One micrometer' is equal to -
(a) 0.001 mm
(b) 0.000 Imm
(c) 0.01mm
(d) 0.00001mm

Which of the following is not a type of cut used in cut —
(a) Single cut
(b) Double cut
(c) Triple cut
(d) Rasp cut

The Melt Flow index is measured as —
(a) gm/l Omin
(b) gyn/ 1 min
(c) mg/l Omin
(d) mg/ Imin

Shot weight of injection moulding machine is generally rated by — (a) GPPS
(b) HDPE
(d) Nylons

Which of the following is thermoplastic —
(a) Epoxy resin
(b) Teflon
(c) Bakelite
(d) Alkyd resin

Viscosity is the ratio of—
(a) Shear stress to rate of shear
(b) Rate of shear to shear stress
(c) Rate of shear to shear force
(d) None of these

Dinner plate is made of-
(a) PF Resin
(b) UF Resin
(c) MF Resin
(d) None of these

Prepreg is a —
(a) Polymer resin
(b) Reinforcing material
(c) Reinforced material with resin (d) None of these

Which of the material is used to make compact disc (CD)
(a) PVC (b) PTFE (c) PC
In L/D ratio of the screw the length is —
(a) Flighted length (b) Total length
(c) Length of feed mne (d) Length of compression zone
1 ) . Which of the following is not a making media used in fitting work —
(a) Whitewash (b) Prusiaan blue (c) Varnish (d) Copper sulphate
12. Surface plates are used for marking because —
(a) They can withstand the weight of heavy components
(b) They have large surface area
(c) Marking tools can slide over easily
(d) They provide the datum surface
E. Which of the following tap is used ti)r finish the treads —
(a) Taper taps (b) Intermediate tap (c) Secondary tap (d) Bottoming tap
For cutting the threads of M12 with 1.75 pitch what should be the diameter of the blanks in
(a) 10.75 (b) 11.25 (c) 13.75 (d) 11.825

13/A/C/S-1/2/E -2-

15. Which of the following gauge cannot measure the angles directly
(a) Universal bevel gauge (b) Bevel protractor
(c) Bevel gauge (d) All of these
 16. Which of the following machine is used for drilling large diameter holes
 (a) Portable drilling (b) Sensitive drilling (c) Bench drilling (d) Radial drilling
  Flutes are provided on the drill bits for(a) To form cutting
(b) To curl the chips and allow them to come out
(c) Allow the Coolant to flow to the cutting edge
(d) All of these

18. Which of the following material is heat sensitive
(a) PVC (b) LDPE (c) LLDPE

19. Thermosets materials are mostly processed by which process —
(a) Injection moulding (b) Blow moulding
(c) Extrusion (d) Compression moulding

20. Torpedo is a part of the following machine
(a) Reciprocating screw injection moulding (b) Compression moulding
(c) transfer moulding (d) Plunger type injection moulding
21. If cycle time for a part is 30 seconds in ainjection moulding machine how many parts will be produced using single cavity mould in 20 hours if the machine runs in automatic cycle — (a) 1200 (b) 2400 (c) 4800 (d) 3600
  22. Which of the following material can be made into rigid and flexible products — (a) PVC (b) HDPE (c) Nylons (d) PC
23. What type of heating system is used for thermoset injection moulding — (a) Electrical resistance heaters (b) Oil circulating heating
(c) Steam heating (d) Water heating
24. Floating plate is an essential part of the following type of mould —
(a) One plate : (b) Two plate (c) Three plate (d) Hot runner mould
25. Why thermosets materials can not be recycled
(a) They need very high temperatre for recycling
(b) Because of the crosslinking when processed
(c) They need very high pressure for recycling
(d) They are very hard material
26. The reason for short shot in injection moulding is
 (a) Insufficient charging of material (b) Low injection pressure
 (c) Low injection speed (d) All of these
27. Which of the following is not a part of compression moulding machine — (a) Fixed platen (b) Movable platen (c) Screw & Barrel (d) Mould
28. Gel coat is a term associated with the following —
(a) Injection moulding (b) Compression moulding
(c) Hand layup (d) Transfer moulding
29. The circuits in the 8085A microprocessor that provides arithmetic and logic functions are called as the -
(a) 1/0 (b) CPU (c) ALU (d) All of these
30. Routine maintenance of the machine like oiling greasing etc. Comes under the following type of mainænance-
(a) Break down (b) Preventive (c) Predictive (d) Corrective
31. What is the shape of the danger warning sign symbol used to indicate electrical supply — (a) Circular (b) Triangular (c) Square (d) Rectangular
13/A/C/S4/2iE -3-
32. What is the r.p.m. for a high speed steel drill Ø 24mm to cut mild steel if cutting speed for   mild steel is 30m/min
(a) 268 (c) 489 (d) 527
33. In a fully hydraulic clamping type injection moulding machine if the minimum mould thickness is 200mm and opening stroke is 600mm what is the maximum daylight (a) 200mm (b) 400mm (c) 800mm (d) 1000mm
34. The weight of each component and the runners are 14gm and 12gm respectively. The machine is producing 6 components per cycle with a cycle time of 24sec. How much should a hopper be filled so that the resin does not stay in the hopper for more than a hour?  (a) 25.56kg (b) 16.78kg (c) 17.58kg (d) 14.40kg

35. Clamping tonnage required for a part in injection moulding depends on-
(a) MFI of the material (b) Projected area of the part
(c) Depth of the part (d) All of these
36. Main root cause of the burn mark is —
(a) Material contamination (b) Excessive melt temperature
(c) Inadequate air vent (d) None of these
37. Melt temperature of in injection moulding can be change by changing —

(a) Barrel temperature (b) Screw speed
(c) Back pressure (d) All of these
38. The best example for a semi liquid lubricant is —
 (a) Graphite (b) Grease (c) Caster oil (d) Coconut oil
39. The time interval between the opening and closing of mould for escape of volatile gases in compression moulding is called —
(a) Curing time (b) Cooling time (c) Holding time (d) Breathing time   Locking force in tons in injection moulding is given by (P is pressure in PSI & A is area in square inch) —
(a) P x A/1000 (b) P x A/2000 (c) P x A/3000 (d) P x A/4000
41. Bastard files has —
(a) 20 teeth/inch (b) 30 teeth/inch (c) 40 teeth/inch (d) 50 teeth/inch
42. In bench vice the plates are made of—
(a) Cast iron (b) Mild steel (c) High carbon steel (d) Tool steel
43. I Poise is equal to —

(a) 10-1 Pa-s (b) 10-2 pa-s (c) 10-3 Pa-s (d) Pa-s
44. The lightest polymer material IS —
(a) HDPE (b) LDPE   (c) LIDPE
45. On burning Nylons gives —
(a) Blue flames & yellow tips (b) Yellow flames & blue tips
 (c) Green flames & Blue tips (d) Yellow flames & green tips
46. The gate used for in injection mould for hollow moudling is —
(a) Sprue gate (b) Ring gate (c) Side gate (d) Tab gate
47. The residual stresses in products are less in —
(a) Injection moulding (b) Compression moulding
(c) Both (a) & (b) (d) None of these e 48. The most important characteristic of a measuring instrument in general is(a) Precision (b) Accuracy (c) Repeatability (d) Sensibility
49. In auxillary Fam transfer moudling mould used is —
(a) Hot runner (b) Three plate (c) Tow plate (d) None of these
50. Glass fiber mostly used for reinforcing is —
(a) E glass (b) C glass (c) S glass (d) None of these

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