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He would starve to death rather than_a loan.
a) Have asked b) Ask
c) To ask d) To have asked

It was easy to guess what they had been doing..........
a) From living b) So as to live
c) For a living d) To live

Reading comprehension means understanding a.....
a) Oral b) Written
c) Usual d) Audio

Once the message is encoded in a desired format it is transferred through a medium called .......
a) Channel b) Medium
c) Media d) Way

It is important to consider proper__ where you are giving your presentation.
a) Darkness b) Lighting
c) Lightning d) Ventilation

Any word that adds more meaning to the noun is called
a) Adverb b)Verb
c) Adjective d) Noun

Our dress code is an example of__ communication.
a) Verbal b) Nonverbal
c) Written d) Spoken

The application letter is -
a) A description of your core strengths and suitability for the job
b) A statement of your job objective
c) . A summary of your qualifications and experiences
d) A foreword

A light sensitive device that converts drawing, printed text or other images into digital form
a) Keyboard b) Plotter
c) Scanner d) OMR

In order to tell Excel that we are entering a formula in cell, we must begin with an operator
such as -
a) $  b) @  c) =  d) +

Microsoft Word is an example of-
a) An operating system b) Processing device
c) Application software d) System software

The      ._program compresses large files into a smaller file.
a) WinZip b) WinShrink
c) WinStyle d) None of these

Ctrl + C is used to -
a) Copy the selected text b) Cut the selected text
c) Paste the selected text d) Print the selected text

Which of the following is not the correct method of editing the cell content?
a) Press the Alt key b) Press the F2 key
c) Click the formula bar d) Double click the cell

LAN stands for -
a) Local Area Net
c) Local Area Network
b) Long Area Network
d) Long Area Net

Which of the following should be used when you want to add a slide to an existing
a) File, add a new slide b) Insert, New slide
c) File open d) File, new

Communication is a non-stop_
a) Paper b) Process
c) Programme d) Plan

Environmental barriers are same as       "_noise.
a) Physiological b) Psychological
c) Physical d) Cultural

Personification of strength and violence are considered as___gender.
a) Masculine b) Feminine
c) Common d) Neuter

The_are used to present using overhead projectors.
a) Acetate film sheet b) Paper sheet
c) Polythene sheet d) Butter paper

In_ listening the main intension is to seek certain information which will be
a) Empathetic
c) Evaluative
b) Appreciative
d) Dialogic

_context refers to the similarity of backgrounds between the sender and the
a) Physical b) Social
c) Cultural d) Chronological

Understanding      ._different parts of speech forms the base of leaning grammar.
a) Five b) Eight
c) Seven d) Six

When you should plan to arrive for your interview -
a) 2 hours early b) 1 hours early
c) 30 minutes early d) Right on time

The experience of feeling competent to cope with the basic challenges in life and of being
worthy of happiness is -
a) Arrogance b) Self-esteem
c) Wishful thinking d) Self efficacy


She was so shy.......all invitations.
a) That to refuse b) As to refuse c) As refusing d) For refusing

...........can't always be the best.
a) None b) Every one
c) No one d) One

The ........... is an exclamation mark.
a) ! b) ? c) : d) @

A ....... may be defined as the name of a person place or thing.
a) Verb b) Noun c) Pronoun d) Adverb

Most of our day to day reading is done .........
a) Loudly
b) Intensively
c) Silently
d) Extensively
A ..........is a word which connects words phrases, clauses or sentences.
a) Preposition
b) Conjunction
c) Interjection
d) Verb
............is nothing but checking whether we have followed the earlier stages promptly and efficiently.
a) Review b) Reading c) Recalling d) All of these

In an interview when you do not know an answer, you should ......
a) Admit you do not know the answer b) Keep guessing
c) Remain quiet d) Bluff

Any data or instruction entered into the memory of a computer is considered as ..........
a) Storage b) Input c) Output d) Information

An error is also known as  ........
a) Bug b) Debug
c) Cursor d) Icon

Microsoft window is a (n) .......
a) An operating system
b) Graphic program
c) Word processing
d) Data base program

To view headers and footers, you must switch to ........
a) Normal view
b) Print layout view
c) Print preview mode
d) Both (b) & (c)

Ctrl + V is used to .......
a) Copy the selected text 
b) Cut the selected text
c) Paste the selected text
d) Print the selected text

Which ofthe following cell pointer indicates you that you can make selection?
a) Doctor's symbol (Big Plus)
b) Small thin plus icon
c) Mouse pointer with anchor at the tip
d) None of these

