The main purpose of annealing is
A to increase the hardness
B  to increase the toughness
C  to improve the machinability
D  to remove the distortion

The important dimensions of a taper are.......
A the large diameter and the length of the taper
B the large diameter, the smaller diameter and the length of the taper
C  one diameter and the length of the taper
D  large diameter and the smaller diameter of the taper

File grades are determined by the
A distance from the tip of the heel
B  spacing of the teeth
C  cut of the file
D shape of the file

Three jaw chuck is also known as
A  self centering chuck
B  self chuck
C  automatic chuck
D  union chuck

Which type of thread is used in precision instrument?
A  BSW thread
B  Acme thread
C  Square thread
D  BA thread

Irregular shaped work piece are clamped on the lathe in.........
A face plate
B  four jaw chuck
C collet chuck .
D mandrel

The first aid boxes should be properly equipped and kept in..............
A important places
B  machining area
C easy access place
D  right position

What is used to test an external taper?
A Taper plug gauge
B  Taper ring gauge
C  Slip gauge
D  Thread gauge

The hardest cutting tool material is
A high speed steel
B  cemented carbide
C diamond
D stellite

The form of threads are used in the places where the sliding forces act in one direction, is........
A vee thread
B   square thread
C  trapezoidal thread
D  saw tooth thread

What is used to measure the gap?
A Tapper plug gauge
B  Slip gauge
C  Taper ring gauge
D  Thread gauge

Steady rest is..............
A  an additional support provided for long jobs
B  used while turning un symmetrical objects
C  used during thread cutting only
D  used when a lathe is subjected to vibrations

In which operation on a workpiece on lathe, the spindle speed will be least?
A Parting off
B  Thread cutting
C Finishing
D  Taper turning

The power is transmitted by lead screw to the carriage through...........
A  gear system
B  pulley drive
C   rack and pinion arrangement
D   half nut

The largest diameter of a screw thread is known as................
A  minor diameter
B  normal diameter
C  major diameter
D  pitch diameter

The work having finished hole, is mounted on...........
A   face plate
B  collet chuck
C mandrel
D   four jaw chuck

Slip gauge designated with 'Grade i* is used for.......
A workshop
B inspection
C calibration
D reference

How many grades of slip gauges recommended by BIS - IS: 2984?

The basic function of cutting fluids are.....
A  cleaning and lubrication
B  facilitating chip removal and lubrication
C  cools the tool and the workpiece
D  cooling and flushing chips away from the
cutting area

Which one of the following methods of thread catching is used to cut metric threads on a British lathe?
A  Using a chasing dial
B  By reversing the machine
C  By making the predetermined travel of the
carriage on the bed
D  Marking reference lines on the head stock as
well as on the lead screw

What must be done to prevent the chuck from damaging the lathe guide ways, while mounting?
A  Lift the chuck with a hand crane
B  Ask the instructor for help
C  Place a wooden block or board on guide- ways
D   Support with a screw jack

Benefits of the 5S systems are
A  increase the cleanliness
B   increase the productivity
C  decrease the production rate
D  maintain the production rate

In which gauge GO and NOGO comes in the same end?
A Double ended plug gauge
B Snap gauge
C Progressive gauge
D Depth gauge

Sine bar is specified by............
A  its total length
B the centre distance between the two rollers
C  the size of the rollers
D  the distance between rollers and upper surface

The lathe part which is used to hold the drill is.......
A tool post
B tail stock
C head stock
D spindle

Sine bar is made out of....
A  nickel steel
B  high speed steel
C  high carbon steel
D  stabilised chromium steel

The number of pieces in a standard set of angle slip gauge in the second series is....

Tempering is the process of removing the property of.

Name the material commonly used for thicker walled bearing bushes carrying hardened steel shafts.
Phosphor bronze

Which type of bearing intended to carry radial loads?
A  Ball bearing
B   Thrust ball bearing
C  Roller bearing
D   Tapered roller - bearing

Which type of nut will have a nylon or fibre ring insert placed in the upper part of the nut?
A   Self locking nut
B  Wire lock
C  Sawn nut
D  Grooved nut

The purpose of grooves given on the plate is for.............
A reducing friction
B  retaining lapping paste
C  collecting the metal chips
D  preventing distortion of the plate

Which type of nut prevents the rotation of the top nut?
A Sawn nut
B Grooved nut
C Self - locking nut
D Lock nut

The abrasive used for honing of non - ferrous metal is.........
A boron carbide
B diamond
C silicon carbide
D aluminium oxide

In the number drill series, the number 80 drill size is............
A 0.1035"
B 0.0135"
C 0.228"
D 0.258"

While normalizing, the component should be cooled..........
A  by dipping in water
B  in still air to room temperature
C   by forced air
D  by quenching in oil

In the letter drill series, the size of the drill 'A is equal to............
A 0.413"
B 0.431"
C 0.264"
D 0.234"

The form tool method of turning taper is suitable for...........
A   lengthy jobs with slow tapers
B   any length of work
C  very short at any angle
D  short and slow angle .

A tool which is used to enlarge a drilled hole is called..........
A  poring tool
B  facing tool
C  form tool
D  ring hand turning tool

The number of threads per inch can be checked with a...........
A tool gauge
B metric rule
C ring gauge
D screw pitch gauge

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