F/R S-1



A slight convexity is given in the cutting edge of the flat chisel is to_
a) Cut keyway on shaft             c) Cut curved surface
b) Prevent digging of the ends  d) Cut sharp corners

The purpose of tempering a hardened steel component is for_.
a) Increasing its hardness c) Increasing its ductility
b) Reducing its brittieness d) Increasing its toughness

Number of graduations on the thimble of a metric micrometer
a) 10   c) 100
b) 50 d) 1000

Which one of the marking media takes longer time to dry?
a) Chalk powder c) Copper sulphate
b) Prussian blue d) Cellulose lacquer

The important elements in soft solder is_.
a) Tin and lead c) Tin and copper
b) Lead and zinc d) Tin and zinc

The size of the dividers is specified by the_
a) Distance between points when opened fully
b) Total length of the legs
c) Distance between the pivot and the points
d) Length of the legs without points

Try square is checking for_.
a) Check the round surface c) Check the flat surface
b) Check the groove surface d) Check the irregular surface

The value of one thimble scale division in a micrometer is_
a) lmm c) 0.02mm
b) 0.5mm d) 0.01mm

Diluted Hydrochloric acid is used as flux for soldering_.
a) Copper sheets c) Stainless steel sheets
b) Brass sheets d) Galvanized iron sheet

Least count of micrometer is_.
a) 0.1 mm c) 0.2 mm
b) 0.5 mm d) 0.01 mm

What is the part used to change the range of depth micrometer?
a) Thimble c) Graduated sleeve
b) Stock d) Extension rod

Which work holding device support the round job, while drilling the job on a drilling
a) ' V block and clamps, bolts, packing piece
b) The machine vice and bolts, packing piece
c) The hand vice with clamps, bolts
d) The pin vice with clamp, bolts

The best placement of the stock for heating in the forge is_
a) Below the tuyere with the fire coming from deep inside
b) On the top of the fixe covered with a tJiin layer of coal
c) Away from the tuyere with a thick layer of coal on the top
d) Near the tuyere allowing the air to fall directly on the Stock

Micrometer is based on the principle of_.
a) Nut and bolt c) Rack and pinion
b) Differences of two scales d) None of these

Vernier caliper can be used to measure_____.
a) Outer dia of a hole c) Depth of blind hole
b) Inner dia of a Hole d) All of these

After hardening process, the metal becomes more_.
a) Malleable c) Tough
b) Brittle d) Ductile

Which hammer is used for sheet metal work?
a) Ball pein Hammer c) Cross pein Hammer
b) Sledge Hammer d) Soft Hammer(wood)

Drill chuck is used to hold_.
a) Straight shank drill c) Arbor
b) Taper shank drill d) Drill socket

The purpose of ihe rivet set used in riveting is_.
a) To bring the sheet closely together b) To straighten the sheet before riveting
c) To remove the burT between the sheets    d) To align the rivet in correct position

Striking portion of the hammer is called
a) Eye c) Handle
b) Peen d) Cheek

More spatters are used for_.
a) Slow speed c) More speed
b) Exfcess current d) Bigger gauge of electrode

A micrometer has negative error 0.03mm shows a reading of 25.52mm. The correct
dimensions is_.
a) 25.50 mm c) 25.57 mm
b) 25.55 mm d) 25.60 mm

Temperature of hotness of workpiece in a forge is judged approximately
a) Color c) Structure
b) Weight d) Smell

After threading a hole by a tap, it was found that the crest of the thread was not formed
completely. Why?
a) Hole size slightly more than the tap drill
b) Insufficient coolant supply
c) Broken the tip of cutting edge of the tap.
d) Hole size slightly less than the tap drill size.

Anvil is made of___-
a) Mild steel c) Copper
b) Cast iron d) Ceramic

Which type of non destructive test is suitable to check the internal defects of weld in high
pressure boiler welding?
a) Visual Test c) Magnetic particle test
b) Liquid penetrant test d) Radiographic test

A ne w hacksaw blade after a new strokes become loose because of the_
a) Wing nut thread being worn out c) Stretching of the blade
b) Improper selection of the set of screw d) Wrong pitch of the blade

Length of file is measured from tip to_-
a) Edge c) Face
b) Heel d) Tang

The sizes of a wing compass range between_.
a) 0 to 50mm - c)200to500mm
b) 50 to 200 mm d) 500 to 1000 mm

Fire clay, dinas and talc bricks are main refractory material employed in Forge. What is
the melting point of natural talc_.
a) 1000°C c) 1500°C
b) 1200°C d) 1700°C

