1. What is first aid?
  a) Completing a primary survey b) The first help given to injured
  c) Assessment of loss
  d) Treating an injured
2. The following i} indirect cost of accident: -
a) Money paid for treatment b) Compensation paid
c) Cost of lost time of injured d) All of these
D . Class — A fire consists of fire due to: -
a) Wood b) Oil
c) Transformer d) Chemical
4. Minimum reading taken by micrometer screw gauge is: -
a) 0.1 cm b) 0.01 mm
c) 0.1 mm d) 0.01 m
5. Which of the following is hardest material?
a) Copper b) Ceramics
c) Steel d) Diamond
6. File used for wood work is: -
a) Single cut file   b) Double cut file

c) Rasp cut file d) None of these

7. What is mean by the rate of flow of an electric charge?
a) Electric current b) Electric potential
c) Electric resistance d) None of these
8. Which type of nut prevents slipping while tightening?
a) Square nut  b) Hexagonal nut
c) Castle nut d) None of these

9. Annealing improves: -
a) Grain size b) Mechanical properties
c) Electrical properties d) All of these
10. Which of the following joints have high corrosion resistance?
a) Welded joint b) Riveted joint
c) Bolted joint  d) None of these
l l . An "n" type semiconductor is: -
a) Positively charged b) Negatively charged

c) Elecfrically neutral d) None of these
12. The positive plates of nickel iron cell is made by:

a) Nickel hydroxide b) Lead peroxide
c) Ferrous hydroxide d) Potassium hydroxide
13. Which one is best suited to extinguishing oil or flammable liquid fire?
a) Soda acid b) Vaporizing liquid
c) Foam d) Dry chemical
14. Range of measuring tape is: -
a) I meter b) Several meters
c) 2 meters d) I Kilometer
Contd.. .3/
15. Cutting forces at the cutting tool can be measured by: -
 a) Dynamometer b) Viscosity meter

c) Sine bard) Combination set
 16. Check list for job safety analysis consists of:
a) Work area, material, machine, tools b) Men, machine, material, tools
c) Men, machine, work-areas, tools
17. A connecting rod is made by: - d) Men, work area, material, tools
 a) Casting   b) Drawing
c) Forging   d) Extrusion

18. Minimum reading of Vernier calipers is: -
a) I mm b) I cm
c) 0.1 mm   d) 0.1 cm

19. What is the unit of potential difference?
a) Ohm b) Volt meter
c) Volt d) Ampere meter
20. Which one is the example of plastic welding?
a) Gas welding b) Arc welding
c) Forge welding d) Thermit welding
 Which of the following cutting condition is more affects the tool wear?
a) Cutting speed b) Feed
c) Depth of cut d) None of these

A battery consists of: -
a) Diodes
b) Circuits
c) Generator  
d) Number of cells

Industrial safety management is the branch of management which is concerned with hazards from the industries.
a) Reducing
b) Controlling
c) Eliminating
d) All of these

Which of the following tools are generally manufactured by powder metallurgy?
a) Low carbon steel
b) High carbon steel
c) Abrasives
d) Cemented carbide

When a pure semiconductor is heated, its resistance
a) Goes up
b) Goes down
c) Not changed
d) Can't say

A screw jack is used where do we need

a) Rotational motion b) Linear motion
c) Both (a) & (b) d) None of these

The clearance angle is provided on the tools due to: -
a) Strength the tool
b) Shear off the metal
c) For easy flow of chips
d) Prevent the tool from rubbing on work piece

The following is used to check the diameters of holes:
a) Plug gauge
b) Ring gauge
c) Slip guage
d) Standard screw pitch gauge

In oxy-acetylene welding colour of oxygen cylinder is: -
a) Red
b) Maroon
c) Black
d) Brown

Materials are softened by:
a) Carburising  
b) Tempering
c) Normalising
d) Annealing

Which property is used to oppose the flow of current?
a) Potential difference b) Capacitance
c) Inductance d) Resistance

The following class of fire occurs in electrical equipment: -
a) Class A fires b) Class B fires
c) Class C fires d) All of these

Which type of thread is used in screw jacks?
a) V thread b) Acme thread
c) Square thread

Water is used to extinguish? d) None ot these
a) Class A fires
b) Class B fires
c) Class C fires
d) All of these

The following is generally provided with limit switch to prevent motion beyond preset limit: -
a) Hoists
b) Machine tables
c) Conveyors
d) All of these

Sulphation in a lead acid battery occurs due to: -
a) Heavy charging b) Fast charging
c) Slow charging d) Incomplete charging
37. Which one of the föllowing sequences will give the best accuracy as well as surface finish?
a) Drilling, Reaming, Grinding b) Drilling, Boring, Grinding
c) Drilling, Reaming, Lapping d) Drilling, Reaming, Electroplating
38. What is the SI unit of electric current?
a) Ampere b) Ohm
c) Faraday d) None of these
39. Which one is not the pan of a two stroke petrol engine?
a) Piston b) Valves
c) Connecting rod d) Spark plugs

40. Acetylene can be prepared by chemical reaction between: -
  a) Water & calcium carbide b) Water & chemical carbonate

c) Hydrogen & calcium carbided) Hydrogen & chemical carbonate
41. Which flame is suitable for welding of nonferrous metals?
a) Oxidising flame b) Carbuising flame
c) Neutral flame d) None of these
42. As the temperature of a transistor goes up, the base emitter resistance: -
a) Decreases b) Increases
  c) Remains the same d) None of these
43. What is the frequency of domestic power in India?
a) 105 Hz b) 60 Hz
  c) 210 Hz d) 50 Hz
44. The capacity of a cell is measured in

a) Ampere b) Ampere-hour
c) Watts d) Watts-hours
45. The following is not used to measure angles: -
a) Bevel protector b) Calibrated levels
c) Clinometers d) Optical flats
46. Which of the following gas mixture is not used in Gas Tungsten arc welding?

a) Argon-Helium b) Argon-Nitrogen
c) Argon-Hydrogen d) Argon-Carbon dioxide
47. Heat engine uses energy to produce mechanical work.

a) Thermal b) Fluid
 c) Kinetic d) Electric
Contd. . . 7/

48. The degree of closeness of the measured value of certain quantity with its true value is  known as: -
a) Accuracy b) Precision
 c) Standard d) Sensitivity
49. In an automobile engine, indication of knocking is available in the form of: -
a) Light b) Gas
c) Sound d) None of these
50. A transistor is a operated device.

a) Current b) Voltage
c) Both (a) & (b) d) None of these

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