F/R S-2


Which of the following centers is suitable while cutting taper by set over method?
a) Plain centre b) Revolving centre
c) Half centre d) Ball centre

To get least count of 5 in a Vernier bevel protractor, the 23 main scale are divided in to
a) 12 equal parts on a Vernier scale b) 24 equal parts on a Vernier scale
c) 22 equal parts on a Vernier scale d) 25 equal parts on a Vernier scale

Which one of the following statements indicates the principle followed in turning taper by
offsetting the tail stock?
a) The work axis is kept out of alignment with the lathe axis and the tool movement
are parallel to the lathe axis.
b) The work axis is kept in line with the lathe axis and the tool is made to move at an
angle to the lathe axis.
c) The work axis is kept out of alignment with the lathe axis and the tool is made to
move at angle to lathe axis.
d) The live and dead centers are moved in opposite directions to keep the work axis
out of alignment with lathe axis.

Which one of the following methods of catching the threads consume more time when
cutting odd pitch threads?
a) Using thread chasing dial
b) Reversing the machining
c) Predetermined travel of the carriage
d) Marking on work holding device & lead screw.

When power feed is engaged while turning taper using taper turning attachment, it is noticed
that for short distance parallel turning takes place due to certain defect. Which one of the
following is the cause of this defect?
a) The positioning of the T/T attachment is not correct
b) The too setting is not at centre height
c) Work piece is not rigidly held
d) Play between the sliding units

Medium solder contains..................
a) 37% lead & 63% tin b) 50% lead & 50% tin
c) 70% lead & 30% tin d) None of these

The depth of B A screw thread is..................
a) 0.64 p b) 0.7035 p c)0.6p d)0.61p

The value of each main scale division of Vernier bevel protractor is...............
a) 1° b)5' c) 1 °-55' d) 1/2

The tail stock barrel has an internal taper, which one of the following standard taper is
provided in the barrel bore..............
a) Metric taper b) Morse taper
c) Jarno taper d) Brown & Sharp taper

A British thread chasing dial has 16 teeth on the worm wheel and the lead screw has 4 threads
per inch. During one full turn of the dil, the carriage will move on the bed to a distance of.................
a) 1 inch b) 4 inches c) 8 inches d) 16 inches

In single start thread................
a) Lead is half the pitch
c) Lead and pitch are equal
b) Lead is double the pitch
d) Pitch is half the Lead

The amount of off set of tail stock for taper turning is done by the offset screws provided. The
procedure to be followed is.........
a) Loosen both screws and push the base to the amount of off set.
b) Loosen both screws and push the body to the amount of off set.
c) Loosen the screws in the direction of movement and tighten the other screw
d) Loosen the screws in the opposite to the direction of movement and tighten the
other screw.

Which one of the following statements does NOT provide the required information for
turning tapers using compound slide swivel method?
a) Big diameter, small diameter and total length of the work piece
b) Big diameter, small diameter and total length of the tapered work piece
c) The taper ratio and total length of the work piece.
d) The included angle and length of taper of the work piece.

Which one of the following elements of an external BSW thread cannot be formed with
single point thread tool during threading?
a) Root b) Helix angle c) Crest d) Thread angle.

While measuring with Vernier bevel protractor, which part is used normally as reference
a) Stock b) Blade c) Dial d) Disc

Buttress threads are most commonly used for.................
a) Transmission of motion
b) Resisting force exerted in one direction only
c) Positioning of mechanical parts
d) Special bolts & units in structural work

The least count of Vernier height gauge is........................
a) 0.01 mm b) 0.02 mm c) 0.05 mm d) 0.10 mm

Which one of the following abbreviations is used to specify an ACME thread .............
a)M16 b)Rd20Xl/8"       c)s48X8 d)Tr60X9

The reason for NOT providing the rake angle on a form tool used to produce taper on a work
piece is..................
a) To reduce grinding time of the tool
b) Taper angle is not affected by re sharpening
c) To reduce wastage of tool material
d) For the tool to have large wedge angle

