graduated sleeve      B   Extension rod     C Stock    D  Thimble

The inside sharp corner of a job should by using.....
A round nose tool      B key way tool     C square nose tool     D cornering tool

The size of a slotter is specified by its maximum
A longitudinal travel of table       B height between table and ram
C crosswise travel of table           D length of stroke of ram

To slot a convex surface, the cutting tool required is ........................
A square nose tool    B round nose tool     C keyway tool     D cornering tool

The solid forged slotting tool is made out
A  tungsten carbide     B   high speed steel    C   mild steel    D   hard cast iron

The chisel will dig into the material when
A the rake angle is more                   B   the clearance angle is too low
C   the angle of inclination is more   D  the angle of inclination is too low

In heat treatment process normalising................
A improve the mahinability   B refine grain structure
C increase the hardness         D increase the brittleness

In the outside micrometer, the graduation and datum line are marked on ...
A frame     B thimble     C spindle     D barrel

Which one of the following is the characteristic of a standard shaping machine relating to cutting process?
A   The tool cuts during forward motion.    B   The tool cuts on both directions.
C  The tool cuts in reverse directions.         D   The tool cut when the ram is not moving.

The influence on the same number of strokes or range of strokes on machine cutting speed is ...
A   longer stroke causes less cutting speed
B   no influence of the range of stroke on the
cutting speed
C   longer stroke causes higher cutting speed
D   smaller stroke causes higher cutting speed.

The range of oscillation of the rocker arm shaper is controlled by this component...
A   Bull gear    B   Compensating link C   Slotted link D   Sliding block

The cutting speed of the tool in mechanical shaper is...............................
A   maximum at the beginning of the cutting stroke
B   maximum at the end of the cutting stroke
C  maximum at the middle of the cutting stroke
D   minimum at the through out the cutting stroke

The convex surface can be slotted by using ..............
A longitudinal feed     B rotary feed     C cross feed    D vertical feed

What should be the position of the job for slotting circular surface on slotting machine ?
A  At one side of the table.            B   Introduction centre and edge.
C   At the centre of the table          D   Anywhere on the table.

An angular surface has to be machined in shaping machine. For machining this the tool is adjusted by...
A   swivelling and fixing tool at an angle.  B   swivelling the clapper box.
C swivelling the tool head of the machine. D   tilting tabie itself..

The error caused due to viewing from side direction while measuring dimenion is ...
A   static deformation error     B   micro-geometrical error    C   parallax error   D   contact error

The crank pin of a shaping machine is set closer to the centre of the bull gear How does it affect the ram movement?
A  The ram does not move.
B   It does not affect the ram movement.
C  The ram movement will be longer.
D   The ram movement will be shorter

In a slotting operation the length of the stroke is 50mm, number of double storkes per minute
is 50 the ratio of return of cutting stroke is 2:3 Calculate the cutting speed in m/min?
A 9.16    B 8.16    C 4.16   D 3.16

The bench vice are specified by ...
A   the length of spindle      B  the width of jaw
C  the length of fixed jaw    D  the moving distance of movable jaw

A nut, which can be tighten/loosen by thumb pressure and used in hack saw frame is called a ..................
A ring nut    B thumbnut   C cap nut  D wing nut

Name the part which is connecting slotted link to the ram
A   Die block B   Bull gear    C  Connecting link   D  Crank pin

The process of heating the high carbon steel above upper critical temperature followed by a slow cooling is termed as ....
A normalizing   B annealing   C hardening   D tempering

Which one of the following operations done on-lotting machine?
A   External keyway on long shaft
B   Internal grooves
C  Woodruff keyway on a shaft

D   Keyway for feather keys.

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