V-block (vee locators) are used for clamping as well as locating when faces are inclined uptp:-
a)30* b) 12* c) 9* d) 3*

Gun metal is an alloy of copper:
a) Tin and Zinc  c) Zinc and Nickel  b) Lead and Zinc  d) Lead and Nickel

Brass in an alloy of
a) Copper and Tin  e) Copper and Zinc  b) Lead and Tin  d) Copper and Silver

TQM is meant to satisfy _
a) Shareholders    c) People in the organization  b) Consumers  d) All of these

Which one of the following thread forms on bolts and nuts is meant for general fastening
a)V thread     b) Square thread   c) Knuckle threads    d) Acme threads

A tab washer is used for
a) Self -locking  c) Avoiding vibration   b) Locking the nuts  d) Fastening vibration work

Electroplating is done on jobs to resist corrosion. Which pole of a D.C supply is connected to the work in electroplating process?
a) Positive pole b) Positive terminal post c) Negative pole d) Negative terminal post

Which material is used for joining CI pipe?
a) Brass    c) Lead     b) Tin    d) Corrosion

The brass used making the joint in brazing for soldering material is ......................
a) Flux b) Borax c) Spelter d) Soft soldering

Which type of key is used for coupling a pulley with a shaft?
a) Square key   b) Woodruff key  c) Gib head key   d) Flat saddle key

Which one of the following reason in responsible for shearing of rivet in a riveted joint?
a) Diameter of the rivet is too small     b) Diameter of the rivet is too large
c) Thickness of plates vary                  d) Pitch of the holes is too small

Viscosity is an internal property of a fluid, it is a measure of its resistance to :-
a) Current    b) Light   c) Sound     d) Flow

The storage space of a fluid is called................
a) Strainer    c) Plug    b) Reservoir   d) Pump

In a pneumatic system, a sensor serves the purpose of .....................
a) Transmission    b) Control   c) Feedback    d) Storage

Typical locating device for cylindrical job used in jigs and fixtures are
a) Drill jigs   b) V-block   c) Mandrels   d) Angle plate

A jig is a device used for_.
a) Holding the workpiece       b) Guiding the tool
c) Loosening the workpiece d) Holding the workpiece and guide the tool

In a vee belt the angle between the side is.....................
a)10 degree     b) 20 degree   c) 30 degree     d) 40 degree

The function of a washer is..................
a) To fill the axial gap                  c) To absorb shock and vibrations
b) To provide cushioning effect    d) To provide bearing area

What joint is used for temporary pipe line?
a) Expansion joint   b) Flange joint  c) Screwed joint   d) Collar joint

Which pipe is used for interior work?
a) Steel pipe   c) Wrought iron pipe    b) PVC pipe   d) Lead pipe

Name the part marked 'x' shown in figure.
a) Stuffing box   c) Gland nut   b) Bonnet.  d) Metal disk holders

Soldering iron are made of copper because..........................
a) It is heavy
c) It is thermal expansion is more
b) It is a bad conductor of heat
d) It is good conductor of heat

Which type of thread is used for power screws?
a) Metric b) Knuckle  c) Square d) BSW

Which nonferrous metal tensile strength can be increased by hammering or rolling?
a) Lead b) Copper  c)Tin d)Zinc

Which type of knot is used to joins two pieces of rope of equal diameters?
a) Slip knot b) Bowline knot  c) Square knot d) Sheep shank knot

Belt slips reason is__
a) Less tension   c) High starting torque   b) Pulsating load  d) Shock load

Name the rivet head used for heavy fabrication work,
a) Flat head b) Pan head  c) Snap head d) Mushroom

To put off class 'B' fire the type of fire extinguisher used_
a) Dry powder b) Foam type c) Carbondioxide d) Jet of water

In a riveted joint the plates are placed end-to-end and jointed through cover plates. This
joint is called_
a) Lap joint b) Butt joint.  c) Edge joint d) Corner joint '.

In a riveted joint the edges of plates are simply laid over each other and riveted.
This joint is called__.
a) Lap joint b) Butt joint c) Edge joint d) Corner joint

Which flux is used for soldering?
a) Zinc chloride  c) Hydro chloric acid  b) Ammonium Chloride  d) All of these

In the process of soldering, you have noticed solder not sticking to sufficiently heated
copper soldering bit when rubbed over solder bar. What step do you take to overcome the
a) Pre- heat the solder b) Clean the bit thoroughly
c) Change the soldering bit shape d) Rub the bit over solder for longer period

Oil fire extinguished by _
a) Putting water on it
c) Soda acid extinguisher
b) Foam extinguisher
d) None of these

The best way of avoiding accident is by_.
a) Doing work in ancient way
b) Doing work in one's own way
c) Observing safety rules related to job, machine and workplace
d) Using safety equipment

In case of electric fire, which one of the following should not use_
a) Put water on it b) Use sand or clay
c) Use C.T.C. extinguisher d) Use dry chemical powder

Name the type of jig in which a base plate is not available,
a) Plate jig b) Box jig  c) Trunnion jig d) Latch jig

An accident is_.
a) Unplanned event b) Non-controlled event
c) Undesirable event d) All of these

The included angle for the V belt is usually in degrees .............
a) 10 to 20   c) 30 to 40  b) 20 to 30  d) 60 to 80

The standard taper of pin
a) 1:20
c) 1:40
b) 1:30
d) 1:50

Best conductor of heat and electricity is
a) Nickel  c) Chromium   b) Copper  d) Aluminium

Melting temperature range of soft solder_. :
a) 150-350 °c b)600-900°c
c) 500-600 °c d) None of these

Medium solder contains .
a) 37% lead and 63% tin b) 50% lead and 50% tin
c) 70% lead and 50% tin d) None of these ..

"Cyaniding" and "Nitriding" are two methods of_.
a) Hardening b). Case hardening
c) Tempering d) Normalising

Case hardening is a method of producing hard skin on the surface of
a) High-carbon steel parts b) Cast iron (heavy parts)
c) Low-carbon steel parts d) Alloy steel parts

Radial distance of a gear tooth from the pitch circle to the top of the tooth is known as: -
a) Addendum b) Dedendum
c) Module d) Pitch

The rolling contact bearings are known as
a) Thick lubricated bearings
c) Thin lubricated bearings
b) Plastic bearings
d) Antifriction bearings

The purpose of lubrication
a) To reduce friction
c) Transfer heat produced
b) To reduce wear
d) All of these

When close the pipe end is required fitting of_
a) Plug b) Cap
c) Socket d) Tee

For shaft in parallel and rotating in same direction the belt drive used
a) Open b) Cross
c) Diagonal d) None of these

The size of gear is usually
a) Pressure angle
c) Diametrical pitch
b) Circular pitch
d) PCD

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