Which one of the following governs the selection of feed when turning on work piece?
A) Type of coolant required
B) Surface finish required
C) Tool geometry
D) All of these

The sliding surface of lathe bed are......
A) Flame hardened
B) Case hardened
C) Normalized
D) Tempered

Which one is not  part of centre lathe
A) Saddle
B) Feed rod
C) Arber
D) Lead screw

Which one is not  part of centre lathe
A) Saddle
B) Feed rod
C) Arber
D) Lead screw

Advantages of four jaw chuck are...
A) Large diameter can be held by reversing the jaw
B) It has more gripping power
C) Irregular work piece can be held easily
D) All of these

While finding solution to AC CIRCUIT, Vector quantities are added or subtracted

One of the method for solving
Vector quantities is.....
A) Parallelogram method
B) Scalar method
C) Algebraic method
D) Numerical method

AC Winding-Electrical degrees

Total electrical degrees for a three phase winding depends on number of....
A) Slots
B) Phases
C) Coils
D) Poles

In the assemblies obtained by using the system of limits and fits, the dameged part....
A) Can not be replaced
B) May be easily replaced without rejecting the assembly
C) are to be scrapped
D) Have to be made with new tolerance

Interpretation of elements  in dimensioning.
 A size a component is given as 24_0.1mm. What does -0.1 indicat?
A) Lower deviation is 0mm
B) Lower deviation is 0.1mm
C) Upper deviation is +0.1mm
D) Fundamental deviation is 0mm

Which on of the bushes used in a drill jig and parmits cutting tool of different diameters
A) Removable bushes
B) press fit bushes
C) Liner bushes
D) Fixed removable bushes

Which type of valves are widely used in pipe fitting systems for controlling air, Steam and water
A) clobe valve
B) Gate valve
C) Needle valve
D) Check valve

How many jaw used in pin vice
A) One
B) two
C) three
D) Four

The tool maker vice made of...
A) Steel
B) High carbon steel
C) Wrought iron
C) Cast iron

Parellal jaw bench vice box but made of....
A) Phosphorous bronze
B) Cast iron
C) Wrought iron
D) Steel

What is the type of the vice in forging shop?
A) pin vice
B) quick release vice
C) Bench vice
D) Leg vice

What will be result, If the clearance angle in drill is increased...
A) Increased point angle
B) Poor wedging action
C) weak cutting edge
D) Rough hole surface

How do you recognise a drill for soft metals...
A) The chisel edge angle
B) The large helix angle
C) The point angle which is 90degree
D) The small helix angle

The included angle of the counter sinking portion of center drill of type 'B' used for protecting the centre hole is....
A) 90degree
B) 75degree
C) 120degree
D) 100degree

Which type of valve is used to optain a fine degree of control over the flow of in pipe line....
A) Check valve
B) Needle Valve
C) Gate valve
D) Globe valve

Which type valve is best suited for main supply pipe line...
A) Check valve
B) Gate valve
C) Needle Valve
D) Globe valve

The flank angle and the form of the fine screw thread can be checked by using......
A) Thread micrometer
B) plug gauge
C) Snap gauge
D) Optical projector

A gear wheel has 36 teeth 36 (z) and 3mm modul (m). It's pitch diameter (pd) is...
A) 80
B) 108
C) 12
D) 75

The sliding saw cutter is used for...
A) Cutting thin sheet
B) Key way cutting
C) cutting off operation
D) Angle milling

The rotary table is mainly used on vertical milling machine to mill...
A) Serration
B) Flat surfaces
C) circular surfaces
D) gear teeth

In the BIS systems of limits and fits, 25 hole division are specified in using....
A) Capital letters
B) Capital letters with numbers
C) small letters
D) Small letters with numbers

In the BIS system of limits and fits, the grades of tolerance are represented by numbers and there are....
A) 14 Grades of tolerance
B) 16 Grades of tolerance
C) 18 Grades of tolerance
D) 20 Grades of tolerance

Side and face cutter are used for making...
A) Vee slot
B) Key ways
C) Vee groove
D) Slot and shoulders

How does hand reamer differ from from machine reamer
A) Less number of cutting teeth
B) More number of cutting teeth
C) Equal spacing of cutting edges
D) Longer bevel lead for cutting edges

A spiral milling attachment is used on a milling machine. It is driven by...
A) vertical feed
B) feed gear box
C) Machine Spindle through  the belt in the housing
D) Machine Spindle through gear in the housing

The taper ratio of jarno taper is...
A) 1:25
B) 1:10
C) 1:15
D) 1:20

The standard metric taper pins are available in sizes ranging from...
A) 2.5mm to 50mm
B) 1.5mm to 40mm
C) 1.5mm to 50mm
D) 2.0mm to 40mm

In a spur gear, If module is 4mm, The tooth depth will be......
A) 3.00mm
B) 4.00mm
C) 9.00mm
D) 6.00mm

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