TURNER theory jan 16

What h the advantage of waste disposal?
A Improves economic          B Ensure workshop neat and tfdy
C Good house keeping         D Fulfill the efficiency

Common soft skills are...........
A technical skills                         B learning scope
C good commumcation skill        D good technical skill

Bench vice is used to hold work for.................
A filing, cutting, lighting          B filing, sawing, threading
C filing, finishing, smoothing   D filing, positioning, threading

Engineers steel rule is used to measure
A accuracy of job  B  dimentions of workpiece
C least count        D bend of the workpiece

Which caliper takes more time in setting the dimensions?
A Firm caliper   B Spring caliper  C Inside caliper   D Outside caliper

Vernier caliper can measure upto an accuracy of..........
A 0.1 mm  B 0.1 mm   C 0.2 mm  D .02 mm

In a vernier caliper the main scale reading is 60mm, vernier division coinciding with the main scale is the 28th division, then the reading wifl be............
A 0.56 mm   B 60.56 mm    C 60.28 mm   D 120 mm

Prussian blue is used on......
A  rough surface    B white wash surface
C machine finished surface   D rough casting surface

In marking media, white wash is not recommended for workplaces of......,
A  high finishing  B high accuracy  C rough forginga  D rough casting

Name the caliper which has one divider point and other Is bent leg?
A  Inside caliper   B Outside caliper  C Jenny cafiper  D Scrfber

Calipers are............
A direct measurement      B mdirect measiirement
C accurate iroasarement   D precision measurernent

Scriber material is mads up of ................
A  Low carbon steel    B  Cast iron    C Medium carbon steel   D  High carbon steel

Which device is used for stepping off distances?
A Calipers  B Scribers   C Dividers   D Steel rule

The angle of prick punch is.
A  30°   B  45°  C  60°   D  90°

Bevel gauges cannot measure angles................
A  Directly   B)  Indirectly  C)  Closly  D)  Accuratly

The gauge which has an additional blade is an ...................
A bevel gauge   B universal bevel gauge  C bevel protractor   D angle gauge

Name the instrument used to measure angtes accuracy of ±1°?
A Bevel gauges     B Unversal bevel gauge   C Bevel prrotractor  D Jenny caliper

Marking tables are made up of.............
A cast iron    B high carbon steel     C cast steel    D wrought iron

Angle plates are used to..................
A measure an angle     B support an angle    C mark the job   D  hold the job

In a hacksaw blade, teeth are arranged in staggered set which helps for..........
A accuracy    B  free cutting    C positioning    D sawing

A double cut file has two rows of teeth cut diagonal to each other. The first row of teeth cut at an angle of...........
A 55°   B 60°    C 65°   D 70°

Which file is used for filing keyways and splines?
A Square file   B Triangular file   C Knife edge file   D Half round file

Grade -'A' V - blocks are available only up to........
A 85 mm length  B 90 mm length   C 95 mm length   D 100 mm length

The rings available on the taps to denote.........
A  type of taps   B  grade of taps   C bevel of the taps   D standard of taps

Name the die used for reconditioning damaged threads?
A  Quick die    B Die nut   C Button die  D Collar die

A faceplate is used to hold a_______
A roundjob   B Finished job   C Irraguler job  D hollow job

A follower steedy has.............
A) 4 Pads  B) 3 Pads   C) 2 Pads   D)  9 Pads

Easy setting the centre height of tool in the tool post is ................
A  universal tool post    B  open side tootpost
D  single screw tool post    C  4-way tool post

Driving plates are used for..............
A  mounting fixtures and work pieces
B  driving shaft between centres with a lathe dog
C facing operations only
D Internal operations only

The most important basic quality of a cutting tool material is........
A brfttteness   B malleability  C elasticity    D toughness

Which centre life is more compared to other centres?
A  Half centre      B  Ball centre   C  Revolving centre   D  Tipped centre

For mounting a lathe chuck..............
A  Start it by hand and then turn the power on
B mount It on by power
C   mount it by hand
D  mount it with the help of a hammer

Feeding the tool from the centre of the work towards the periphery in a lathe machine is called.........
A threading   B   parting off  C facing  D knurling

The unit of cutting speed is
A m/min   B mm/rev   C cm/sec   D rpm/sec

More than one diameter is machined on a shaft. The section turning each diameter is called.........
A chamfer    B slot    C reaming   D shoulder

General cutting fluid for centre lathe is
A  mineral oil   B   soluble oil    C   soap oil    D  fatty oil

The main purpose of back gear unit ki head stock is...........
A  normal spindle speed       B redoced spindle speed,
C increased spindle speed    D double tie spindle speed

Which one of thefollowing elements cannot be checked with the screw pitch gauge?
A Pitch   B Lead    C  Profile angle    D Depth

The function of steady rest in lathe machine is..........
A  to prevent bending of long shaft due to cutting force
B  to avoid load on the lathe centres while turning long shafts
C  to reduce the lead on the cutting tool while turning
D  to ensure to turn at higher cutting speeds

Which one of the following is used while threading operation of a centre lathe?
A Saddle   B  Feed rod   C Arbor   D  Dead screw

BIS stands for......
A   Board of Indian Standard            B  Bureau of Standard Institution
C   Board of Internal System             D  Bureau of Indian Standard

The lathe which performs larger number of operations with minimum wastage of time is called.........
A   speed lathe   B turret lathe   C  center lathe   D  tool room lathe

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