l . Which one of the following governs the selection of feed when turning on work piece?
a. Tool geometry
b. Surface finish required
2. Centred drilling should be done at -
a. Higher rpm with a slower feed
b. Higher rpm with a higher feed c. Type of coolant required
d. All of these
c. Slower rpm with a higher feed
d. Slower rpm with a slower feed
D. For setting of tool for threading it is aligned with the work by -
a. Try square c. Thread plug gauge
b. Centre gauge d. Template
a. Blunt tool c. Insufficient side clearance
b. Heavy depth cut
5. Nut dimension is represented by- d. Any one of these
a. Head of Bolt c. Nominal Diameter of Bolt
b. Pitch Diameter of Bolt
6. Speed while knurling should be   d. Core Diameter of Bolt
a. Low c. Intermittent
b. High
7. Workshop gauges keep at the temperature of- d.
4. Which one of the reason for torn threads while thread cutting on lathe?
Contd. ...2/-
8. Gauge has GO and NO GO at its one end-
a. Fixed type plug gauge c. Progressive plug gauge
b. Adjustable plug gauge d. Double ended plug gauge
9. Main purpose of Screw pitch gauge-
a. To check limits of screw thread
b. To check distance between crest to crest of screw thread
c. To check minor diameter of screw thread
d. To check major diameter of screw thread
10. Taper ring gauge is used for-
  a. To check inner taper c. To check internal thread
b. To check outer taper d.
I I . Clearance between the mating parts is measured by- To check outer thread
a. Feeler Gauge c. Dial Gauge
b. Caliper gauge d.
12. According to Indian Standard, set of slip gauges has- No Go Gauge
a. 71 pieces c:   112 pieces
b. 81 pieces d.
13. Shape of warding files are- 120 pieces
a. Square c. HalfRound
b. Rectangular   d. Round
14. Taper made on the nose of headstock spindle of lathe-
a. Morse taper c. Metric Taper
b. Jarno Taper d. Pin Taper
15 A Ane bar is available in standard sizes which one ofthese is not a standard size?

 mm c. 250 mm b. 200 mm C) 300 mm
16. While normalizing the steel should be cooled?
a. In still air to room temperature c. By forced air
d. In water
Contd. ...3/
Booklet Series -D

17. Cutting tool, is affected by
a. Job metal c. Depth of cut
b. Tool metal d. All of these
18. According to BIS, front clearance angle is put in the range of-

a. 40 to 80 c.
b. 20 to 5 0 d.
19. Tip of tip tool is made up of-
a. Cobalt Steel c.
b. Tungsten d.
20. Lead screw is made up of-
a. High Speed Steel c.
b. Carbon Steel d.
21. Point angle of Morse Standard Taper is-
a. 300 c.

b. 45 0 d.
22. If the side rack is less on tool top, the effects are-
a. Smooth Cutting c.
b. Improper Cutting d.
23. File has circular teeth on both edges-
a. Warding Files c.
b. Pillar Files d.
24. Shape of barrette file is-
a. Rectangular c.
b. Square d.
25. According to BIS the width of Elat Scrapperw
a. 10 to 20 mm c.
b. 20 to 30 mm d.
26. According to Size, 80 number drill is-
a. Smaller one c.
b. Bigger one d.
60 to 100

More than 100
Both (a) & (b)
None of these
Mild Steel
None of these
No effect on cutting
None of these
Mill Files
Crossing Files
12 to 15 mm
12 to 20 mm
Middle one
Contd. ...4/-

Booklet Series -D

27. According to BIS, slip gauges are divided in grades
28. Angle of B S F Thread is- d. 4
a. 55 0 c. 450
b. 600
29. Templates are made up of- d. 300
a. Carbon Steel c. Mild Steel
b. Tool Steel
30. Depth of Indian Standard Thread is indicated by- d. High speed Steel
a. 0.6403P c. 0.6134P
b. 0.63041)
31. In M 10 x 1.5, 10 represents- d. 0.6143P
a. Metric Thread c. Depth of Thread
b. Pitch of Thread
32. In above question, 1.5 represents- d. Diameter of Thread
a. Metric Thread c. Depth of Thread
b. Pitch of Thread
33. Capacity of lathe is expressed by - d. Diameter of Thread
a. Horse power & chuck diameter c. Bed length & spindle speed
b. Swing and distance between centres d. Tool post size & lathe travels
34. For smaller precision components, suitable thread is-
a. BSW
35. Angle of Indian Standard Thread is- c. Acme
d. Square
a. 55 0 c. 450
b. 600
36. Which one is not part of centre lathe? d. 300
a. Saddle c. Arber
b. Feed rod d. Lead screw

37. Lower Critical Temperature of High carbon Steel while hardening-
a. 560 Oc c. 850 Oc
b. 723 Oc
38. The sliding surface of lathe bed are - d. 960 Oc
 Flame hardened c. Normalized
b. Case hardened
39. Advantages of four Jaw Chuck are d. Tempered
a. Irregular work pieces can be held easily c. Large diameter can be held by reversing the
b. It has more gripping power jaw
40. The internal part of the shaft of bearing is called d. All of these
a. Journal c. Outer Race
b. Cage
41 . Bearing suitable for heavy radial load- d. Inner race
a. Thrust bearing c. Ball Bearing
b. Self-Alignink ball Bearing d. Roller Bearing
42. Bearing assembled in two parts in special plumber block-
a. Adjustable Slide Bearing c. Split Bearing
b. Solid Bearing
43. Bearings are used for- d. Self-Aligning Ball Bearing
a. To move shaft freely c. To guide shaft
b. To support shaft in a fixed position d. All of these
44. The material for Indenter of mechanical surface measuring machine-
a. Cast Steel c. Carbide
b. I)iamond d. Tool Steel
45. Which one of the following tool angle is provided to avoid rubbing of the body of the tool with the work piece'?
a. Rake angle c. Clearance angle
b. Helix angle d.
Contd. ...6/-
Booklet Series -D
46. Pattern made by the movement of Cutting tool on the Work Surface is called-
a. Roughness c. Waviness
b. Smoothness d. Surface Texture
47. Abrasive used for lapping of Gauges-
a. Boron carbide c. Aluminium Oxide
b. Silicon carbide d. Diamond
48. The movement of Honing machine while honing is .
a. Vertical c. Vertical and Reciprocating
b. Reciprocating d. Horizontal
49. In which metallic coating, chromium powder is used-
a. Cladding c. Calorising
b. Sherardising d. Chromising
50. Hard abrasive for lapping is-
a. Diamond c. Silicon Carbide
b. Boron carbide d. Aluminium Oxide

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