Which is not the type of pin?
a) Dovel pin
b) Hollow pin
c) Split pin
d) Tab pin

In colour code system, what does red colour mean?
a) Danger
b) Compulsion
c) Emergency
d) All of these

Principle of micrometer is based upon....
a) Nut and bolt
b) Difference between thimble and vernier scale
c) Rack and pinion
d) None of these

Which of the following scraper is also known as bearing scrape
a) Half round scraper
b) Triangular scraper
c) Two-handle scraper
d) Hook scraper

Split die is used by holding it in....
a) Circular die stock
b) Adjustable die
c) Die nut
d) Solid die

Which of the following formula is used for finding the cutting speed of the drill?
a) πDN/1000 m/min
b) πx1000/DN m/min
c) 1000xDxN/π m/min
d) None of these

If there are two flutes in any drill, then the number of cutting edges will be..........
a) Two b) Three c) Four d) Zero

It is a welding transformer which converts A.C. into D.C.
a) Motor generator
b) Engine generator
c) Rectifier
d) All of these

Taper tap is the tap in which threads are chamfered on the lower side.
a) 8 to 10   b) 3 to 5
c) 20 to 25 d) None of these

The tool which gives support to the rivet head, is-
a) Lolly
b) Trolley
c) Dolly
d) None of these

Which of the following is mounted in order to support nut, bolt, screw, etc.?
a) Key
b) Coupling
c) Washer
d) None of these

Which of the following is not a foundation bolt?
a) Eye foundation bolt
b) Rag bolt
c) Lewis bolt
d) Cheese head bolt

Which of the following is a part of preventive maintenance?
a) Lubrication
b) Inspection
c) Servicing
d) All of these

Which of the following error occurs in an unused machine?
a) Depletion
b) Corrosion
c) Jamming
d) All of these

Dial test indicator is a precision instrument, which is used for measuring...........
a) The size of job 
b) The parallelism and straightness of job
c) The height of job  
d) None of these

Which metal is used in galvanization?
a) Tin
b) Zinc
c) Lead
d) None of these

Purest form of iron is-
a) Cast iron
b) Wrought iron
c) Pig iron
d) None of these

In interference fit, shaft is always than / to hole.
a) Smaller
b) Bigger
c) Equal
d) None of these

The measured dimension size of any workpiece or component is known as........
a) Basic size
b) Nominal size
c) Accepted size
d) Actual size

There are 16 grades in British Standard Institute system, which are as follows
a) 1 to 16
b) O to 15
c)  A to P
d) None of these

Gauges, which are used for checking the inspection gauges, are known as.........
a) Workshop gauges
b) Snap gauges
c) Master gauges
d) None of these

Which of the following gauge is suitable for internal measurements?
a) Ring gauge
b) Plug gauge
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these

2A46K5B19 is the specification of a grinding wheel. Here, what does 'B' indicate?
a) Grit size
b) Resinoid bond
c) Shellac bond
d) Grain size

Size of superfine grains is given by the numbers ranging from -
a) 0-20
b) 24-60
c) 70-150
d) 400-600

The face of grinding wheel shines and becomes blunt. This phenomena is known as........
a) Loading
b) Glazing
c) Dressing
d) Gauging

The distance covered by a nut in one rotation is known as-
a) Pitch
b) Lead
c) Tap
d) Screw

Which tool is used for taking out the broken tap from job?
a) Tap puller
b) Tap opener
c) Tap chuck
d) Tap extractor

Depth of BIS metric thread is given by..........
a) 0.6 x Pitch
b) 0.6134 x Pitch
c) 0.6403 x Pitch  
d) 0.5 x Pitch

Front part of   is known as pilot.

Counter bore Drill

Capacity of pillar type drill machine is.........
a) 12.5 mm
c) 25 mm

Reaming makes a hole size
a) Bad
b) Zig-zag
c) Finished
d) None of these

In Acetylene gas welding valve should be closed first immediately after backfire.........
a) Acetylene valve
b) Oxygen valve
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these

Process of welding of two different metals is known as-
a) Homogeneous welding
b) Heterogeneous welding
c) Fusion welding
d) Spot welding

Oxygen cylinder is filled al the pressure of..........
a) 15-16 kg/cm2
b) 120-150 kg/cm2
c) 200-220 kg/cm2
d) None of these

What is used for the levelling of machines?
a) Spirit level
b) Marking table
c) Marking gauge
d) Scriber

Bolts are generally made up of-
a) Mild steel
b) Cast iron
c) Brass
d) Silver

In which furnace cast iron is manufactured?
a) Blast furnace
b) Cupola furnace
c) L.D.M. furnace
d) Pudding furnace

Dally maintenance of machines is known as ...........
Break — down maintenance Preventive maintenance
Routine maintenance

can also be made from old and wear out files?
a) Scraper
b) File
c) Drill
d) Blade

The difference between maximum & minimum measurement of any part is known as.......
a) Limit
b) Fit
c) Tolerance
d) Allowance

For which work, open structure wheel is used?
a) Rough grinding
b) Finishing
c) Super Finishing
d) All of these

What is the point angle of flat drill?
a) 1120
b) 1180
c) 900
d) 170

In which welding process, filler rod of same material is used?
a) Heterogeneous welding
b) Autogeneous welding
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these

MAG stands for.......
a) Metal Active Gas
b) Metal Inert Gas
c) Metal Arc Gas
d) None of these

The color of the walls of welding booth is............
a) Red b) Green c) Yellow d) Black
Transformer, by which voltage gets down and current gets high is known as..........
a) Step- up transformer
b) Step — down transformer
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these

Hematite is the ore of.......
a) Aluminium
b) Copper
c) Iron
d) Zinc

The filament of bulb is made up
a) Chromium
b) Vanadium
c) Tungsten

d) Nickel

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