One of the precision instruments used to check the dimensional accuracy of an external "V"
thread is a screw thread micrometer, which one of the following elements of screw thread is
checked with this instrument ...........
a) Major diameter     b) Minor diameter    c) Pitch d) Pitch diameter

One of the methods of aligning lathe centers is trial cut method. The diameter of the tail stock
end is found to be bigger than the head stock end by 0.1 mm after the trail cut to correct the
alignment the tail stock body should be moved by..................
a) 0.10mm away from the operator b) 0,10mm towards the operator
c) 0.05mm away from the operator d) 0.05mm towards the operator

A simple change gear train is used to cut a certain pitch thread. Due to non- availability of 1
required gear from the set, down gear with 3 teem more than that of the calculated value
mounted. The thread that is cut will have a pitch........

a) More for certain length and then less for the remaining thread length.
b) More than that of required for the full threaded length.
c) Less than that of required for the full threaded length
d) Equal to that of required for the full threaded length

While marking with a Vernier height gauge, the workplace is generally:-
a) Supported by another work piece b) Held by hand
c) Supported by an angle plate d) Held without support

While laying out, the Vernier height gauge must be used on the:-
a)Veeblock b) Surface plate
c) Machine bed d) On any flat surface

Which one of the following formula is applied to find the tail stock off set, when turning
tapers by offset method?

Which one of the following instruments is used to measure accurately the angle of taper?
a) Bevel gauge b) Bevel protractor
c) Vernier bevel protractor d) Taper gauge

Which one of the following instruments is used to measure accurately the angle of taper?
a) Bevel gauge b) Bevel protractor
c) Vernier bevel protractor d) Taper gauge

Which one of the following statements is true in respect of taper turning using telescopic type
of taper turning attachment?
a) The tool post is pushed or pulled during axial movement of the saddle
b) The compound slide is pushed or pulled during the axial movement of the saddle
c) The cross slide is pushed or pulled during the axial movement of the saddle
d) The saddle itself is pushed or pulled during the axial movement of the saddle

In thread cutting with chasers on lathe the hand chasers are used for:...............
a) Quick production of threads.
b) Cutting threads on soft metals directly
c) Rectifying threads cut on steel rods which are distorted.
d) Rectifying crest and root of threads formed by single point tool.

A centre gauge is used to..............
a) Check the pitch of the thread
b) Set the tool to exact centre height
c) Check the flank angle of a "V" threading tool
d) Determine the length of cutting edge of the "V" threading tool

Which one of the following methods of joining metals results in the fusion of the parent
a) Soldering b) Welding c) Brazing d) Riveting

A multi start square thread is to be cut on a lathe with single point tool. Which one of the
following angles of the tool is to be ground by taking into consideration, the thread helix
a) Side relief b) Front Clarence      c) Side rake d) Side clearance

The principle of universal bevel protractor is similar to that of: -
a) Depth micrometer b) Dial test indicator
c) Vernier bevel protractor d) Fixed gauge

By which one of the following methods, a multi start thread is cut on a lathe..................

a) By using a die head. b) By a chaser
c) By a single point tool d) BY a split die

A 200 mm long has one end dia is 100 is.....................
a) 0.01 mm b) 0.02 mm
and second dia is 80 mm. The taper
c) 0.04 mm d) 0.05 mm

During taper turning by offsetting tail stock method the part of tail stock offsetted is.............
a)Body b) Spindle c)Base d) Whole unit

On which part of the Vernier bevel protractor, are the main scale divisions graduated?
a) Blade b)Disc c)Dial d) Stock

The size of a Vernier height gauge is specified by:-
a) Weight of the height gauge b) Size of the scriber
c) Height of the beam d) Width of the beam

Which one of the following thread forms is provided on thread shafts, whose thread pitch is
expressed in module?
a) Buttress thread     b) Worm thread       c) Saw tooth thread   d) Knuckle thread

The taper per foot of BS 10 self-holding taper is........
a) 0.5161 per foot     b) 0.5611 per foot     c) 0.6151 per foot     d) 0.611 per foot

Which one of the following angles is not ground on a form tool?
a) Front clearance angle b) Rake angle
c) Side clearance angle d) Relief angle

