1. Which of the following input device is used in playing computer games?
a) Scanner b) Light pen c) Joy stick d) Digital camera
2. Which of the following is used to capture and store scenery when you go to visit a hill station?
a) CPU b) Photo scanner c) Handheld scanner d) Digital camera
  3.  is used for CAI) and CAM applications.
a) Printer b) Scanner c) Barcode Reader d) Plotter

4. Two popular pointing devices are

a) MICR and OCR b) Light Pen and Joy Stick

c) Mouse and Joy Stick d) Mouse and Digital Camera
5. 8 bits   byte (s).
6. External memory or is a form of permanent storage.
a) Secondary memory b) Primary memory
c) Internal memory d) Random Access memory
 7. GUI stands for

a) Group User Interface b) Graphical tJtility Interface
c) Graphical User Interface d) Guided User Interface
8. To move a file/ [Older from one location to another, use option.

a) c opy and Paste b) Cut and Paste c) Move and Paste d) Delete and Paste
Contd.... 2
9. is a list of available commands.

a) Windows explorer b) I)esktop c) Menu d) Icons
10. Different type of indentations are

a) Left and Right b) First Line and Right
c) Left and First Line d) Left, First Line and Right
11. Before final printout is taken, you can see the of the worksheet to see how it  would appear in the printout.
a) Print sample b) Page setup c) Print preview d) None of these

Broadband refers to
a) Speed of data transfer
b) Amount of data transfer
c) Both (a) & (b)
d) None of these

BCC option is used to send a copy of e-mail to
a) A blind person
b) Several people without letting them know sender's address
 c) Several people without letting the other recipients know
d) All of these

Fill in the blank with a. an. the or this, Aeroplane flie.s in the air.

b) An
c) The
d) This

A group of words which makes sense, but not completes sense, is called

a) Phrase
b) Adverb
c) Adjective
d) Verb

Choose the correct answer in responds to the mentioned question. "When will you see the movie"?
a) At 3.15 P.M., tomorrovs
b) In PVR cinema
c) At 2.45 P.M.
d) At home

We should during communication.
a) Not listen the speaker, carefully
b) Interface to the speaker
c) Listen to the speaker, carefully d) All of these

Choose the correct preposition?
The young gentleman is engaged   Miss Brown.

b) With
d) Above



19. Which one Il-orn the following is not a cardinal number




a) 20 b) 56 C) 18th
Which is a silent letter in the word 'Psychology'?
a) Ilas wait
The key of success is b) are waiting c) Had wait
Fill in the blank with correct future tense of verb.   for you at the station".
a) Commitment
b) i)iscipline
c) Hard work

A normal person can speakswords per minute.

a) 125 - 150
b) 150 - 175
c) 100- 125

Synonym of the word "Blend" is
a) Mix
b) Award
c) Daring

Idioms provide   in communication.
a) Motivation
b) Clarity
c) Speed
d) Will wait
d) All of these
d) 175 - 200
d) Proposal
d) Barrier

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