july 2017 semester-2 fitter theory
Jenny caliper is used to
a) For finding the external of round bar b) For finding the internal round bar
c) For finding the center of round bar d) For finding the angles

While drilling the drill gets overheated this is due to......
a) More lip clearance angle b) Less cutting angle
c) Material being drilled is ductile d) Excessive cutting pressure

Angle of BSW 'V form thread is............
a) 60° b) 55°
c) 47.5° d) 45°

To find/ check the clearance between two mating parts,..........Gauge is used
a) Radius b) Fillet
c) Feeler d)Plug

Vernier height gauge works on the principle similar to
a) Vernier micrometer b) Vernier caliper
c) Vernier bevel protector d) None of the above

Which of the following thread is used for transmitting motion?
a) Round thread b) Trapezoidal thread
c) ISO Metric thread d)BSW thread

The coating of electrodes for welding mild and low alloy steels...... is used to provide
gaseous shield with reducing agent.
a) Metal Carbonates b) Titanium Oxide
c) Ferromanganese and Ferro silicon d) Cellulose

Shaping of grinding wheel to make it run concentric with the axis is called: -
a) Dressing b) Truing
c) Balancing d) Glazing
Bronze is an alloy of copper and.........
a) Zinc b)Tin
c) Lead d) Silver
The difference between the maximum limit of sizes is equal to
a) Upper deviation b) Lower deviation
c) Tolerance ■ d) Actual size

Name the Instrument to measure the diameter of round rod.
a) Depth Micrometer b) Inside micrometer
c) Outside micrometer d) Tube micrometer
Which one of the following elements cannot be checked with the screw pitch gauge
a) Pitch b. Lead
c) Profile d. Depth
Operation for making a seat for bolt head, washer or nut is called
a) Spot facing b- Counter boring
c) Countersinking d. Grooving

The Number of divisions on Vernier scale of a Vernier micrometer (metric) are: -
a) 5 b) 10
c) 50 d) 100

The surface of a grinding wheel develops a smooth and shining appearance is called -
a) Glazing b) Loading
c) Dressing . d) Truing
Files are made of.........
a) Forged wrought iron . b) Mild Steel
c) High carbon steel d) Aluminum
What is the functional part "pilot" provided in reamers-
a) Finish Concentric Hole b) Removing chips
c) Hold in tap wrench d) Hold in machine spindle.

Pudding furnace is used to produce............
a) Pig Iron b) Cast Iron
c) Wrought Iron d) Steel
In Oxy acetylene welding, color of oxygen cylinder is
a) Red b) Maroon
c) Black d) Brown
Which flame is suitable for cutting operations-
a) Oxidizing flame b) Carburizing flame
c) Neutral Flame d) None of these
Which flame is suitable for welding of non ferrous metals (brasses and bronzes)
a) Oxidizing flame b) Carburizing flame
c) Neutral Flame d) None of these

A left hand screw advances in: -
a) Clockwise b) Anticlockwise
c) Any direction d) None of these

Acme thread is a modified form of:-
a) Vee thread b) Square thread
c) Saw tooth thread d) Worm thread

Mechanical seals are used to: -
a) Prevent vibration b) Prevent leakage
c) Reduce Function d) Balance the equipment

Interchangeability of parts is best suited for: -
a) Batch production b) Mass production
c) Job production d) None of the above

Hook Scrapers are used for scraping......
a) Curved surface b) Hollow Surface
c) Centre portion of a flat surface d) Bend surface

In Marking of grinding wheels,...........compulsory symbols are used?
a) 7 b)8
c) 6 d) 5

While over tighten the bench vice which part will get damage?
a) Handle • b) Spindle
c) Square nut d) Fixed Jaw

Zero line represents:
a) Upper deviation
c) Zero deviations
b) Lower deviations
d) None of the above

Twist drill are made of ■ ,
a) High speed steel .   b Low carbon steel
c  Stainless steel d) Wood

Which type of apron is used while during welding
a) Cotton
c) Silk
b) Plastic
d) Leather and worn

Which one of the following is not reason for accident
a) unawareness of danger b) Negligence
c Improper use of tools d) Using gloves

In Lap Joint, plates are kept , _
a) At straight angle b In butt positions
c) Overlap position d) At a angle

Killed steel is opposite of...............steel
a) Carbon
c) Rimmed
b) Alloy
d) None of these

Welding flux is used for
a) Radiation
c) Reduction
b) Oxidation
d) To stop oxidation

The least count of a Vernier bevel protectors
a) 1"
*) 1°
b) 5"

What should be done immediately if a cylinder leaks due to defective valves or safety plug

a) Try to repair it yourselt
c) Inform other to the suppliers
b) Ask other to repair it
d) Move it to a safe area

Pressure welding process, generally used in sheet metal fabrication is called
a) Arc welding
c) Spot welding

b) Gas welding
d) Thermit welding

The clearance angle of a drill is between
a) 3° to 5°
c) 12° to 20°
b) 8° to 12°
d) 15° to 20°

Property of wr ought iron is decide by-
a) Carbon and magnesium b) Carbon and manganese
c) Aluminum and carbon d) Magnesium and manganese

The drilled hole is more than drill size due to
a) Incorrect clearance b) Unequal lip lengths
c) Inappropriate cutting angle d) Large Helix angle

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