The graduations are marked at the base of the tail stock. To offset the body these graduations
are given in..........
a) Degrees b)mm c) Taper per foot      d) Radians

Which of the following combination of change of gears required when the pitch of a lead
screw is 6 mm and the pitch of the thread to be cut is 1.25mm?
a) Driving gears 40 & 120 and Driven gears 50 & 20
b) Driving gears 50 & 120 and Driven gears 40 & 20
c) Driving gears 50 & 20 and Driven gears 40 & 120
d) Driving gears 40 & 20 and Driven gears 120 & 50



The necessity of tack welding in a joint is
A join two pieces of plates
B join two pieces of pipes
C control distortion during welding
D eliminate spatters

During arc welding the correct angle of the
electrode with the welding line Is..........
A 35°
B 40° to 50°
C 70° to 80°
D 90°

The hose pipe for the oxygen line is
A black
B maroon
C red
D brown

To prevent the danger of harmful rays from
the electric arc use...............
A a leather apron
B a leather gloves
C a welding shield
D a goggle with plain glass

Which one of the following is the cause for
porosity in arc welding?
yA High current setting
B Low welding speed
C Use of wet electrode
D Long arc length

Which type of gas flame is the most suitable
for brazing?
Oxy-LP gas flame
Oxy - acetylene gas flame
Oxy - coal gas flame
Oxy- hydrogen gas flame

Which bonding material is suitable for
grinding fine edged tools?
A Silicate bond
B Shellac bond
C Vitrified bond
D Rubber bond

Hand taps are made from
A  stainless steel
B   mild steel
C   low carbon steel

d) high carbon steel

The straight shank drill is held in the main
spindle of drilling machine by..............
A  floating holder
B collet
C chuck
D sleeve

The distance a drill advanced into the work
for each revolution is called the............
speed of a drill
depth of a drill
feed of a drill
cutting speed of a drill

What coolant is used for drilling the
aluminium job?
Dry air
Soluble oil
Mineral oil

After threading a hole by a tap, it was found
that the crest of thread was not formed
completely, this defect is due to...........
A insufficient coolant supply
B broken tip of cutting edge of the tap
C hole size slightly less than the tap drill size
D  hole size slightly more than the tap drill size

The part of the reamer which allows the
chips to pass and admit the coolant to the
cutting edge is called..........

The property of metal by virtue of which they
can be rolled into their sheet without
breaking is called....................
A ductility
B malleability
C toughness
D tenacity

Feeler gauges are used to check
radii of the given component
gap between the mating parts
particular standard thread pitch
precision length measurement

The most commonly used size of the vernier
height gauge is stated by the height of the
beam is.................
A  275 mm
B   300 mm
C   325 mm
D  350 mm

Three square scraper is used for
A  large diameter holes
B   bearing surfaces
C  small diameter holes
,D   large flat surfaces

What is the drill point angle for general
B 112°
C 110°
D 108°

The difference between the maximum limit of
size and the minimum limit of size is
A upper deviation
B  lower deviation
C tolerance
D  actual size

Wrought iron is produced in
A  blast furnace
B  electric arc furnace
C   cupola furnace
D   puddling furnace

Brass is an alloy of
A  copper and tin
B   lead and tin
C  copper and zinc
D   copper and lead

While drilling the drill gets over heated. This
is due to..............
A excessive cutting pressure
B  more lip clearance angle
C  less cutting angle
D   material being drilled is ductile

A plug gauge is used for measuring
taper bores
cylindrical bores
spherical holes
screw threads

Vernier height gauge are used in conjunction
with the.................
angle plate
surface plate
face plate
base plate

BSW threads has angle of.
A 30' B 45" C 55° D 60"

Name the type of machine tap while tapping,
the chips are forced out ahead of the tap.
A   Fluteless spiral pointed tap
B   Thread forming tap
C   Gun tap
,D   Helical fluted tap

Plug tap is used to
A  start thread
B  rough thread
C  quick thread
D  finish thread

Double ended adjustable tap wrenches are
used for.............
hard material
large diameter
starting thread
fine tapping

