Bench vice is also called as
A   bench work vice    B   engineers vice    C   machine vice    D   fitter vice

Inside and outside calipers measurements can be read only............
A   by transferring measurement
B   by transferring sizes
C   by transferring readings
D   by transferring length

In a vernier caliper main scale reading 60 mm, vernier division coinciding with the main scale is the 28th division, then the reading will be..................
A  0.56 mm   B  60.56 mm    C  60.28 mm  D  120 mm

Bench vice is also called as
A  bench work vice    B  engineers vice   C  machine vice  D  titter vice

The depth, micrometer is used for the measurement of a wide range of size because...............
A  it has a number of extension rods tor the different range of sizes
B  !t has a very length spindle
C  it has adjustable stock for different size settina
D  It has a length araduated sleeve

Hammer head is made of
A  carbon steel    B  die steel    C  vanadium steel   D  high speed steel

Drilling' machine in which more than one drill used in the same head is.................
A   sensitive drilling machine
B   pillar drilling machine
C   radial drilling machine
D   multi spindle drilling machine

Hand hammer used for forging work weighs....................
A   1 to 1.5 kgs
B   2 kgs
C   2.5 kgs
D   3 kgs

One of the function of fuller in forging shop is................
A   swaging down   B upsetting    C   necking down   D   bending down

The grade of a file is determined by
A length of the file                 B width of the file
C the gap between the teeth    D the grade of the metal used

Hand files are made of
A   low carbon steel                B   medium carbon steel
C   high carbon steel               D  high chromium steel

Which property of metal allow to metal to drawn into wire?
A Ductility   B Malleability  C Elasticity  D Toughness

Vice clamps are used to.............
A   protect hard jaws                      B  clamp the work piece rigidly
C   protect the finished surfaces      D   prevent the movable jaw being field

The graduations of a depth micrometer are
A   similar to an outside micrometer
B   in the reverse direction to that of the outside micrometer, both thimble and sleeve
C   in the reverse direction only on the sleeve
D   in the reverse direction only on the thimble

The commonly used three point internal micrometers nave a least count...........
A   0.006 mm  B   0.005 mm   C   0.002 mm   D   0.001 mm

Among the below which is used for holding the round job....................
A   bench vice   B  damp and bolt    C   V block with clamp   D   machine vice

Which angle plate is used to support and clamp the job?
A  Solid angle plate          B   Ribbed angle plate
C   Slotted angle plate       D   Adjustable angle plate

The purpose of tempering a hardened steel component is for...............
A increasing its hardness          B reducing its brittleness
C increasing its ductility           D increasing its toughness

The purpose of normalizing is to
A   soften the metal          B   increase the toughness
C   refine the structure      D   harden the surface

Which one of the stake is used to make sharp bends and folding straight edges of sheet metal?
A  Funnel stake   B  Hatchet stake   C  Creasing iron stake   D   Half moon stake

The important elements in soft solder is
A  tin and lead   B  tin and zinc   C  lead and zinc  D  tin and copper

Annealing process is used to............
A   improve machinability     B   produce an uniform fine grain structure
C   increase brittleness           D   reduce brittleness

The property of meta! by virtue of which they can be rolled into their sheet without breaking is called...........
A ductility    B   malleability    C toughness   D tenacity

The head of the soldering iron is made of..............
A brass       B bronze    C copper   D iron

The function of flux during soldering is
A to prevent corrosion              B to promotes wet surface
C to avoid porosity in solder     D to remove oxides from the soldering surface

Copper is used for soldering iron because......................
A   its melting point is high
B   it is high resistant to wear
C   it can prevent corrosion
D   it is a good conductor of heat

The process of raising a strip metal around the end of a round pipe is..................
A  braising      B  press forming
C  beading      D  punching

The process by which the edges of the sheets are made stronger and rigid is
A  beading                    B  overlapping parts
C  edge stiffening          D  braising

In which colour the welding oxygen cylinders are painted ?
A  Red    B  Maroon     C  Black    D  Brown

Pressure regulator is used to
A  control the flow    B   stop the flow
C   mix the flow        D   divert the flow

The most commonly used flame is
A  carburizing flame   B   neutral flame
C   ordinary flame       D   oxidizing flame

Which accessory is used for protecting the eyes while chipping the slag or grinding the job?
A Earth clamp           B Weiding cable
C Electrode welder    D Welding screen

Which accessory is used for protecting the eyes while chipping the slag or grinding the job?
A  Plain screen   B  Hand screen   C  Goggle    D  Helmet screen

The point angle of centre punch is
A 30°    B 60°   C 90°   D 120°

If a dead smooth file is used for filing then it will result in...................
A   heavy reduction on material   B   large quantity of metal
C   high degree of finish              D   good finish

The movable jaw of a bench vice does not open out even though the handle is rotated..........
A  the threads are slightly worn out      B   the spring is not functioning
C   the spindle pin is broken                 D  the jaws are over tight

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