WWW stands for .......
a) World Wide Web
b) Word Wide Web
c) World Word Web
d) Word World Web

Which one is not a search engine?
a) Google b) Bing  c) Yahoo d) Myntra

......... communication includes tone of voice, body language, expression etc.
a) Non verbal b) Verbalc) Letter d) Notice

Proper nouns always begin with ......... letters.
a) Running b) Capital c) Small   d) Numerical

A noun that dandies neither a male nor female is.......gender.

a) Masculine b) Feminine c) Common d) Neuter
..........is an aggressive behavior and will most likely bring a negative response  from the speaker.
  a) Yawning b) Slapping c) Interrupting d) Dancing

The language of the report should be .......
  a) Formality b) Casual c) Fonnal   d) Loose

.............is the person who notices and decodes and attaches some meaning to message.
  a) Driver b) Receiver c) Sender d) Cleaner

In oral communication the speaker can observe the listener's ............ to what is being elated.
a) Response b) Rejection c) Reaction d) Reset

Which of the following is NOT good practice when in an interview?
a) Sit upright in your chair
b) Cross your arms
c) Speak in varied tones d) Smile

One of the major consequences of high self - esteem is ..........
a) Increased worker involvement on teams
b) Decreased complaints from unionized workers
c) Good mental health
d) Increased absenteeism


Which of the following input device is used in playing computer games?
a) Scanner
b) Light pen
c) Joy stick
d) Digital camera

Which of the following is used to capture and store scenery when you go to visit a hill station?
a) CPU
b) Photo scanner
c) Handheld scanner
d) Digital camera

............. is used for CAD and CAM applications.
a) Printer
b) Scanner
c) Barcode Reader
d) Plotter

Two popular pointing devices are
a) MICR and OCR
b) Light Pen and Joy Stick
c) Mouse and Joy Stick
d) Mouse and Digital Camera

8 bits=.............. byte (s).
a) 3 b) 4 c) 1 d) 2

External memory or .........  is a form of permanent storage.
a) Secondary memory
b) Primary memory
c) Internal memory
d) Random Access memory

GUI stands for .........
a) Group User Interface
b) Graphical Utility Interface
c) Graphical User Interface
d) Guided User Interface

To move a file/ folder from one location to another, use ................ option.
a) Copy and Paste
b) Cut and Paste
c) Move and Paste
d) Delete and Paste
........... is a list of available commands.
a) Windows explorer
b) Desktop
c) Menu
d) Icons

Different type of indentations are .............
a) Left and Right
b) First Line and Right
c) Left and First Line
d) Left,First Line and Right

Broadband refers to ...........
a) Speed of data transfer
b) Amount of data transfer
c) Both (a) & (b)  
d) None of these

Before final printout is taken, you can see the ............ of the worksheet to see how it would appear in the printout.
a) Print sample
b) Page setup
c) Print preview
d) None of these

BCC option is used to send a copy of e-mail to ...........
a) A blind person
b) Several people without letting them know sender's address
c) Several people without letting the other recipients know
d) All of these

Fill in the blank with a. an: the or this ..........   Aeroplane flies in the air.
a) A b) An c) The d) This

A group of words which makes sense, but not completes sense, is called ...........
a) Phrase
b) Adverb
c) Adjective
d) Verb

Choose the correct answer in responds to the mentioned question. "When will you see the movie"?
a) At 3.15 P.M., tomorrow
b) In PVR cinema
c) At 2.45 P.M.
d) At home

We should ............. during communication.
a) Not listen the speaker, carefully
b) Interface to the speaker
c) Listen to the speaker. carefillly  d) All of these

Choose the correct preposition?
The young gentleman is engaged Miss Brown.
a) In b) With c) At d) Above

Which one from the following is not a cardinal number .........
a) 20 b) 56 C) 18th  d) 9

Which is a silent letter in the word 'Psychology'?
a) O b) H c) S d) P

Fill in the blank with correct future tense of verb.   "He ............ for you at the station".
a) Has wait
b) are waiting
c) Had wait 
d) Will wait

The key of success is .........
a) Commitment
b) Discipline
c) Hard work
d) All of these

A normal person can speaks .............. words per minute.
a) 125 - 150 b) 150 - 175 c) 100 - 125 d)  200

Synonym of the word "Blend" is .........
a) Mix
b) Auard
c) Daring
d) Proposal

Idioms provide ......... ..... in communication.
a) Motivation
b) Clarity
c) Speed
d) Barrier

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