Marine boilers burning H.F.O. face a problem of cold corrosion due to high sulphur content. The minimum flue gas temperature within any boiler part is kept above due point of 1-12S04. The actual dew point of 1-12S04 in flue gases depends on the -
a) Ambient air temperature
b) Boiler furnace temperature
c) HFO sulphur content and moisture in combustion air
d) None of these

Cooling system of marine diesel engine is
a) Direct cooling
c) Air cooling
b) Indirect cooling
d) None of these

After your overhaul a centrifugal pump is not rotating what may be the possible cause-
a) Uneven tightening of casing bolts
c) More wear ring clearance
b) Gasket thickness very thin
d) Both (a) & (c)

Salinity of distilled water produced from fresh water generator onboard depends on-
a) Amount of feed set in fresh water production
b) Amount of salt water leaking from condenser, if any
c) Efficiency of brine ejector from the evaporator shell
d) All of theses

Water cooling system is employed in -
a) Small engines
c) Both (a) & (b)
b) Big engines
d) None of these

The flow rate in gear pump-
a) Increases with increase in pressure
b) Decreases with increase in pressure
c) More or less remains constant with increase in pressure
d) None of these

Which of the following is most suited to act as a deck air compressor?
a) Lobe type
c) Screw type
b) Reciprocating type  
d) None of these

Auto Clean filters are cleaned by means of-
a) Compressed air
c) Back flushing
b) Turning the spindle
d) All of these

The white smoke is observed for running of an engine due to -
a) No problem in combustion
c) Late ignition
b) No problem in cooling
d) None of these

Two compressors should not be run in parallel because-
a) There is possibility of losing oil from the compressors
b) It is not efficient to run two compressors
c) It will give over capacity in the system
d) All of these

Spark plug is used in-
a) Petrol engine
c) Steam engine
b) Diesel engine
d) All of these

Manual hand starting system of an engine is for capacity-
a) Approx. up to 125 H.P
c) Approx. up to 60 H.P
b) Approx. up to 130 H.P
d) Approx. up to 45 H.P

An air compressor is employed in injection system.
a) Air
c) Air & fuel
b) Fuel
d) None of these

Which of the following valve is liable to open or close under pressure of fluid. if not locked in position?
a) Gate Valve
c) Plug valve
b) Globe valve
d) Butterfly valve

Pump starts but motor gets overloaded or trip on overload. The probable cause may be
a) Alignment is wrong
c) Worn out / damaged ball bearing
b) Gland packing too tight
d) All of these

Which of the main shaft segments •listed below, that are connected with the main engine, are
coupled to the tail shaft flange?
a) Thrust shaft
c) Intermediate shaft
b) Stern-tube shaft
d) Crank shaft

A fluctuating and unsteady vacuum in an evaporator may be caused by -
a) Wet steam entering the air ejector nozzle
b) Pinhole leaks in the evaporator tube nests
c) Rapid scaling on the evaporator tube nests
d) High water levels in the last effect

Vacuum evaporators onboard are tested for max vacuum by
a) Pressure testing of evaporator shell
b) Leak test evaporator shell
c) Carry out leak test for vacuum pump and fittings
d) Both (a) & (b)

Which of the fuel oil impurity can cause maximum abrasive damage?
a) Water
c) Catalytic fins
b) Ash
d) Sodium

Suddenly stoppage of diesel engine may be due to -
a) Air in system
c) Water in air filter
b) Water in system
d) All of these

Which one of the following method is normally used to lubricate bearings in a small highspeed diesel engine?
a) Splash lubrication
c) Mechanical lubrication
b) Pressure lubrication
d) None of these

The battery cells that cannot be recharged are called as-
a) Secondary cells
c) Voltaic cells
b) Primary cells
d) None of these

The purpose of adding pigment to the paints is that it -
a) Gives the colour & filling up effect to the paint
b) Makes paint film hard
c) Optimizes the viscosity
d) All of these

AC stands for-
a) Alternating current
c) Alternating computer
b) Armature current
d) None of these

A gear pump is used in-
a) Hydraulics governor
c) Porter governor
b) Centrifugal governor
d) None of these

Fuel injector is also known as-
a) Nozzle
c) Fuel atomizer
b) Fuel inlet
d) All of these

In airless injection, the main part is -
a) Fuel pump
c) Both (a) & (b)
b) Fuel injector
d) Neither (a) nor (b)

The fuel feed pump in the diesel engine is mounted -
a) On  fuel tank
b) On the injected punch

The primary winding of induction coil consists of
  a) 1000 turns of thin wire
b) 100 tums of thin wire  

The pipe carrying diesel from fuel pump to nozzle in diesel engine is made of -
a) Steel
c) Cast iron
b) Copper
d) PVC

The standard wire has resistance than solid wire.
a) Morec) Equal
b) Iwss d) More or less
a) Non-toxrc
b) Non -inflammable d)

Condenser is basically a temporary storage device    
a) Electricity
b) Heat

The pressure in air less injection is-
a) 150 bar
c) Toxic & non —inflammable
Highly toxic & inflammable
Temperature Energy
10 bar
Amonia is-
b) 100 bar
d) 5 bar

The main requirement of an ignition system is that the-
a) Spark at the electrode must be regular and timed with respect fo the cylinder„piston   position
b) Spark should be sufficiently strong so as to start ignition of the charge
c) System should function efficiently at the maximum and minimum speeds of the engine
d) All of these

The colour of the positive plate of lead acid battery is-
a) White
c) Black
b) Grey
d) Brown

Cetane number of diesel fuel is a measure of -
a) Viscosity
c) Delay period
b) Volatile
d) Ignition quality

An instrument used to check thc state of battery is
a) Hydrometer
c) Anemometer
b) Hygrometer
d)  Battery charger

The purpose of the capacitor in a coil ignition system is to-
a) Act as a mechanical switch
b) Suck the flux and prevent arcing at the plug
c) Direct the current to the appropriate plug
d) None of these

Which is a part of marine fuel system of diesel engine?
a) Hydraulic tank
c) Main fuel oil tank
b) Lubrication tank
d) All of these

Helical gears have their teeth -
a) Straight over the wheel rim
c) Curved over the wheel rim
b) Inclined to wheel rim  
d) None of these

The capacity of battery bank is expressed in -
a) Ampere-hour
c) Horse power
b) Watt
d) Meter/second

A centrifugal compressopvvorks on the principle of-
a) Conversion of pressure energy into kinetic energy
b) Conversion of kinetic energy into pressurc energy
c) Centripetal action
d) None s of these

The purpose of a hole in the shoulder of a connecting rod's big end is for
a) Lubrication of the cylinder walls
c) Reduction of weight
b) Prevention of carbon build up d) Provision of air to bearing

In turbocharger, the turbine wheel & the compressor wheel are mounted on the -
a) Same shaft
c) Different shaft
b) Same axle
d) None of these

The unit of potential difference is-
a) Ampere
c) Volt
b) Coulomb
d) Watts

Which one of the following ignition system components advances spark timing?
a) Distributor
c) Ignition switch
b) Ignition
d) Vacuum advance

Valves used in diesel engine fuel oil pressure piping are to be -
a) Installed to close against flow
b) Solenoid released upon the failure of engine lubrication
c) Either of the gate or globe valve type
d) Forge constructed under the approval of the Marine Inspector

Anti fouling paints are being used as a-
a) Intermediate coatc) Final coat
b) Primer   d) None of these

Blue smoke of the engine occurs due to
 a) No defect in lubrication system
b) Combustion of lubrication oil inside the engine
 c) No defect in fuel system
d) Noné of these

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