The swage is a tool used in forge shop which is made of_.
a) High carbon steel c) Medium Carbon steel
b) Malleable Cast iron d) Low carbon steel

The type of Hammer used in forge shop weigh from 1 to 2 kgs and is fitted with short
wooden handle is_.
a) Hand Hammer c) Ball pane hammer
b) Sledge Hammer d) Straight pane hammer

Drawing out process is done on anvil. Name the part on operation is
a) Face c) Tail
b) Beak d) Round Hole

Already ormed head of rivet is supported by_
a) Rivet Set c) Snap
b) Dolly d) Drift

Name the cutting tool fixed in the Anvil square hole_
a) Hot set c) Cold set
b) Hard Die d) Anvil

While normalizing the component should be cooled by__.
a) Dipped in water c) Quenching in oil
b) FORCED air d) In still air to room temperature

Shapes of file is specified by its_-
a) Length c) Cross section
b) Width d) Thickness

Scribers are made of_.
a) Mild steel c) Brass
b) High carbon steel d) Cast Iron

Solder used for cooking utensils_.
a) Copper c) Tin
b) Zinc d) Lead

The acetylene gas cylinder is painted__.
a) Black c) Red
b) Maroon d) Blue

Protect eyes from welding spark_-
a) Hydrochloric Acid c) Phosphoric acid
b) Zinc Chloride d) Resin

The preferred material for soldering bit is_.
a) Lead c) Copper
b) Tin d) Zinc

The type of brush used to remove coarse rust in a sheet metal before painting
a) Wooden brush 0 Wire Brush
b) Nylon brush d) Painting brush

If a patient does not respond to mouth to mouth resuscitation treat, a first -aider should
a) Seek medical help c) Keep the body worm with blankets
b) Check the broken limbs d) Check pupils of eyes and pulse

Which type of chisel is used for cutting keyways Groove and slots?
a) Flat chisel c) Half round nose chisel
b) Cross cut chisel d) Diamond point chisel

The property of a metal by which it can be drawn into thin wire_
a) Elasticity c) Malleability
b) Ductility d) Plasticity

The convexity of file helps_-
a) To file concave surface
b) To file convex surface
c) To prevent rounding of edges of work.
d) The file to become straight when pressure is applied.

The drilling machine used for light duty work_.
a) Bench type sensitive c) Radial
b) Pillar type d) Gang

The recommended point angle of the chisel to cut mild steel is
a) 30° c) 55°
b) 45° d) 60°

Which grade of file is used for removing rapidly a large quantity of metal?
a) Dead smooth file c) Second cut file

b) Smooth file d) Rough file


Bench vice is also called as
A   bench work vice    B   engineers vice    C   machine vice    D   fitter vice

Inside and outside calipers measurements can be read only............
A   by transferring measurement
B   by transferring sizes
C   by transferring readings
D   by transferring length

In a vernier caliper main scale reading 60 mm, vernier division coinciding with the main scale is the 28th division, then the reading will be..................
A  0.56 mm   B  60.56 mm    C  60.28 mm  D  120 mm

Bench vice is also called as
A  bench work vice    B  engineers vice   C  machine vice  D  titter vice

The depth, micrometer is used for the measurement of a wide range of size because...............
A  it has a number of extension rods tor the different range of sizes
B  !t has a very length spindle
C  it has adjustable stock for different size settina
D  It has a length araduated sleeve

Hammer head is made of
A  carbon steel    B  die steel    C  vanadium steel   D  high speed steel

Drilling' machine in which more than one drill used in the same head is.................
A   sensitive drilling machine
B   pillar drilling machine
C   radial drilling machine
D   multi spindle drilling machine

Hand hammer used for forging work weighs....................
A   1 to 1.5 kgs
B   2 kgs
C   2.5 kgs
D   3 kgs

One of the function of fuller in forging shop is................
A   swaging down   B upsetting    C   necking down   D   bending down

The grade of a file is determined by
A length of the file                 B width of the file
C the gap between the teeth    D the grade of the metal used

Hand files are made of
A   low carbon steel                B   medium carbon steel
C   high carbon steel               D  high chromium steel

Which property of metal allow to metal to drawn into wire?
A Ductility   B Malleability  C Elasticity  D Toughness

Vice clamps are used to.............
A   protect hard jaws                      B  clamp the work piece rigidly
C   protect the finished surfaces      D   prevent the movable jaw being field

The graduations of a depth micrometer are
A   similar to an outside micrometer
B   in the reverse direction to that of the outside micrometer, both thimble and sleeve
C   in the reverse direction only on the sleeve
D   in the reverse direction only on the thimble

The commonly used three point internal micrometers nave a least count...........
A   0.006 mm  B   0.005 mm   C   0.002 mm   D   0.001 mm

