The tool used give support while bending sheet metal is known as:
a) Fuller b) Flatter c) Snip d) Stake

Length of snap head rivet is given by the formula: -
a) L=2d
b) L=T+O.6d
c) L = T + 1.5d
d) None of these

That part of hammer which is used for striking is known as: -
a) Pein b) Face c) Cheek d) Eye hole

This part prevents the motion of micrometers spindles: -
a) Ratchet stop b) Split internal thread
c) Tapered nut d) Locking device or lock nut

Vernier Calipers inventor 'Pierre Vernier' hailed from which of the following country?
a) Italy b) Germany c) France d) None of these
In Normalising process, hot steel is made cool by following: -
a) By immersing it in oil
b) By keeping it in still air at room temperature
c) By leaving it in cold air
d) By immersing it in water

Bent snip is used for: -
a) For removing burr
b) For making hole on sheet
c) For bending sheet
d) For cutting sheet with curved lines

Which rivet is appropriate for the riveting of soft metal like leather,  etc.
a) Snap head rivet b) Pan head rivet
c) Divided or bifUrcated rivet
d)Counter sunk head rivet

Which vice is used in forging shop?
a) Hand vice b) Bench vice   c) Leg vice d) Pin vice

Which type of dcwice or instrument the caliper is?
a) Direct measuring instrument b) Indirect measuring instrument
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these

Which is the most conductive metal of electricity?
  a) Copper b) Aluminium c) Gold d) Iron

The forging of cast iron is not possible due to which property?
a) Softness b) Brittleness
c) Ductility
d) None of these 

Power hammer mostly operated by which of the following: -
a) By hand b) By electricity  c) Both (a) & (b)   d) None of these

What happens by increasing the amount of carbon in steel?
a) Hardness increases
b) Rigidity increases
c) Rigidity decreases
d) Ductility increases

The filing of wood, rubber etc. is done by which of the following file?
a) Curved file
b) Single cut file
c) Double cut file
d) Rasp cut file

Where the hatchet stake is used?
a) For riveting
b) For making flange
c) For folding sheets
d) None of these

Pinning of file is removed by:
a) File card b) File handle c) Wire brush d) Dresser

Why soft jaws are used •in vice?
a) To protect the finished surfaceb
b To protect the jaws of the vice
c) To hold the job more strongly
d) To protect the file

should be intended before marking.........
a) Reference point
b) Centre point
c) Parameter point
d) Internal point

Which of the following is not related to marking media?
a) Layout Die
b) Prussian Blue
c) Surface Plate
d) None of these

marking media takes too much time to get dry and it make clear lines.
a) Prussiqn Blue
b) Chalk powder
c) Copper sulphate
d) None of these

Maximum keys are made up of:
a) High speed steel
b) Mild steel
c) Cast iron
d) Pig iron

There is negative error 0.03 mm in any micrometer. If the micrometer gives the reading of 40.53 mm, then what will be the accurate readings?
a) 40.50 Millimeter
b) 40.56 Millimeter
c) 40.83 Millimeter
d) 40.23 Millimeter

With the help of Vernier Bevel Protractor any angle can be measure upto the accuracy of the of 1 0 .
a) 10th Part b) 1 2 th Part C) 9th Part d) 4th Part

25. While marking from Vernier height gauge, it should be moved by holding its base in such a way that: -
a) Main scale should bend
b) Zero error or main scale should check
c) Main scale should not bend
d) Base of the offset scriber should be parallel to the surface plate

Cyaniding and Nitriding are the two methods of which of the following process?
 a) Hardening b) Case Hardening c) Tempering d) Normalizing

Zinc coated sheet is known as.....
a) Tin coated sheet
b) Galvanized iron sheet
c) Stainless steel
d) Lead sheet

Which tool is used to cut excessive thick sheet?
a) Snip b) Shear c) Hem d) None of these

Which of the following stakes gives double ended support?
a) Hatchet stake b) Half-moon stake c) Creasing iron stake d) Horse stake

What is the full förm of C PC?
a) Carbon Tetra Chloride
b) Carbon Tin Chloride
c) Calcium Tetra Chloride
d) None of these

Which type of thread is used in spindle of bench vice?
a) Acme thread b) V thread c) Square thread d) Knuckle thread

Which metal is generally used to make hammer?
a) Mild steel b) Cast iron c) Wrought iron d) Cast steel

1° is equal to: -
a) 60 seconds b) 60 minutes c) 360 minutes  d) 360 seconds

Offset scriber is used to: -
a) Vernier caliper
b) Vernier height gauge
c) Vernier micrometer
d) None of these

Which of the following is not a type of chisel?
a) Cross cut chisel
b) Round nose chisel
c) Bull nose chisel  
d) Diamond point chisel

Prussian blue is a........
a) Marking tool b) Measuring tool
c) Marking media  d) All of these

Datum line is also known as........
a) Centre line b) Outline c) Reference line d) None of these

V-Block is made of: -
a) Close grained cast iron
b) Aluminium
c) Mild steel  
d) None of these

Point angle of scriber is........
a) 60 0 b)  15 0 c) 5 60 d) None of these

Classification of file is not done on the basis of:
a) Grade b) Size c) Cut   d) Angle

Which property leads a metal to be drawn into wire?
a) Malleability b) [Ductility c) Elasticity d) Plasticity

The nut used to fix bladé in hacksaw frame is known as:
a) Dome nut b) Thumb nut c) Wing nut d) Castle nut

Distance between two adjacent teeth ofhacksaw is known as:
a) Volume b) Velocity c) Field d) Pitch

Which drilling machine is used in mass production?
a) Bench type drilling machine
b) Pillar type drilling machine
c) Portable type drilling machine d) Gang type drilling machine
File is made up of: -
a) Stainless steel
b) Mild steel
c) High carbon steel
d) None of these

The shape of beak in anvil is like: -
a) Camel
b) Elephant 
c) Cow horn
d) Butterfly

head of soldering iron is made of: -
a) Cast iron b) Mild steel c) Copper d) Tin

The sides of sheet are folded to make them safe and strong. These folds are called: -
a) Seam b) I lem c)Band D) Rib

Filler metal of brazing is: - c) Band
a) Solder b) Spelter  c) Both (a) & (b) D) None of these

The thickness of sheet metal is measured by which guage?
a) Snap guage
b) Feeler guage
c) Wire guage

d) None of these

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