The shape on an information sign is..
A circular   B triangular   C square     D oval

Among the below colour which colour is used for prohibition sign?
A White symbol on blue background
B Yellow back-ground with black border and symbol
C White symbols on green back ground
D Red bolder and cross bar. black symbol on white back arounds

The best method to avoid accident is ............
A By wearing safety equipment
B By absorbho safety precautions reiat to a job machine and working place
C Doing things in one s own way
D Doing things which a highty skilied worker practice

Which one of the following fire extinguish; Is suitable for a live electrical fire?
A Haion
B Water
C Foam
D Liquified chemical

The straight shank drill is held in the main spindle of drilling machine by.......
A Floating holder
B Collet
C Chuck
D Sleeve

Bar type tap wrench is........
A not possible to holding large diameter taps
B more suitable for large diameter taps
C not suitable to adjust the jaws
D suitable for threading holes in restricted places

Centre punch angle of point is ....
A 30°   B 45°    C 60°  D 90°

Which one is to be used to start the tapping?
A Taper tap    B Plug tap   C Second tap  D Machine tap

A new hacksaw blade after a few strokes  becomes loose .because of.........................
A stretching of the blade
B wing nut thread being worn out
C wrong pitch of the blade
D proper selection of the set of jaws

The hacksaw frame in which more than one standard size of blade can be fitted is called...
A fixed hacksaw frame                   B tubular hacksaw frame
C adjustable hacksaw frame           D deep cutting hacksaw frame

Which one of following mechanical properties enables a metal to be made into thin sheets?
A Toughness      B Hardness     C Ductility    D Malleability

At the end of the cutting with a hacksaw the cutting pressure should be ....
A Less     B High   C Normal     D Very high

Which is a reason for manufacturing grey cast iron by lathe bed?
A   can withstand compressive ioad       B   can with stand tensile load
C   difficult to machine ability               D   to brake sudden shock

Name the mechanism for moving and controlling the carriage parts.
A Feed mechanism   B Apron   C Carriage   D Top slide

What should be used to move the carriage manually?
A  Cross slide    B  Carriage hand wheel     C  Feed lever    D  Half nut

To prevent the chuck from damaging the lathe guide ways while mounting....
A  a lift the chuck with a hand crane
B  ask the instructor or foreman for help
C  place a wooden block or board on the guide ways
D  support with a screw jack .

Which chuck is provided for T-slots?
A  3 jaw chuck            B  4 jaw chuck
C  Magnetic chuck      D  2 jaw concentric chuck

The pads of a steady rest are made of.............
A  carbon steel     B  lead     C  mild steel     D  brass

A steady rest is used................
A  to hold jobs            B  for face plate work
C  to drive the job       D  to support the job

Cutting tool held with 3 bolts, Name the tool post.
A Open side tool post     B Four way tool post
C Universal tool post     D British tool post

The half nut lever is used for.....
A engaging the longitudinal feed on the carriage
B taking up the slack in the cross slide nut
C changing from longitudinal to cross- feed
D thread cutting

The feed change lever.......
A changes the directions of the lead screw
B diverts the feed to either the cross slide or the longitudinal slide
C change the feed to a high or low range
D connects or disconnects the carriage hand wheel

Centre drill is done at the......
A  high spindle speed with a high feed
B  low spindle speed with a high feed
C  high spindle speed with a low feed
D  low spindle speed with a low feed

The centre drill breaks as a result of......
A  too heavy feed and too low speed
B  too light feed and too high speed
C  dropping it on the floor
D  allowing chips to form a tangle around them

The cutting tool is manufactured by....
A  low carbon steel               B  medium carbon steel
C  high carbon steel             D wrought iron

Tool holders are used to ....
A  extend the life of the tool    B  protect the tool
C  clamp the tool securely       D  deflect the cutting pressure

Depth of cut is provided by using
A  top slide              B  cross slide
C  compound slide   D  adjusting tool

For changing the rotation of feed rod, which lever should be used?
A  Feed change lever            B  Carriage locking lever
C  Feed selector                    D  Feed reverse lever

Which type of chip formation would be the best for turning mild steel?
A Long curly chips   B Segmented chips   C I - Shaped chips   D Spiral chips

For knurling operation, the rotation of the spindle speed is....
A   1/2 of the tuning spindle speed      B   1 /3 of the turning spindle speed
C   equal to turning spindle speed       D   equal to high spindle speed

For turning the cast iron, which the following should be used?
A  Soluble oil    B  No cutting fluid   C  Cutting oil    D  Water as coolant

The function of the cutting fluid in lathe operation is......
A  cleaning and lubrication
B  chip removal and lubrication
C  better finish and lubricant
D  cooling and flushing chips away from the cutting tool

The protection guard over the grinding wheel is fixed to protect the......
A  spindle of the pedestal grinder     B  grinding wheel
C  work pieces                                 D operator

For grinding wheel, which one is
represented by the symbols A to Z ?
A   Grit size             B   Silicon carbide
C   Bond material    D  Grade of the grinding wheel

The tolerance of a hole is the difference between the...........
A   maximum hole and the minimum shaft
B   maximum hole and the minimum hole
C   minimum hole and the maximum shaft
D   maximum hole and the maximum shaft

The three main classes of fits used in the B.I.S system are.......
A   clearance, transition and interference
B   loose fit, sliding fit and shrinkage fit
C   round fit, fiat fit and expansion fit
D   tight fit, push fit and medium fit

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