SEM-I JAN 2013

Maximum megnory capacity of Digital video Disc is
A 1.44 MB B 1 .44 GB c 700 MB
D 4.7 6B

Soft copy output device is
A Monitor
B Printer
C Plotter
D Punch card

Which one is the Hard copy output device?
A Pen drive
C Joystick
D Printer

How many bits in a byte?
A 8
B 4
c 16 D 32

Abbreviation of WWW is
A Word Wide Web B World Wide Web C VVeb Wise Word
D World Web

In HTML language the tag denote for
Big B Bo!d c Body
D Break

Internet Explorer is a
A Web address
B Web brower
C Web Host
D Web server

Which one is the graphical representation of algorithm? A program
B Flow chart
C Dataflow diagram
1 friur
A 1.44 MB
D 4.7
4 1
A 8 B 4
c 16 D 32
5 www

9 .1
Low level languages are also called
A Assembly language
B Machine Language C filfr-er
C middle wares D
D Source codes 10
"C" fia.(T
"C" Programming language was developed A
A Martin Richards C
B Ken Thomson
C Dennis Ritchie
D Richard Martin 11 1
The multiple branching statement is .
The multiple branching statement is If else if
A If C Switch . . case
B If ... eise if D Nested if
C Switch
D Nested if

Array index starting with
B 1 B 1
c 2 c 2
D 3 D 3

Which function is used to convert the füAT qfV4fäd character upper case into lower case?
A tolower() A tolower()
B strlwr() B strlwr()
C islower() C islower()
D strlower() D strlower()

The Variable which are declared inside the
structure is called
A Member of structure B
B Structure Variable
C Keywords D
D Structs

The symbol denoted by pointer variable is

putw (quur)
In 'c' languge the correct syntax tor putw function A n.putw(fp)
is B putw(n,fp)
A n.putw(fp) C putw(fp,n)
B putw(n,fp) D putw(fp)
C putw(fpn)
D putw(fp)

In Disk data layout the marked portion 'B' named
c as
A Sectors
B Tracks
C inter track gap
D inter sector gap

What is the diffference between Memory and storage?
Memory is Temporary and storage is permanent Memory is permanent and storage is
Memory is slow and storage is fast
Memory is fast and storage is slow
A B c D Marks : 1 Which one of the following represent the binary equivalent of the decimal number 23?
0101 1
1011 1
1 1011
D Marks : 1 A device that performs analog to digital signal conversion on the internet is
23 ?
A 01011 B 1011 1 c 1001 1 D 1 101 1
20 1
21 Marks : 1
Output of the following program fragment is
printf("%d%d",x,y); printf("%d%d" x,y); c
c D 6,6 D 6,6
22 Marks : 1 1 1 101
Decimal equivalent of 1 1 101 IS 20 A 20 B 22
B 22
D 29

D 29


23 23
What will be the output for the following code in 'C'
language #inciude <stdio.h>
#include <stdio.h> void main()
void main()
int y = 3;
int y = 3; int X = 5 0/02 * 3/2;
int X = 5 0/02 * 3/2; printf ("Value of x is %d",x);
printf ("Value of x is
A value of x is 1
A value of x is 1 d value of x is 2
B value of x is 2 C value of x is 3
C va;ue of x is 3 D Compile time error
D Compile time error
24 Marks : 1 CD
In linux operating system CC) stands for A Compact disc
A Compact disc B Change Disc
B Change Disc C Change Directory
C Change Directory D Computer Disc
D Computer Disc 25
25 b?åarks
The another name of the black -Or Monochrome rnonitor
monitor is called B SVGA monitor
Monochrome monitor c
B SVGA monitor D VGA tv'ionitor
c Gas plasma display monitor 26
D VGA Monitor
26 Marks : 1 A date
To display the date and time in Linux, the B novv'
command is
A date D time
B now 27
C today
D time A Instance protocol
3 Internet protocol
27 Marks : 1 C Internet provider
Abbreviation iP is D Interna! protocol
A Instance protocol
B Internet protocol
C Internet provider
D Internal protocol
28 Marks : 1 28
The process of isolating and correc.ting the errors
is calied program testing
A program testing E; program debugging
B program C prc a ram efficiency
C prograrn D orogs ram execution
D program execuuon 29
29 Marks : 1
Array size enclosed with
30 Marks : 1 fük
Users to view and manipulate basic system,
adding hardware, removing software's and
controlling user accounts are used to allows A Window explorer
A Window explorer B Conti0! panel
B Control panel C Network settings
C Network settings D Desktop
D Desktop
4 / 4


BIOS is stored in
a) RAM
b) ROM
c) Hard disk
d) Pen drive

Which one is not a secondary memory?
a) RAM
b) DVD
c) Hard disk
d) Pen drive

Which memory speed is the fastest?
a) RAM
b) Cache memory
c) Hard disk
d) Pen drive

What are the various types of Alignments of text is possible in MS Word?
a) Left
b) Right
c) Centre
d) All of these

How many primary key is/are possible in a table?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Any number

The use of Pivot table is/ are
a) Filter
b) Sort
c) Group
d) All of these

Logical operator is/are
a) AND
b) OR
c) NOT
d) ALL

Which of the following is/ are data type?
a) Text
b) Date/time
c) Number
d) All of these

Clip Art delivers
a) Ready made shapes  
b) Ready made images     
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these

MS Access is a program.
a) Database
b) Game
c) Presentation
d) None of these
Sorting can be done in order.
a) Ascending
b) Descending
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these

HTML stands for
a) Hypertext Markup Language
b) Hypertext madeup Language
c) Hypertext monitoring Language
d) None of these

What are the various styles of font?
a) Bold
b) Italics
c) Underline
d) All of these

is the area that allows controlling access to the data & database.
a) Data Definition Language
b) Data Manipulation Language
c) Data Control Language
d) Data Query Language

LAN means-
a) Live area network
b) Local area network
c) Leave area network  
d) None of these

HTTP stands for-
a) Hypertext Transfer Protocol
b) Hightext Transfer Protocol
c) Hypertext transfer Property
d) Hypertext tethering protocol

FTP is
a) Network 
b) Internet
c) Device
d) Protocol

In communication, Bandwidth is of
a) Lowest frequency
b) Highest frequency
c) Medium frequency
d) Difference between highest & lowest frequency

Guided medium for data transfer is / are
a) Twisted pair cable
b) Coaxial cable
c) Fibre optical cable
d) All of these

Which layer is on the top in ISO/OSI network model?
a) Application layer
b) Network layer
c) Data link layer
d) Session layer

The. software which you install on the PC to access the internet is
a) www
d) Browser

Firewall is a
a) Computer peripheral
b) Virus
c) Computer software
d) Antivirus

Which is a programming language?
b) TCP
d) None of these

Which one is the oldest calculated device?
a) Napier's logs & bones
b) The abacus
c) Pascal's adding machine
d) Babbage's analytical engine

I nano second = seconds.
a) 10 3
b) 104
c) 10 9
d) 109

Which one of the following is an output device?
a) Keyboard
b) Mouse
c) Monitor
d) Joystick

Which one is Auxilliary memory?
a) Secondary storage
b) Register
c) Primary memory
d) RAM

Which language program is most difficult to write?
c) High level language

C language is a/an d) All are same
a) Assembly language   b) Machine language
a) Assembly language b) Machine language
c) High level language

Which one is not an operating system? d) None of these
a) DOS b) Linux
c) C language d) Windows

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