The hole can be checked by
plug gauge
B   feeler gauge
C   snap gauge
D   slip gauge

Which type of thread is used in precision
BSW thread
BA thread
Acme thread
Square thread

During drilling, the feed rate is expressed
B mm/min
C mm/rev
/d degree

Organic bonded wheels can withstand
A  rough usage
B tool room usage
C  smooth usage
D  high capacity

in which gauge GO and NOGO comes in
the same end?
A  Double ended plug gauge
B Progressive
Snap gauge
D  Slip gauge

Which is the purest form of iron?
Wrought iron
Cast iron
Pig iron

The product obtained from smelting in the
blastfurnace is..............
A cast iron
B   pig iron
C  wrought iron
D steel

The carbon content in wrought iron ranges
A 0.02% to 0.03%
B  0.02% to 0.1%
C   3% to 4%
D  0.01% to 0.05%

Metals ability to with stand scratching,
abrasion and penetration property is
A malleability
B toughness
C hardness
D ductility

Which one is a good conductor of heat and

Name the bond which is used for heavy duty,
large diameter wheels where a fine finish is
A  silicate bond
B  rubber bond
C   vitrified bond
D   shellac bond


july 2017 semester-2 fitter theory
Jenny caliper is used to
a) For finding the external of round bar b) For finding the internal round bar
c) For finding the center of round bar d) For finding the angles

While drilling the drill gets overheated this is due to......
a) More lip clearance angle b) Less cutting angle
c) Material being drilled is ductile d) Excessive cutting pressure

Angle of BSW 'V form thread is............
a) 60° b) 55°
c) 47.5° d) 45°

To find/ check the clearance between two mating parts,..........Gauge is used
a) Radius b) Fillet
c) Feeler d)Plug

Vernier height gauge works on the principle similar to
a) Vernier micrometer b) Vernier caliper
c) Vernier bevel protector d) None of the above

Which of the following thread is used for transmitting motion?
a) Round thread b) Trapezoidal thread
c) ISO Metric thread d)BSW thread

The coating of electrodes for welding mild and low alloy steels...... is used to provide
gaseous shield with reducing agent.
a) Metal Carbonates b) Titanium Oxide
c) Ferromanganese and Ferro silicon d) Cellulose

Shaping of grinding wheel to make it run concentric with the axis is called: -
a) Dressing b) Truing
c) Balancing d) Glazing
Bronze is an alloy of copper and.........
a) Zinc b)Tin
c) Lead d) Silver
The difference between the maximum limit of sizes is equal to
a) Upper deviation b) Lower deviation
c) Tolerance d) Actual size

Name the Instrument to measure the diameter of round rod.
a) Depth Micrometer b) Inside micrometer
c) Outside micrometer d) Tube micrometer

Which one of the following elements cannot be checked with the screw pitch gauge
a) Pitch b. Lead
c) Profile d. Depth
Operation for making a seat for bolt head, washer or nut is called
a) Spot facing b- Counter boring
c) Countersinking d. Grooving

The Number of divisions on Vernier scale of a Vernier micrometer (metric) are: -
a) 5 b) 10
c) 50 d) 100

The surface of a grinding wheel develops a smooth and shining appearance is called -
a) Glazing b) Loading
c) Dressing . d) Truing
Files are made of.........
a) Forged wrought iron . b) Mild Steel
c) High carbon steel d) Aluminum
What is the functional part "pilot" provided in reamers-
a) Finish Concentric Hole b) Removing chips
c) Hold in tap wrench d) Hold in machine spindle.

