Wireman theory sem 2 july 2017

july 2017 sem 2 wireman theory
Which of the following instrument can be used to measure only DC?
(a) M-C. instrument (b) M.I. instrument
(c) Induction t>pe instrument (d) None of these

The internal resistance of an ammeter is —
(a) Zero (b) Very low   (c) Very high (d) Infinite

The moving iron type voltmeter and ammeter are suitable to measure the potential Difference and current in ..............
(a) A.C. circuit only (b) D.C. circuit only (c) Both (a) & (b) (d) None of these

Ammeter and voltmeter come under the categogy of................
(a) Indicating instruments (b) Recording instrument
(c) Integrating instrument (d) Standard instrument

The resistance of a voltmeter as compared to an ammeter is..............
(a) Very low (b) Equal  (c) Very high (d) Equal to twice

Ohm meter is ............
(a) A meter to record ohm (b) Used to measure resistance
(c) Combination of ohm and meter    (d) An indicating instrument

In a moving iron type ammeter the coil has ..............
(a)Large number of turn of thick wire
(b) Large number of turn of thin wire
(c) Few turns of thin wire
(d) Few turns of thick wire

A meggar is basically a ..........
(a) Moving iron type mstrument        b Movine coil type instrument
 (c) Hot wire instrument    (d) Electrolytic instrument

Which is the integrating instrument ?
(a) Volt meter   (b) Energy meter   (c) Watt meter  (d) Power factor meter

Maximum current measure by the clip on ammeter

(a) 700 amp.
(c) 800 amp.
(b) 500 amp.
(d) 1000 amp.

Volt meter should be very high resistance so that-
(a) Its range is high
(b) Its accuracy is high .
(c) It may draw current minimum possible
(d) Its sensitivity is high

The wattmeter which cannot be used on D .C. circuit is-

(a) Thermal wattmeter
(c) Induction wattmeter

(b) Electrostatic wattmeter
(d) Electro - dynamic wattmeter

The induction type single phase energy meter is -

(a) An ampere-hour meter
(c) A watt meter
(b) A watt hour meter
(d) None of these

The burden of current transformer is expressed in -

(a) Volt - ampere rating
(b) Current and voltage of secondary winding
(c) Current rating of secondary winding
(d) Watt rating

instrument current transformer is used to operate

(a) Volt meter d) Ammeter
(c) Ohm meter (b) Watt meter

instrumerrt potential transformer is used to operate..

(a) Volt meter d) Ammeter
(c) Ohm meter (b) Watt meter

C.T.S . stands for -
(a) Calcutta tramway service
(c) Current trashing system
(b) Cab tyre sheathed
(d) None of these

As per I.E. rule medium voltage line is-

(a) 0 to 230 volt
(c) 650 to 1000 volt
(b) 230 to 650 volt
(d) above 1000 volt

Which wiring system is inside of watt?
(a) P.V.C. wiring (b) Batten wiring
(c) Concealed wiring (d) Pipe wiring

In house wiring all bulbs fans are connected in -
(a) Series (b) Series - parallel
(c) Parallel   ' (d) All of these

Green coloured cable indicated that-
(a) Phase line (b) Neutral line
(c) Ok line (d) Earthing connection

According to I.S.L the maximum power load in a sub - circuit should not be more than -

(a) 1000 w or two points (b) 2000 w or two points
(c) 3000 w or four points (d) 500 w or one point

Fan point is fixed at the ground level to height of -
(a)2.75mtr. ' (b)2.44mtr.
(c)1.52mtr. .(d) 2.13 mtr.

Light point is fixed at the ground level to height of -
(a) 2.75 mtr. (b) 2.5 mtr.
(c)2.13mtr. . (d) 1.8 mtr.

Surface conduit wiring in saddle to saddle fixed on wall between the distances of the length -
(a) 1 mtr. (b) 3 mtr.
(c)2mtr. (d)5mtr.

Earth connection can be available from -
(a) Pole / Ground (b) Meter
(c) Fuse (d) Switch Board

Red colour wire known for-
(a) Earth (b) Phase
(c) Neutral (d) Insulated wire

One of following is not a current conductor -
(a) Aluminium (b) Silver
(c) Plastic (d) Copper

Refrigerator, Air conditioner, Microwave oven, washing machine need socket / plug with
minimum the capacity -
(a) 16 amp. (b) 2.5 amp.
(c) 6 amp. (d) 10 amp.

Which, material is used for wiring continuous bus bar?
(a) Aluminium (b) Copper
(c) Both (a) & (b) ' (d) None of thes.

For what voltage level are the screwed conduit circuit used -
(a) Less than 250 volt (b) For voltage between 250 volt
(c) For voltage above 600 volt (d) None of these

Which among these is a method of wiring?
(a) Joint box (b) Tee system

(c) Loop in system (d) All of these

Candela is the unit of ~
(a) Luminous flux (b) Luminous intensity
(c) Wavelength (d) None of these

The unit of luminous flux is -
(a) Steradian (b) Candela
(c) Lumen (d) Lux

Which of the following will need the highest level of illumination?
(a) Proof reading (b) Bed rooms
(c) Hospital wards (d) Railway plate forms

Which bulb operates on lowest power?
(a) Night bulb (b) Neon bulb
(c) GLS lamp (d) Torch bulb

When a sodium vapour lamp is switched on, initially the colour is -
. (a) Pink (b) Yellow,
(c) Green (d)Blue

In a sodium vapour lamp the discharge is first started in the -
(a) Neon gas (b) Nitrogen gas
(c) Argon gas . (d) Krypton gas

A gas filled filament bulbs, the gas used is —
(a) Oxygen (b) Helium
(c) Nitrogen (d) Ozone

In fluorescent tube circuit choke acts -
(a) Starter (b) Power factor improving device
(c) Source of heat (d) Current limiting device

Neon signs, helium is used for -
(a) Yellow colour (b) Green colour
(c) Red colour (d) Blue colour

In neon signs, neon with a mixture of mercury gives -
(a) Green colour   " (b) Blue colour
(c) Red colour (d) Yellow colour

Fluorescent tube can be operated on -
(a) A.C. Only (b) B.C. only
(c) Both A.C. & D.C. (d) None of these

U.P.S. stands for
(a) Universal power supply (b) Uninterrupted power supply
(c) Under power supply (d) None of these

Laser printer is -
(a) Character printer (b) Line printer
(c) Page printer (d) None of these

Combination of two or more networks are called —
(a) Internet work (b) W.A.N.
(c)MA.N. (d) L.A.N.

Index hole is related to -
(a) Hard disk (b) Flopy disk
(c) Printer (d) C.P.U.

Word RAM. stands for -
(a) Random access memory (b) Read access memory
(c) Read arithmetic memory (d) Random arithmetic memory

Indentify the network hardware of a home network -
(a) Access point (b) Nic card
(c) Analog modem (d) Fire wire

Which of the following is not a network hardware?
(a) Network switch (b) Bridge
(c) Print server (d) Network interface card

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