Leakage should be checked before using oxy-acetylene welding equipment.
What type of water can be used on the acetylene connection?
A   Saltwater
B   Soap water
C   Hard water
D   Fresh water

The process of finishing of round holes by means of bonded abrasive stone is called ........
A  Lapping
B  Reaming
C  Boring
D  Honing

The process of imbedding the abrasive grains on a lap is called ........
A  rubbing
B  charging
C  fixing
D  pasting.

What is the correct tap drill for tapping M16 tap?
A   14 mm 
B   14.16 mm
C   15.03 mm
D   15.08 mm

Which one of the following tool angle control the chip formation while plain turning.
A   Side clearance angle
B   Front clearance angle
C   Approach angle
D   Top rake angle

In riveted joints the pitch of rivet is the minimum distance between the rivet should be three times of  rivet dia.
If the pitch of rivet is too close it will........
A   lead to gaping.
B   be difficult for riveting.
C   split the edges of joint.
D   tear the metal along the centre line of the rivets.

The jig which does not have a base but can be set over the job to be drilled is catled .......
A)  box jig
B)  sandwich jig
C)  channel jig
D)  trunnion jig

Due to continuous rubbing of the belt on the surface pulley. Belt gets dried up due to friction
and heat generated. This causes the belt to slip. Which of the following material applied on the
inner face of the belt for reducing belt slip?
A  Emery or corundum
B  Tallow or powdered resin
C  Nylon or Tuflon
D  Zinc or chalk powder

When more than one operation is to be performed in the same location the suitable jig bush will be ........
A  headless bush
B  liner bush .
C  slip renewable bush
D  headed bush

in a milling fixture the purpose of providing a setting block is to ......
A   support the work piece
B   position the cutter
C   set the fixture on machine table
D   locate the work piece.

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