Pudding furnace is used to produce............
a) Pig Iron b) Cast Iron
c) Wrought Iron d) Steel
In Oxy acetylene welding, color of oxygen cylinder is
a) Red b) Maroon
c) Black d) Brown
Which flame is suitable for cutting operations-
a) Oxidizing flame b) Carburizing flame
c) Neutral Flame d) None of these
Which flame is suitable for welding of non ferrous metals (brasses and bronzes)
a) Oxidizing flame b) Carburizing flame
c) Neutral Flame d) None of these

A left hand screw advances in: -
a) Clockwise b) Anticlockwise
c) Any direction d) None of these

Acme thread is a modified form of:-
a) Vee thread b) Square thread
c) Saw tooth thread d) Worm thread

Mechanical seals are used to: -
a) Prevent vibration b) Prevent leakage
c) Reduce Function d) Balance the equipment

Interchangeability of parts is best suited for: -
a) Batch production b) Mass production
c) Job production d) None of the above

Hook Scrapers are used for scraping......
a) Curved surface b) Hollow Surface
c) Centre portion of a flat surface d) Bend surface

In Marking of grinding wheels,...........compulsory symbols are used?
a) 7 b)8
c) 6 d) 5

While over tighten the bench vice which part will get damage?
a) Handle  b) Spindle
c) Square nut d) Fixed Jaw

Zero line represents:
a) Upper deviation
c) Zero deviations
b) Lower deviations
d) None of the above

Twist drill are made of .............,
a) High speed steel .   b Low carbon steel
c  Stainless steel d) Wood

Which type of apron is used while during welding
a) Cotton
c) Silk
b) Plastic
d) Leather and worn

Which one of the following is not reason for accident
a) unawareness of danger b) Negligence
c Improper use of tools d) Using gloves

In Lap Joint, plates are kept , _
a) At straight angle b In butt positions
c) Overlap position d) At a angle

Killed steel is opposite of...............steel
a) Carbon
c) Rimmed
b) Alloy
d) None of these

Welding flux is used for
a) Radiation
c) Reduction
b) Oxidation
d) To stop oxidation

The least count of a Vernier bevel protectors
a) 1"
b) 1°
c) 5"

What should be done immediately if a cylinder leaks due to defective valves or safety plug

a) Try to repair it yourselt
c) Inform other to the suppliers
b) Ask other to repair it
d) Move it to a safe area

Pressure welding process, generally used in sheet metal fabrication is called
a) Arc welding
c) Spot welding

b) Gas welding
d) Thermit welding

The clearance angle of a drill is between
a) 3° to 5°
c) 12° to 20°
b) 8° to 12°
d) 15° to 20°

Property of wr ought iron is decide by-
a) Carbon and magnesium b) Carbon and manganese
c) Aluminum and carbon d) Magnesium and manganese

The drilled hole is more than drill size due to
a) Incorrect clearance b) Unequal lip lengths
c) Inappropriate cutting angle d) Large Helix angle


Which is not the type of pin?
a) Dovel pin
b) Hollow pin
c) Split pin
d) Tab pin

In colour code system, what does red colour mean?
a) Danger
b) Compulsion
c) Emergency
d) All of these

Principle of micrometer is based upon....
a) Nut and bolt
b) Difference between thimble and vernier scale
c) Rack and pinion
d) None of these

Which of the following scraper is also known as bearing scrape
a) Half round scraper
b) Triangular scraper
c) Two-handle scraper
d) Hook scraper

Split die is used by holding it in....
a) Circular die stock
b) Adjustable die
c) Die nut
d) Solid die

Which of the following formula is used for finding the cutting speed of the drill?
a) πDN/1000 m/min
b) πx1000/DN m/min
c) 1000xDxN/π m/min
d) None of these

If there are two flutes in any drill, then the number of cutting edges will be..........
a) Two b) Three c) Four d) Zero

It is a welding transformer which converts A.C. into D.C.
a) Motor generator
b) Engine generator
c) Rectifier
d) All of these

Taper tap is the tap in which threads are chamfered on the lower side.
a) 8 to 10   b) 3 to 5
c) 20 to 25 d) None of these

The tool which gives support to the rivet head, is-
a) Lolly
b) Trolley
c) Dolly
d) None of these

Which of the following is mounted in order to support nut, bolt, screw, etc.?
a) Key
b) Coupling
c) Washer
d) None of these

Which of the following is not a foundation bolt?
a) Eye foundation bolt
b) Rag bolt
c) Lewis bolt
d) Cheese head bolt

Which of the following is a part of preventive maintenance?
a) Lubrication
b) Inspection
c) Servicing
d) All of these

