1. l.c engines are those engines where fuel is burnt -
a) Inside the combustion chamber c) Inside the induction manifold

b) Outside the combustion chamber d) Inside the exhaust manifold
2. In a two stroke engine how many power stroke is / are available in two revoluüons of crank shaft -
a) One b) Two c) Three d) Four

3. The sequence of four stroke cycle operation of l.c. engine is -
 a) Induction — power — Compression — Exhaust
b) Induction — Compression — Power — Exhaust

c) Compression — Induction — Power — Exhaust
 d) Compression — Exhaust — Power - Induction
4. The petrol engine is also known as -
a) s.l. Engine b) Steam Engine c) C.I. Engine d) None of these
  5. A square engine will have -
a) Bore > Stroke . Bore = Stroke

b)' Bore < Stroke d) Length of engine = Width of engine
6. The kilometers run by a vehicle is recorded by -

a) Speedo meter Tachometer
b) Odometer d) Speed indicator
Contd 2/

7 The volume of cylinder from TDC to BDC is called -
 a) Stroke Volume c) Overall Volume
b) Clearance Volume d) None of these

8 T — Slot is provided in the piston -
a) For the passage of lubricating oil
b) For cooling purpose
c) To accommodate the expansion of piston when heated up
 d) None of the above

9 The function of connecting rod is to -

a) Transmit the piston motion to the crankshaft
  b) Turn the flywheel
c) Turn the fuel pump
d) turn t.he drive plate
10 The basic part of the engine, to which the other engine parts are attached or assembled is called -
a) Cylinder b) Crank shaft c) Cylinder block d) Oil pan (sump)
11 In a 4 — stroke diesel engine the fuel is injected in to the combustion chamber at the end  of stroke.

a) Suction c) Power
b) Compression d) Exhaust
12 For a four stroke l.c. engine, how many times each inlet and exhaust valves opens and closes per minute if r.p.m. of 'the engine is 2000?

a) 1000 times b) 200C) times c) 3000 times d) 4000 times

13 Generally the compression rati o of diesel engine is -  
a) 8 to 12 : 1 b) 12 to 15 : 1 c) 16 to 22 : 1 d) 23 to 30 : 1  
Contd. ...3/

14 The relation among IHP, BHP and FHP is -
15 In diesel engine the fuel is by -
a) An electric spark c)
b) The hot exhaust d)
16 The diesel fuel is rated by -


The heat of the compressed air
Igniter plug

a) Octane number c)  Flash point
b) Cetane number d) Fire point
17 When the gudgeon pin (piston pin) is free in piston bosses but locked with connecting rod   small end, the type of locking method of piston pin is called -
a) Semi — floating c) Free pin
b) Three quarter floating d) Fully floating
18 Which types of cylinder liner outer surface have direct contact with liquid coolant or  water?
a) Dry liner c) Semi-dry liner
b) Wet liner d) Semi-wet liner
19 Firing order of a 4 — cylinder engine is -
 a) 1—2—3—4 c) 1-3-4-2 d) 1-4-2-3
20 Which component is fitted to the diesel engine crank shaft at the opposite side of  flywheel for balancing?
a) Timing gears c) Rubber cushion
b) Vibration damper d) Pulley

 21 Which tool is used to check the flatness of cylinder head?
a) Spirit level c) Micrometer
b) Straight edge and feeler gauge d) Vernier caliper
Contd.. ...4/-
22 Sequence for tightening cylinder head mountings is
a) In any sequence c) Diagonally from outer to centre
b) Diagonally from centre to outward d) In zig zag way
23 The most widely used fuel supply system for car engine is -
a) Gravity b) Pressure system c) Vacuum system d) Pump system
24 Most commonly used water / liquid cooling system is -

