The dimension figure for diameter of a circle should be -
a) Preceded by the symbol "<J>" b) Suffixed by the symbol "<D"
c) Preceded by the symbol "D" d) Suffixed by the symbol "D"

Extension arm used with engineering compass is to facilitate -
a) To increase the gripping arm b) To draw a larger diameter circles
c) To adjust distance between the legs d) To increase the accuracy

To draw a smooth curve of any nature, the draughtsman will select the following
instrument -
a) Mini drafter b) French curve c) Eraser shield        d) Template

A line intersects a circle at two points and does not pass through the centre, the line
segment inside the circle is referred as -
a) Quadrant b) Sequent c) Chord d) Radial line

Hidden lines are represented by_lines.
a) Thin lines b) Thick lines c) Dotted lines d) Any of these

In lettering while drawing lower case letters, the text body height is about_of the
capital letters.
a) Same height b) 3/4 the height         c) 2/3rd height d) 1/2 height

To "step-off a series of equal distances" on the drawing the following instrument is used,
a) Compass b) Set square c) Divider d) Scale

The two recommended system of placing the dimensions are -
a) Unidirectional & aligned system b) Upright <fe inclined systems
c) Linear & oblique systems d) Linear & inclined systems

Parallel lines can be drawn with the help of -
a) Mini drafter b) French curve        c) Template d) Eraser shield

Which of the following is preferred containing statement? "All dimensions are in mm
unless otherwise specified"?
a) Frames and borders b) Title block c) Items list   d) Revision table

In multi view projections, the XY line is also known as -
a) Horizontal line b) Horizontal trace    c) Reference line       d) All of these

During operation of drafter, the two arms of the drafter remains at -
a)45o b)90° c)180°d)270°

Visible lines and edges axe drawn as -
a) Thin lines b) Thick lines c) Dotted lines d) Any of these

To draw a perpendicular from a given point P on line XY name the point where the
needle of the compasses should be placed first-
v p b) Any convenient point along XY
c) X or Y d) A point near the mid point of PX and PY

Numbers of orientation marks generally contained by a drawing sheet -
b)Two c) Three d)Four
a) One

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