M/C S-4



The line generated by the progressive rotation of a point around a cylinder is a........
A helix    B spiral    C involute    D cycloid

A curve which spread out from a central point progressively farther away as it revolves around the point is a........
A helix    B spiral    C involute    D cycloid

Calculate the helix angle, having lead of is 450 mm, and work piece diameter is 40.00 mm.
A 13°45'    B 15°36'    C 14°50'   D 16*45'

Machine or hand reamers, have uneven spacing of teeth. This feature helps to...
A provide more culling action
B provide easy flow of chips
C reduce chattering
D increase the surface finish

What does CNC signify?
A  Certified Numerical Calculations
B   Composite Numerical Contour
C   Computer Numerical Control
D   Combined Numerical Calculations

The numerical system that describes the location of an object by numerically expressing (he distance from a fixed point along 2 axes is called........
A   Vector co-ordinate system
B   Cartesian co-ordinate system
C   Polar co-ordinate system
D  CNC co-ordinate system

A sophisticated machine that can perform multiple machining operations at the same location with a variety of tool is called a.....
A  milling machine                        B  water cutting machine
C  plasma cutting machine             D  machining center

The fixed central point in the cartesian co-ordinate system is called.....
A metric system   B centre    C origin     D linear axis

What does the 'G' in G-codes stands for in CNC?
A   Graphic B  General C Geometric  D Global

A return signal that confirms the position of the tool or work piece is called.......
A  RPM           B  feedback      C servo control        D control system

On a CNC lathe the axes of cutting are
A X and Y axis       B  X and Z axis       C Y and Z axis       D  Z and B axis

The term surface finish refers to......
A   shining of a machine surface
B   type of coating given on a surface
C   heat treatment given on a surface
D   roughness or smoothness of a surface

For genera! application^ roughness value
are oraded as N1 toN12. The 'Nr grade
value in microns is......
A 0.025     B 0.1     C 0.05    D 0.4

The Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM)
process is.......
A  burr free
8  not for hard material
C  direct contact machine
D  capable of producing sharp corners

In electron beam machining, work piece is
held in.....
A vacuum chamber        B electrolyte    C dielectric medium D  hydraulic fluid

A cam whose rise 23.5mm in 83° is to be cut
on vertical milling machine. Calculate the
inclination of the spindle.
A   60° 30'            B   76° 3'      C   65° 45'     D   80° 15'

Calculate the total feed mm/min Data given
feed per tooth=0.05mm, number of teeth in
cutten=10, spindle speed=110rpm..
A 45 mm/minutes       c  55 mm/ minutes
B   50 mm/ minutes       d   60 mm/ minutes

in a vertical milling machine, the vertical
head can be swivelled up to............
A  45° C 60°
B   55° D 65°

Which one of the following cutters are held
on collect adapter?
A  Plain milling cutter
B  Double angle milling cutter
C  Single angle mining cutter
D  End mill

Shell end mills are used to produce..
A  flat surface parallel to the axis
B  fiat surface perpendicular to the axis
C   angular surface
D   formed surface

Which one of the following cutters is
mounted with axis parallel to the surface of
the work piece?
A Plain milling cutter
B T-s!ot cutter
C Shell end mill cutter
D End mill cutter

The permissible cutting speed of an inserted
tooth cutter in relation to that of an H.S.S-
cutter is.........
twice as much
five to ten times

Calculate the rpm of the spindle, to the given
data, cutter diaTieter=50mm, cutting'
A  130 rpm
B  127 rpm
C  124 rpm
D  121 rpm

Gear tooth vernier caliper are used to
measure the......
A   Circular pitch
B  Circular tooth thickness
C  Chordal tooth thickness
D   Chordal dedendum

Which one of the following gears are used to
transmit motion between parallel shafts?
A   Helical gear
B   Worm gear
C   Bevel gear
D   Helical bevel gear

Outside diameter of a helical gear can be
calculate using this formula.......
B PD+2
C PD+2nM

Find the index movement for 19 divisions by
simple indexing (use plate number 1)
A  2 rotation one hole on 19 hole circle plate
B   3 rotation 3 hole on 19 hole circle plate
C   3 complete rotation
D  4 complete rotation

On which gear, the teethes are cut on
conical surface
A   spur gear
B   helical gear
C   herringbone gear
D   bevel gear

Name the part having teeth cut on a fiat
A gear
B spline
C rack
D   locking lever

Which one of the following gears are used to
connect two non-parallel, non-intersecting
shafts which are right angle to each other?
A   Spur gear
B   Bevel gear
C   Helical gear
D   Worm gear

Machine reamers are provided with
A   parallel shank
B  morse taper shank
C   brown and sharpe shank
D  metric taper shank

Which type milling cutters have teeth on the
end as well as on the pheriphery?
A   Plain milling cutter
B   Angle milling cutter
C   End milling cutter
D   Form milling cutter

Which one of the following cutter is used to
cut profile on a vertical milling machine?
A   Plain milling cutter
B   Angle milling cutter
C   End milling cutter
D   Form milling cutter

Which one of the following cutters are held
on a collect check?
A   Plain milling cutter
B   Angle milling cutter
C   End milling cutter
D   Face milling cutter

Which one of the following cutter, the cutting
teeths are cut on the face and on one side
Plain side and face mill cutters
Half side milling cutter
Staggered teeth side cutter
Interlocking side milling cutter

As per IS, an equal milling cutters are
specified as 56 x 60°N IS6326. The number
56 represents........
diameter of the cutter
bore diameter of the cutter
thickness of the cutter

counter bore diameter of the cutter

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