Among the below which is used for holding the round job....................
A   bench vice   B  damp and bolt    C   V block with clamp   D   machine vice

Which angle plate is used to support and clamp the job?
A  Solid angle plate          B   Ribbed angle plate
C   Slotted angle plate       D   Adjustable angle plate

The purpose of tempering a hardened steel component is for...............
A increasing its hardness          B reducing its brittleness
C increasing its ductility           D increasing its toughness

The purpose of normalizing is to
A   soften the metal          B   increase the toughness
C   refine the structure      D   harden the surface

Which one of the stake is used to make sharp bends and folding straight edges of sheet metal?
A  Funnel stake   B  Hatchet stake   C  Creasing iron stake   D   Half moon stake

The important elements in soft solder is
A  tin and lead   B  tin and zinc   C  lead and zinc  D  tin and copper

Annealing process is used to............
A   improve machinability     B   produce an uniform fine grain structure
C   increase brittleness           D   reduce brittleness

The property of meta! by virtue of which they can be rolled into their sheet without breaking is called...........
A ductility    B   malleability    C toughness   D tenacity

The head of the soldering iron is made of..............
A brass       B bronze    C copper   D iron

The function of flux during soldering is
A to prevent corrosion              B to promotes wet surface
C to avoid porosity in solder     D to remove oxides from the soldering surface

Copper is used for soldering iron because......................
A   its melting point is high
B   it is high resistant to wear
C   it can prevent corrosion
D   it is a good conductor of heat

The process of raising a strip metal around the end of a round pipe is..................
A  braising      B  press forming
C  beading      D  punching

The process by which the edges of the sheets are made stronger and rigid is
A  beading                    B  overlapping parts
C  edge stiffening          D  braising

In which colour the welding oxygen cylinders are painted ?
A  Red    B  Maroon     C  Black    D  Brown

Pressure regulator is used to
A  control the flow    B   stop the flow
C   mix the flow        D   divert the flow

The most commonly used flame is
A  carburizing flame   B   neutral flame
C   ordinary flame       D   oxidizing flame

Which accessory is used for protecting the eyes while chipping the slag or grinding the job?
A Earth clamp           B Weiding cable
C Electrode welder    D Welding screen

Which accessory is used for protecting the eyes while chipping the slag or grinding the job?
A  Plain screen   B  Hand screen   C  Goggle    D  Helmet screen

The point angle of centre punch is
A 30°    B 60°   C 90°   D 120°

If a dead smooth file is used for filing then it will result in...................
A   heavy reduction on material   B   large quantity of metal
C   high degree of finish              D   good finish

The movable jaw of a bench vice does not open out even though the handle is rotated..........
A  the threads are slightly worn out      B   the spring is not functioning
C   the spindle pin is broken                 D  the jaws are over tight


The tool used give support while bending sheet metal is known as:
a) Fuller b) Flatter c) Snip d) Stake

Length of snap head rivet is given by the formula: -
a) L=2d
b) L=T+O.6d
c) L = T + 1.5d
d) None of these

That part of hammer which is used for striking is known as: -
a) Pein b) Face c) Cheek d) Eye hole

This part prevents the motion of micrometers spindles: -
a) Ratchet stop b) Split internal thread
c) Tapered nut d) Locking device or lock nut

Vernier Calipers inventor 'Pierre Vernier' hailed from which of the following country?
a) Italy b) Germany c) France d) None of these
In Normalising process, hot steel is made cool by following: -
a) By immersing it in oil
b) By keeping it in still air at room temperature
c) By leaving it in cold air
d) By immersing it in water

Bent snip is used for: -
a) For removing burr
b) For making hole on sheet
c) For bending sheet
d) For cutting sheet with curved lines

Which rivet is appropriate for the riveting of soft metal like leather,  etc.
a) Snap head rivet b) Pan head rivet
c) Divided or bifUrcated rivet
d)Counter sunk head rivet

Which vice is used in forging shop?
a) Hand vice b) Bench vice   c) Leg vice d) Pin vice

Which type of dcwice or instrument the caliper is?
a) Direct measuring instrument b) Indirect measuring instrument
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these

Which is the most conductive metal of electricity?
  a) Copper b) Aluminium c) Gold d) Iron

The forging of cast iron is not possible due to which property?
a) Softness b) Brittleness
c) Ductility
d) None of these 
Power hammer mostly operated by which of the following: -
a) By hand b) By electricity  c) Both (a) & (b)   d) None of these

What happens by increasing the amount of carbon in steel?
a) Hardness increases
b) Rigidity increases
c) Rigidity decreases
d) Ductility increases