Which of the following error occurs in an unused machine?
a) Depletion
b) Corrosion
c) Jamming
d) All of these

Dial test indicator is a precision instrument, which is used for measuring...........
a) The size of job 
b) The parallelism and straightness of job
c) The height of job  
d) None of these

Which metal is used in galvanization?
a) Tin
b) Zinc
c) Lead
d) None of these

Purest form of iron is-
a) Cast iron
b) Wrought iron
c) Pig iron
d) None of these

In interference fit, shaft is always than / to hole.
a) Smaller
b) Bigger
c) Equal
d) None of these

The measured dimension size of any workpiece or component is known as........
a) Basic size
b) Nominal size
c) Accepted size
d) Actual size

There are 16 grades in British Standard Institute system, which are as follows
a) 1 to 16
b) O to 15
c)  A to P
d) None of these

Gauges, which are used for checking the inspection gauges, are known as.........
a) Workshop gauges
b) Snap gauges
c) Master gauges
d) None of these

Which of the following gauge is suitable for internal measurements?
a) Ring gauge
b) Plug gauge
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these

2A46K5B19 is the specification of a grinding wheel. Here, what does 'B' indicate?
a) Grit size
b) Resinoid bond
c) Shellac bond
d) Grain size

Size of superfine grains is given by the numbers ranging from -
a) 0-20
b) 24-60
c) 70-150
d) 400-600

The face of grinding wheel shines and becomes blunt. This phenomena is known as........
a) Loading
b) Glazing
c) Dressing
d) Gauging

The distance covered by a nut in one rotation is known as-
a) Pitch
b) Lead
c) Tap
d) Screw

Which tool is used for taking out the broken tap from job?
a) Tap puller
b) Tap opener
c) Tap chuck
d) Tap extractor

Depth of BIS metric thread is given by..........
a) 0.6 x Pitch
b) 0.6134 x Pitch
c) 0.6403 x Pitch  
d) 0.5 x Pitch

Front part of   is known as pilot.

Counter bore Drill

Capacity of pillar type drill machine is.........
a) 12.5 mm
c) 25 mm

Reaming makes a hole size
a) Bad
b) Zig-zag
c) Finished
d) None of these

In Acetylene gas welding valve should be closed first immediately after backfire.........
a) Acetylene valve
b) Oxygen valve
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these

Process of welding of two different metals is known as-
a) Homogeneous welding
b) Heterogeneous welding
c) Fusion welding
d) Spot welding

Oxygen cylinder is filled al the pressure of..........
a) 15-16 kg/cm2
b) 120-150 kg/cm2
c) 200-220 kg/cm2
d) None of these

What is used for the levelling of machines?
a) Spirit level
b) Marking table
c) Marking gauge
d) Scriber

Bolts are generally made up of-
a) Mild steel
b) Cast iron
c) Brass
d) Silver

In which furnace cast iron is manufactured?
a) Blast furnace
b) Cupola furnace
c) L.D.M. furnace
d) Pudding furnace

Dally maintenance of machines is known as ...........
Break — down maintenance Preventive maintenance
Routine maintenance

can also be made from old and wear out files?
a) Scraper
b) File
c) Drill
d) Blade

The difference between maximum & minimum measurement of any part is known as.......
a) Limit
b) Fit
c) Tolerance
d) Allowance

For which work, open structure wheel is used?
a) Rough grinding
b) Finishing
c) Super Finishing
d) All of these

What is the point angle of flat drill?
a) 112°
b) 118°
c) 90°
d) 17°

In which welding process, filler rod of same material is used?
a) Heterogeneous welding
b) Autogeneous welding
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these

MAG stands for.......
a) Metal Active Gas
b) Metal Inert Gas
c) Metal Arc Gas
d) None of these

The color of the walls of welding booth is............
a) Red b) Green c) Yellow d) Black
Transformer, by which voltage gets down and current gets high is known as..........
a) Step- up transformer
b) Step — down transformer
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these

Hematite is the ore of.......
a) Aluminium
b) Copper
c) Iron
d) Zinc

The filament of bulb is made up
a) Chromium
b) Vanadium
c) Tungsten

d) Nickel

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