Turner theory sem 3 jan 2016 questions

Turner theory sem 3 jan 2016 questions

High carbon steel tools are used for turning at............
A  higher cutting speed than HSS   B  lower cutting speed than HSS
C  same cutting speed as HSS         D  same cutting speed as carbide tipped tool

Carbon percentage in a HSS tool is
A  0.-2to0.3%   B  0.6 to 0.75%   C  0.75 to 1.0%  D  1 to 2 %

The most commonly used proportions of the alloying elements in HSS are............
A  18% tungsten 4% chromium 1% vanadium
B  18% chromium 4% cobalt 1 % tungsten
C  18% cobalt 4% tungsten 1 % chromium
D  18% vanadium 4% carbon 1 % cobalt

Easiness in machining with regard to tool life, surface finish and power consumption is called.............
A machinability   B hardenability  C  rate of metal removal   D  surface finish rating

The working principle of the dial test indicator is............
A  the linear motion is converted into reciprocating motion using slotted link
B  the linear motion is converted into rotary motion using rack and pinion
C  magnifications of small variation using lenses
D  magnifications by electronic means

Chip breaker in a tool is given to.................
A  break the chips into small pieces     B  have continuous chip
C  have curled chip                             D  have straight chip

Other name for ball turning is.............
A  form turning    B  convex turning   C  spherical turning  D  profile turning

A jig is a special device which..........
A  holds the job     B  locates the cutting tool   C  guides the tool
D  holds supports, locates job and guides the tool

The type of jig in which base plate is not available is................
A  plate jig    B  box jig    C  post jig   D latch jig

Sine bar is made of..........
A  high carbon steel  B high speed steel    C nickel steel     D stabilized chromium steel

The length of sine bar is the distance between..............
A one end to another end of the sine bar  B diagonal cross length of the sine bar
C centre to centre between the rollers      D outside to outside between the rollers

The purpose of the holes provided on the sides of the sine bar is for.........
A  easy handling
B  supporting the slip gauge
C  using as a reference while setting
D  to reduce the weight as well as to clamp the work piece

Calculate the rpm, when cutting speed is 120m/min and the diameter of work is 80mm.
A 402  B 442   C 482   D 502

Determine the machining time where / = 350, n = 637, s = 0.05 mm and cs= 130 m/min.
A 8.78 min   B 10.98 min    C 12.98 min    D 14.98 min

Which one of the following grade of slip gauge is recommended for workshop use?
A 00  B 0  C i  D ii

Negative rake angle is used for.
A  finishing cut  B  light depth of cut  C  medium depth of cut  D  heavy depth of cut

Standard wheel marking is given below. A 60 J8 V, where the letter, where V represent.............
A abrasive  B grain   C grit   D bond

Aluminium oxide grinding wheels are used to grind material of...........
A  low tensile strength    B  medium tensile strength
C  high tensile strength   D   carbide tipped tool

The minimum dimension that can be measured in inside micrometer is......
A   13.00 mm  B  20.00 mm  C  25.00 mm  D  38.00 mm

The least count of the inside micrometer is.........
A  0.001 mm   B  0.01 mm C  0.10 mm  D   1.00 mm

A lubricant is used with the objective of..............
A  increasing fractional heat
B  increasing resistance
C  decreasing fractional resistance
D  providing direct contact

A lubricant can posses high...................
A volatility     B acidity    C oiiiness   D rusting agent

A good lubricant should have.............
A  low viscosity - index B  high viscosity - index
C  low fire point  D  high volatility

Most important property of lubricating is..........
A  its fire point     B  cloud point    C  oiliness   D  viscosity index

A fixed steady rest is used to support........
A  the tool rigidly to avoid chatter during operation
B  long shafts that are being threaded for their full length
C  support work pieces during facing large diameter work pieces with short length
D  support long work pieces held in chuck, to perform operation at the overhanging end

To fix an irregular shaped work piece on a lathe, which one of the following accessories is used?
A  3 jaw chuck    B  Driving plate   C  Face plate   D Catch plate

The function of a travelling steady is to..........
A  prevent bending of long shafts due to cutting force
B  avoid load on the lathe centres while turning long job
C   reduce the load on the cutting tool while turning
D  ensure to turn at higher cutting speed than recommender

Which one of the following statement refers to the tool line?
A  Time between starting and finishing job
B  Total time for turning work including regrinding of tool
C  Time between two successive regrinds
D  Time between starting of metal cutting and tool wear cut

To cut two start thread, a 24 teeth driver gear is fixed at stud as driver gear. After completion of first start and before starting of second start, the driver gear must be turned to........
A 24 teeth   B 18 teeth  C 12 teeth   D  6 teeth

The distance through which a screw thread advances axially in one turns is called........
A  pitch of thread    B  lead of thread     C  depth of thread  D  diameter of thread

The diameter of the external screw thread is checked by............
A  screw pitch gauge  B  thread ring gauge  C  screw thread micrometer   D  vernier caliper

The pitch of 3 start thread is the lead divided by...........
A 1  B 2   C 3   D 4

Tool maker's buttons are made of.
A plastic  B  cast iron   C  hardened steel  D bronze

Tool maker's buttons are used to...........
A  adjust the slackness in the guide ways of cross slide
B  alter the tool height
C  align the work for boring to a given datum
D  alter align between centres

A screw thread is formed on a cylindrical
surface by cutting.........
A  helical grooves  B  V - grooves   C  square grooves  D  half round grooves

The setting of lathe tool which respect to the work axis effects the value of.........
A  rake angle and clearance angle     B   rake angle and cutting angle
C  cutting angle and clearance angle  D  cutting angle and side rake angle

The width of the tool used to cut 10 mm pitch square thread is.........
A  10 mm B   7.5 mm C   5 mm  D  2.5 mm

The tip of a cemented carbide tool is joined on the shank by...............
A welding   B brazing   C soldering   D  clamping with screw

By which one of the following, a rnulti - start, thread is cut on a lathe?
A Chaser   B  Single - point tool   C  Die head  D  Split die

Which one of the following screw threads forms has an included angle of 29° between the flank of thread?
A  B.A thread    B  Acme thread   C  Butters thread  D  Knuckle thread

The special gear of 127 teeth or 63 teeth may be used to cut metric threads in a lathe having British lead screw is..........
A idle gear    B change gear    C translating gear  D compound gear

The major diameter of a square thread is 40 mm pitch is 5 mm. What is the minor diameter?
A   30 mm  B  32 mm  C  35 mm   D   36 mm

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