The necessity of tack welding in a joint is
A join two pieces of plates
B join two pieces of pipes
C control distortion during welding
D eliminate spatters

During arc welding the correct angle of the
electrode with the welding line Is..........
A 35°
B 40° to 50°
C 70° to 80°
D 90°

The hose pipe for the oxygen line is
A black
B maroon
C red
D brown

To prevent the danger of harmful rays from
the electric arc use...............
A a leather apron
B a leather gloves
C a welding shield
D a goggle with plain glass

Which one of the following is the cause for
porosity in arc welding?
yA High current setting
B Low welding speed
C Use of wet electrode
D Long arc length

Which type of gas flame is the most suitable
for brazing?
Oxy-LP gas flame
Oxy - acetylene gas flame
Oxy - coal gas flame
Oxy- hydrogen gas flame

Which bonding material is suitable for
grinding fine edged tools?
A Silicate bond
B Shellac bond
C Vitrified bond
D Rubber bond

Hand taps are made from
A  stainless steel
B   mild steel
C   low carbon steel

d) high carbon steel

The straight shank drill is held in the main
spindle of drilling machine by..............
A  floating holder
B collet
C chuck
D sleeve

The distance a drill advanced into the work
for each revolution is called the............
speed of a drill
depth of a drill
feed of a drill
cutting speed of a drill

What coolant is used for drilling the
aluminium job?
Dry air
Soluble oil
Mineral oil

After threading a hole by a tap, it was found
that the crest of thread was not formed
completely, this defect is due to...........
A insufficient coolant supply
B broken tip of cutting edge of the tap
C hole size slightly less than the tap drill size
D  hole size slightly more than the tap drill size

The part of the reamer which allows the
chips to pass and admit the coolant to the
cutting edge is called..........

The property of metal by virtue of which they
can be rolled into their sheet without
breaking is called....................
A ductility
B malleability
C toughness
D tenacity

Feeler gauges are used to check
radii of the given component
gap between the mating parts
particular standard thread pitch
precision length measurement

The most commonly used size of the vernier
height gauge is stated by the height of the
beam is.................
A  275 mm
B   300 mm
C   325 mm
D  350 mm

Three square scraper is used for
A  large diameter holes
B   bearing surfaces
C  small diameter holes
,D   large flat surfaces

What is the drill point angle for general
B 112°
C 110°
D 108°

The difference between the maximum limit of
size and the minimum limit of size is
A upper deviation
B  lower deviation
C tolerance
D  actual size

Wrought iron is produced in
A  blast furnace
B  electric arc furnace
C   cupola furnace
D   puddling furnace

Brass is an alloy of
A  copper and tin
B   lead and tin
C  copper and zinc
D   copper and lead

While drilling the drill gets over heated. This
is due to..............
A excessive cutting pressure
B  more lip clearance angle
C  less cutting angle
D   material being drilled is ductile

A plug gauge is used for measuring
taper bores
cylindrical bores
spherical holes
screw threads

Vernier height gauge are used in conjunction
with the.................
angle plate
surface plate
face plate
base plate

BSW threads has angle of.
A 30' B 45" C 55° D 60"

Name the type of machine tap while tapping,
the chips are forced out ahead of the tap.
A   Fluteless spiral pointed tap
B   Thread forming tap
C   Gun tap
,D   Helical fluted tap

Plug tap is used to
A  start thread
B  rough thread
C  quick thread
D  finish thread

Double ended adjustable tap wrenches are
used for.............
hard material
large diameter
starting thread
fine tapping

The hole can be checked by
plug gauge
B   feeler gauge
C   snap gauge
D   slip gauge

Which type of thread is used in precision
BSW thread
BA thread
Acme thread
Square thread

During drilling, the feed rate is expressed
B mm/min
C mm/rev
/d degree

Organic bonded wheels can withstand
A  rough usage
B tool room usage
C  smooth usage
D  high capacity

in which gauge GO and NOGO comes in
the same end?
A  Double ended plug gauge
B Progressive
Snap gauge
D  Slip gauge

Which is the purest form of iron?
Wrought iron
Cast iron
Pig iron

The product obtained from smelting in the
blastfurnace is..............
A cast iron
B   pig iron
C  wrought iron
D steel

The carbon content in wrought iron ranges
A 0.02% to 0.03%
B  0.02% to 0.1%
C   3% to 4%
D  0.01% to 0.05%

Metals ability to with stand scratching,
abrasion and penetration property is
A malleability
B toughness
C hardness
D ductility

Which one is a good conductor of heat and

Name the bond which is used for heavy duty,
large diameter wheels where a fine finish is
A  silicate bond
B  rubber bond
C   vitrified bond
D   shellac bond

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