The filing of wood, rubber etc. is done by which of the following file?
a) Curved file
b) Single cut file
c) Double cut file
d) Rasp cut file

Where the hatchet stake is used?
a) For riveting
b) For making flange
c) For folding sheets
d) None of these

Pinning of file is removed by:
a) File card b) File handle c) Wire brush d) Dresser

Why soft jaws are used •in vice?
a) To protect the finished surfaceb
b To protect the jaws of the vice
c) To hold the job more strongly
d) To protect the file

should be intended before marking.........
a) Reference point
b) Centre point
c) Parameter point
d) Internal point

Which of the following is not related to marking media?
a) Layout Die
b) Prussian Blue
c) Surface Plate
d) None of these

marking media takes too much time to get dry and it make clear lines.
a) Prussiqn Blue
b) Chalk powder
c) Copper sulphate
d) None of these

Maximum keys are made up of:
a) High speed steel
b) Mild steel
c) Cast iron
d) Pig iron

There is negative error 0.03 mm in any micrometer. If the micrometer gives the reading of 40.53 mm, then what will be the accurate readings?
a) 40.50 Millimeter
b) 40.56 Millimeter
c) 40.83 Millimeter
d) 40.23 Millimeter

With the help of Vernier Bevel Protractor any angle can be measure upto the accuracy of the of 1 0 .
a) 10th Part b) 1 2 th Part C) 9th Part d) 4th Part

25. While marking from Vernier height gauge, it should be moved by holding its base in such a way that: -
a) Main scale should bend
b) Zero error or main scale should check
c) Main scale should not bend
d) Base of the offset scriber should be parallel to the surface plate

Cyaniding and Nitriding are the two methods of which of the following process?
 a) Hardening b) Case Hardening c) Tempering d) Normalizing

Zinc coated sheet is known as.....
a) Tin coated sheet
b) Galvanized iron sheet
c) Stainless steel
d) Lead sheet

Which tool is used to cut excessive thick sheet?
a) Snip b) Shear c) Hem d) None of these

Which of the following stakes gives double ended support?
a) Hatchet stake b) Half-moon stake c) Creasing iron stake d) Horse stake

What is the full förm of C PC?
a) Carbon Tetra Chloride
b) Carbon Tin Chloride
c) Calcium Tetra Chloride
d) None of these

Which type of thread is used in spindle of bench vice?
a) Acme thread b) V thread c) Square thread d) Knuckle thread

Which metal is generally used to make hammer?
a) Mild steel b) Cast iron c) Wrought iron d) Cast steel

1° is equal to: -
a) 60 seconds b) 60 minutes c) 360 minutes  d) 360 seconds

Offset scriber is used to: -
a) Vernier caliper
b) Vernier height gauge
c) Vernier micrometer
d) None of these

Which of the following is not a type of chisel?
a) Cross cut chisel
b) Round nose chisel
c) Bull nose chisel  
d) Diamond point chisel

Prussian blue is a........
a) Marking tool b) Measuring tool
c) Marking media  d) All of these

Datum line is also known as........
a) Centre line b) Outline c) Reference line d) None of these

V-Block is made of: -
a) Close grained cast iron
b) Aluminium
c) Mild steel  
d) None of these

Point angle of scriber is........
a) 60 0 b)  15 0 c) 5 60 d) None of these

Classification of file is not done on the basis of:
a) Grade b) Size c) Cut   d) Angle

Which property leads a metal to be drawn into wire?
a) Malleability b) [Ductility c) Elasticity d) Plasticity

The nut used to fix bladé in hacksaw frame is known as:
a) Dome nut b) Thumb nut c) Wing nut d) Castle nut

Distance between two adjacent teeth ofhacksaw is known as:
a) Volume b) Velocity c) Field d) Pitch

Which drilling machine is used in mass production?
a) Bench type drilling machine
b) Pillar type drilling machine
c) Portable type drilling machine d) Gang type drilling machine

File is made up of: -
a) Stainless steel
b) Mild steel
c) High carbon steel
d) None of these

The shape of beak in anvil is like: -
a) Camel
b) Elephant 
c) Cow horn
d) Butterfly

head of soldering iron is made of: -
a) Cast iron b) Mild steel c) Copper d) Tin

The sides of sheet are folded to make them safe and strong. These folds are called: -
a) Seam b) I lem c)Band D) Rib

Filler metal of brazing is: - c) Band
a) Solder b) Spelter  c) Both (a) & (b) D) None of these

The thickness of sheet metal is measured by which guage?
a) Snap guage
b) Feeler guage
c) Wire guage
d) None of these

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