a) Thermo Syphon System
 b) Impeller thermo syphon system
c) Pump Circulation System
d) Any of these
25 The opening temperature of thermostat valve fitted in liquid cooling system is -
a) 50 - 550C b) 55 - 600C c) 60 750c d) 75 800C
26 The functions of Lubrication System is Automobile engine is / are -
a) It reduces wear
 b) It takes away heat and gives washing action
c) It seals piston ring with cylinder wall

 d) All of these
27 One of the reason for misfiring of engine is -
a) Restriction in Intake manifold c) More air intake
b) Engine over heated d) Restriction in exhaust manifold
28 In l.c. engine, the reason for low oil pressure is -
a) Worn out main and big and c) Chocked oil gallery or suction pipe

b) Oil pump gear worn out d) Any of these
29 Oil pressure relief valve is fitted to -
a) Oil sump b) Main oil gallery c) Oil pump d) Oil strainer

30 For a given size of engine, the power output, with super charger is able to increase by

a) 20 - 30 b) 30 — 40 c) 40 - 50 d) 50 - 60

31 Paper type air filter is cleaned by -
a) Kerosene b) Diesel c) Compressed air d) water
32 Advantage of pintle nozzle over hole nozzle is
a) It avoids deposition of carbon at spray hole
b) It provides better atomization
c) It provides spray of diesel at all angles
d) Less fuel consumption
33 The full form of CRDI is -
a) Rail Direct' Injection c) common Rate Diesel Injection
b) Common Rail Diesel Injection d) common Rate Direct Injection
34 The petrol engine exhaust gas contains excessive quantities of CO due to -
a) Insumcient air during combustion
b) Lean air fuel ratio
c) Low temperature combusüon
d) High temperature combusüon
35 Which one of the toxic component is reduced by an EGR system?

a) NOX d) CO
36 Ignition warning lamp does not light even after switching on the iY1ition key, the  probable cause is -
a) Lamp bulb burnt out

b) Fuse blown off
c) Open circuit between lamp and Ignition switch
d) Any one of these
37 Which of the following is not the cause of "engine over heating"?
a) Lack of coolant c) Defective water pump
b) Wheel wobble d) Insufficient engine oil
Contd. ..6/-
38 "The engine is noisy" the probable cause is
a) Use of low octane fuel c) Broken piston ring
b) Loose piston pin d) Any one of these
39 In which type of engine LPG or CNG fuel can be used?
a) C.I. Engine c) Any one of these
b) S.L Engine d) None of these
40 Which of the following is multi grade oil?
a) SAE 20 b) SAE - 40 c) SAE - 20W40 d) None of these
41 Which type of oil pump is generally fitted with heavy vehicle engine?
a) Gear type c) Electric type
b) Rotor type d) Diaphragm type
42 In dry sump lubrication system the engine oil is stored in -
a) Oil sump of engine
b) A separate oil reservoir near engine oil sump (pan)
c) Oil storing is not required at all
d) None of these
43 To remove piston rings from ring grooves which tool is used?
a) Piston ring filer c) Piston ring expander
b) Piston ring compressor d) Screw driver
44 During bleeding operation of diesel fuel system, which pump is operated manually to   remove air from the fuel system?
  a) Priming pump c) Plunger pump
b) Lift pump d) F.I.P.

45 Which of the following is not a component of starting circuit?
a) Battery c) Starter motor & solenoid
b) Ignition switch d) Regulator
46 Alternating current produced by alternator is converted to Direct current with the help of-
a) Transistor c) Rectifier
b) Commutators d) Condensers
47 When the charging system is fitted with alternator then which component is blocking the reverse flow of current from the battery?
a) Rectifier diodes c) Voltage regulator
b) Cut out d) Current regulator
48 Starter motor works on the principle of -
a) Fleming's Right hand rule c) Faraday's law of electrolysis
b) Fleming's left hand rule d) Ohm's low
 49 Most commonly, how many pole shoes are used in starter motor -
50 Loss of compression may cause -
a) Excessive fuel consumption c) Engine back fires
b) Noisy Engine d) Smoky exhaust

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