Turner theory sem 3 jan 2018 questions

Turner theory sem 3 jan 2018 questions

The angle on which the strength of tool depend is-
a) Rake angle b) Clearance angle
c) Cutting angle d) Lip angle

The negative rake is usually provide on-
a) High carbon steel tool b) High speed steel tool
c) Cemented carbide tool c) All of these

Negative rake are used for-
a) Carbide tools b) Heavy tools
c) Harder material d) All of these

The angle made by the face of the tool and plane parallel to the base of Gutting tool is

a) Rake angle
c) Cutting angle
b) Clearance angle
d) Lip angle

The cutting fluid mostly used for machining alloy steel is-
a) Water b) Soluble oil
c) Dry d) Sulphured mineral oil

The factor which affects the tool life is-
a) Tool geometry b) Cutting speed
c) Feed rate d) All of these

The tool life is said to be over if-
a) Surface finish is poor
b) There is sudden increase in cutting force and power consumption
c) Overheating and fuming due to heat of friction starts
d) All of the above

A grinding wheel is said to be of______if the abrasive grain can be easily dislodged.
a) Soft grade b) hard grade
c) Medium grade d) All of these

The Hard grade grinding wheels are denoted by the letters,
a) AtoH b)ItoP
c) QtoZ d)AtoP

A Coarse grained grinding wheel is used to grind-
a) Hard and brittle materials b) Soft and ductile materials
c) Hard and ductile materials d) Soft and brittle materials

For fast removal of materials during grinding a_grinding wheel is used.
a) Coarse grained b) Fine grained
c) Medium grained ' d) All of these

The purpose of Jig and fixture is to-
a) Increase production rate
c) Increase machining accuracy
b) Enable employ less skilled operators
d) All of these

A good lubricant for thread cutting operation is-
a) Mineral lard oil b) Water soluble oil
c) Graphite d) White lead

Tool life is most affected by machine-
a) Cutting speed
c) Feed and depth
b) Tool geometry
d) Microstructure of material being cut

It is possible to correlate tool life with the following property of the metai-
a) Grain size b) Toughness
c) Hardness d) Microconsitiuent

Tungsten content in the High speed steel tool cutting tool material
a) 16% b)4%
c) 18% d)0.6%

18-4-1 high speed steel contains following element in the ratio of 18-4-1.
a) Tungsten, Chromium, and vanadium      b) Chromium, vanadium, and Tungsten
c) Vanadium, Tungsten, and Chromium      d) None of these

The characteristics that enable one material to cut another is its relative-
a) Toughness b) Hardness
c) Resilience d) Ductility

High speed steel tool material contains carbon-
a) 0.6-1.0% b)2-4%
c) 4-6% d)6-10%

The angle between the face of tool, and line tangent to the machined surface at the cutting
point is known as-
a) Rake angle b) Cutting angle
c) Clearance angle d) Lip angle

Chip breakers are provided on cutting tools-
a) For safety of operators b) To minimize heat generation
c) To permit short segment chips d) To increase tool life

Tool life is said to be over when-
a) Finish of work becomes too rough
b) Cutter looks dull
c) Chips become blue
d) A certain amount of wear or cratering occurs on the flank

The grit, grade and structure of grinding wheels for specific operation are based on-
a) Grinder clearance b) Spindle size of the grinder
c) Diameter of wheels d) Speed at which the wheel is to be used

When it is required to run a grinding wheel safely at very high speed. Following bond
should be used-
a) Vitrified  b) Resinoid and Rubber
c) Shellac d) Silicate

Which of the following is not the angle measuring device?
a) Angle plate b) Sine bar
c) Angle gauge d) Screw thread micrometer

Accurate centering of work mounted in an independent chuck can be determined by using
a) Centre gauge
c) Dial indicator
b) Height gauge
d) Micrometer

A sine bar is used to measure-
a) Surface roughness b) Gear profiles
c) Internal tapers d) External tapers

The purpose of using borax in brazing is-
a) Dissolve oxides when heating the work
b) Prevent the spelter from melting too quickly
c) Increase fluidity of braze material
d) Accelerate the formation of oxides on the work

When brazing is carried out-
a) A joint is made between two parts by molten spelter
b) The edges of the joint melt and run together
c) Spelter forms an alloy with flux
d) Flux acts as a connecting material

In soldering the melting point of filter metal is-
a) Below 420°C b) Above 420°C
c) Below 520°C d) Above 520°C

The composion of soft solder is-
a) Lead-37%, tin 63% b) Lead-67%, tin 37%
c) Lead-70%, tin 30% d) Lead-50%, tin 50%

Best coolant and lubrication for bras:-, copper and bronze i
a) Soluble oil
b) Water, soluble oil or sulphur based mineral oils
c) Mineral and fatty oils
d) Dry

Which of the following operations can be used on Centre lathe.
a) Grinding b) Milling

c) Drilling d)Allofthese .

In lathe, form tools are used to produce.
a) Cylindrical surfaces
b) Tapered surfaces
c) The surfaces which are neither cylindrical nor tapered
d) Threads

The following are the function of a jig-
a) Holding b) gating
c) Guiding d)Alloftnese

A fixture does not-      .     ' .
a) Holds the workpiece b) Locate the workpiece
Guide the tool «D All of these

Jigs are not used in-
a) Drilling b> Reaming
c) Tapping d) Milling

The following jig can be used for several different work pieces and operations,
a) Template jig b) Multi-station jig
c) Index jig d) Universal jig

A fixture is defined as a device which-
a) Hold and locale a workpiece and guide and controls one or more cutting tools
b) Hold and locate a workpiece during an inspection or for manufacturing a operation
c) Is used to check the accuracy of workpiece
d) All of the above

Multi thread are used to secure-
a) Low efficiency
c) High load lifting capacity
b) High efficiency
d) High mechanical advantage

External taper can be accurately measured with the help ol
a) Sine bar and slip gauges b) Dividing h
c) Precision balls and height guage d) Combinati

The axial advancement in one rotation of screw part is known as-------- of the threads.
a) Pitch
c) Pitch diameter
b) Lead
d) Helix angle

The distance from a point on one thread to the corresponding point on the next thread is
a) Lead b) Pitch
c) Turn d) Crest

The angle included by the flanks of the thread-
a) Angle of thread b) Depth of thread
c) Depth of cut d) Slope of thread

Best coolant and lubrication for aluminium.
a) Soluble oil
b) Water, soluble oil or sulphur based mineral oils
c) Mineral and fatty oils or soluable oils
d) Dry

The diameter of a finish turned shaft can best be checked with a-
a) Combination set b) Dial indicator
c) Height gauge d) Micrometer screw gauge

The thread micrometer measures-
a) The major diameter of thread b) The minor diameter of thread
c) The effective diameter of thread d) The rod diameter of thread

A screw thread is designated as 1" B.S.P. thread, in 1 inch B.S.P. thread what 1"
a) Major diameter of thread b) Minor diameter of thread
c) Pitch diameter of thread d) Hole diameter of Pipe

In a sine bar the standard length is measured from-
a) Edge to edge v
b) Between inner circumference of two buttons
c i Between out circumference of two buttons
d) Between the centers of two buttons

Work is usually required to be held in a vertical position for layout. For this purpose,It is
ciamped to-
a) Surface plate b) A machine bed
c) An angle plate d) A V block

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