W/C S2


1. Which one of the following is equal to am X an
m n mn m/n
b) a

Mechanical equivalent of heat is ........
a) 4200 J/kgoc
b) 42.00 J/kgoc
c) 420.0 J/kgoc
d) 4.20 J/kgoc

Basic unit of current is
a) Micro amps
b) Millie amps
c) Amps
d) Kilo amps

Find the value of y if (3/5) .....(15/5y) = 3/4
b) -98 c) -100 d) -102

Calculate the resistance (R) in a circuit if the voltage (V) is 60 volts and the current flowing through the resistance is 4 amps ...
a) 240 0
b) 120 Q
c) 50 Q
d) 15 Q

Unit of strain is -
a) kg/cm2
b) NW/m2
c) metre  
d) No unit

7. If x = 2 and y = 1 find the value of x  - 2x2y2

Convert 10 centigrade heat unit (CHU) into calories -
a) 4536.0 calories
b) 456.6 calories
c) 44.36 calories
d) 43.45 calories

Choose the correct expression of a +b 3 .......
a) (a+b) (a2 + b2 + ab)
b) (a+b) (a2+b2 -ab)
c) (a-I)) (a2 + b2 + ab)
d) (a+b) (a2-b2 +ab)

The ratio between ultimate stress to working stress is called as -
a) Bulk modulus
b) Young's modulus
c) Factor of safety
d) Modulus of rigidity

Find the values of x and y from the equation x-2y = 4 & 2X+Y —3
b) x=2 & y = 4
d) x=4 & y=2

Sin2450 + cos2450 =

What is the value of— + — + — if x =6, y=-18 and z = 2.

A steel rod of 4 mm diameter is subjected to the load of 200 kg. Find the stress induced in the rod.
a) 15.91 kg/cm2
b) 1.591 kg/cm2
c) 0.1591 kg/cm2
d) 0.01591 kg/cm2

When a metal cup filled with hot coffee, which is placed on a metal plate looses heat. This heat is lost by ....
a) Conduction
b) Convection
c) Radiation
d) Conduction, convection, radiation and evaporation

Calculate the area of parallelogram whose base is 10 cm and height is 5 cm .......
a) 25 cm2
b) 50 cm2
c) 60 cm
d) 75 cm2

Find the area of an equilateral triangle whose side is 8 cm -
a) 277.12 cm2
b) 135.7 cm2
c) 67.85 cm2
d)27.712 cm2

The energy consumed in KW second of 3 KW electric boiler which heats 60 litres of   water from 200C to 850C in 10 minutes.
a) 1800 kw sec
b) 17000 kw sec
c) 16000 kw sec
d) 15000 kw sec

20. Volume of a cylinder is equal to  ......
a) 4 cm b) 8 cm c) 5 cm d) 7 cm

If the two sides of a right angled triangle are 3 cm and 4 cm, what is the value of third side-
a) 7tr2h
b) 4tr2h
c) - 7tr2h
d) 2 ltr2h

Three identical resistors are connected in a series to a battery. If the current of 12A flows from the battery, how much current flows through any one of the resistors -
a) 12A c) 36 A d) Zero

If A3 + B3 =407, A+B = 11, then the values of A and B are -
a) 1,10

Which one of the following statement is mathematically correct?

What is the name of a quadrilateral whose opposite sides are parallel and equal and angles are not at right angles?
a) Rhombus
b) Parallelogram
c) Rhomboid
d) Trapezoid

An example of converter of electrical energy convert into mechanical energy is ......
a) Generator
b) Heater
c) Motor
d) Dynamo