The type of hacksaw frame in which only one standard size blade can be fitted is known as
a) Frame
b) Solid frame
c) Adjustable frame
d) None of these

G I sheet, thickness about 24 gauges is
a) 0.56 mm
b) 2.0mm
c) 0.2mm
d) 1 .0mm

The reference surface during marking is provided
a) Surface gauge
b) Work piece
c) Drawing of work
d) Marking table surface

The process of cutting internal threads using a tap, is called
a) Dieing
b) Tapping
c) Threading
d) Reaming

In a four-stroke diesel engine, during suction stroke
a) Mixture of diesel & air is sucked in
b) Only diesel is sucked in
c) Only air is sucked
d) None of these

The tapes are usually made in the set of
a) Four numbers
b) Two numbers
c) Three numbers
d) Five numbers

Combustion chambers are formed hetween the cylinder head & the: -
a) Cylinder block
b) Intake manifold
c) Valve stem

The accuracy of Steel rule is
a) 0.50 mm
b) 1.0 mm
c) 1.5 mm
d) None of these

Rubber insulting gloves shall be tested.
a) Before first issue
b) Every six month
c) Every year
d) Piston

The stroke of an engine is the
a) Distance between the TDC & BDC
b) Volume of cylinder
c) Length of the piston
d) Length of connecting rod

The colour of exhaust from diesel engine is generally.
a) Bluish
b) White  
c) Black
d) Violet

First degree burns
a) Involves only the top layer of skin
b) Is red and blistered
c) Destroys are layers of skin
d) Is the most series of burns

The commonly used standard lengths of hacksaw blades are.. mm and
a) 400,500
b) 100,200
c) 250,300
d) 140,175

During electric shock
a) There may be fatal paralysis
b) Sudden stoppage of breathing
c) There may be burns
d) All of these

Compression loss in l.c engines occurs due to
a) Leaking piston rings  
b)'Use of thick head gasket
c) Clogged air inlet slots
d) All of the above

The main cause of white smoke is
a) The injected fuel is not being burnt
b) Incorrect fuel pump timing
c) Lubricating oil is being burnt d) All of these

the four stroke cycle engine, at the same engine speed.
a) Half
b) two times card
c) Same  
d) four times

A two stroke cycle engine givesthe number of power strokes as compared to

The least count of Vernier caliper is
a) 0.01 mm
b) 0.02 mm
c) 0.001 mm
d) 0.20 mm

In a four stroke cycle engine, the sequence of operations is
a) Compression, expansion, suction and exhau*
b) Suction, expansion, compression and exhaust
c) Expansion, compression, suction and exhaust
d) Suction, compression, expansion and exhaust

A new hack blade after a flew strokes become loose because of the
a) Stretching of the blades
b) Wing nut thread being worn-out
c) Wrong pitch of blade
d) Improper selection of the set of saws

Diesel as compared to petrol is
a) Highly ignitable  
b) More difficult to ignite
c) Less difficult to ignite my
d) None of these

The reamer is used for
a) Drilling holes in thin sheets
b) Drilling deep holes
c) Remove burs
d) Enlarging & finishing holes

For the same compression ratio
a) Compression ratio has nothing to do with efficiency
b) Both Otto and Diesel cycles are, equally efficient
c) Diesel cycle is more efficient than Otto
d) Otto cycle is more efficient than the Diesel

Millimeter scale in a micrometer is marked on  
a) Barrel
b) Thimble
c) Spindle   
d) Anvil

Piston rings are generally made of
a) Cast iron
b) Brass
c) Copper
d) Aluminum

The advantage of Vernier caliper over micrometer is that it
a) Is easier and quicker to use
b) Is more accurate
c) Can be used to make both inside outside measurement over a range of sizes
d) All of these

Straight snips can be used for cutting large external curves
a) True
b) False
c) Either (a) or (b)
d) None of these

The war page of cylinder head is checked with a
a) Metal Rule
b) Vernier caliper
c) Micrometer 
d) Dial gauge

What is the function of flux?
a) Remove oxides from soldering surfaces
b) Prevent corrosion
c) Helps molten solder to flow easily
d) All of these

A hole is drilled between crank shaft main journal &'crank pin for
a) Balancing of crank shaft
b) Reducing crank shaft weight
c) Lubricating connecting rod bearings
d) Reducing crankshaft vibration

Open comuustion chamber is suitable for only
a) Slow speed, four stroke cycle engines
b) High speed, two stroke cycle engines
c) Slow speed two stroke cycle engines
d) High speed, four stroke cycle engines

Crank shaft
a) Converts reciprocating motion in to rotary motion
b) Converts rotary motion in to reciprocating motion
c) Converts reciprocating motion
d) Converts rotary motion

Why are soldering irons made with copper heads?
a) Because copper has good conductivity
b) Because copper has good conductivity & strong affinity for the solder
c) Because copper has bed conductivity
d) None of these

Dressing & bandages are used to
a) Reduce the victim pain
b) Reduce internal bleeding
c) Help control bleeding & prevent infection
d) Any one of these

Identify the following figure?
a) Half-moon stake
b) Brick iron stake
c) Creasing iron
d) Hatchet stake

The least count of a Vernier caliper in which 19 main scale division are divided into 20  equal divisions in the Vernier scale will be
a) 0.01 mm
b) 0.02 mm
c) 0.04 mm
d) 0.05 mm

A spark plug gap is kept from
a) 0.3 to 0.7 
b) 0.2 to 0.8 mm
c) 0.4 to 0.9 mm
d) 0.6 to 1.0 mm

For cutting solid brass, the most suitable pitch ofthe hacksaw blade is
a) 1.8 mm
b) 1.4 mm
c)  1.0 mm
d)  0.80 mm

The engines can work on very lean mixture of fuel.
a) Spark ignition
b) Compression ignition
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these

In "A" category of fire, following combustible material is present
a) Solids
b) Liquids
c) Gases
d) Liquids & solids

In the open combustion chamber
a) The fuel injected directly into the space on the top of cylinder
b) The fuel injected directly into the space on the bottom of cylinder
c) Either (a) or (b)
d) Neither (a) nor (b)

In internal combustion engine, the process of removing the burnt gases from the combustion chamber of the engine cylinder is known as
a) Detonation
b) Supercharger
c) Scavenging
d) None of these

In diesel engine the diesel fuel injected into cylinder would burn instantly at about compressed Air temperature of
a) 250° C
b) 500° C
c) 1000° C
d) 2000° C

Which one of following compressed in a Diesel engine?
a) Air alone
b) Air & fuel
c) Lubrication   oil
d) Oil

In indirect-injection type
a) Combustion space is divided into two parts
b) Combustion space is divided into three parts
c) Combustion space is divided into four parts
d) None of these

In jacket Water cooling system, the fresh water enters the diesel engine at the: -
a) The bottom of the cylinder jackets
b) The top of the cylinder jackets
c) The middle of the cylinder jackets
d) None of these

In a diésel engine, the fuel is ignited. by
a) Spark
b) Injected fuel
c) Heat resulting from compressing air that is supplied for combustion
 d) Ignition

Diesel engine as compared to petrol is
a) Highly ignitable
b) Less difficult to ignite
c) More difficult to ignite
d) All of these

The injection pressure in a diesel engine is about
a) 50 bar
b) 150 bar
c) IOO bar
d) 200 bar

The tyne of bearing most commonly used for main bearing & connecting rod bearing is: -
a) Plain bearing
b) Ball bearing
c) Needile roller bearing
d) Taper roller bearing

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